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Playoff-Related Play Index Tools

Posted by Neil on October 5, 2012

With the playoffs starting today, here's a rundown of the Play Index tools you can use to run playoff-themed searches...

7 Responses to “Playoff-Related Play Index Tools”

  1. Rallymonkey5 Says:

    Is it possible to do a play index search for league leaders?

    For example, set the criteria so search for players winning the triple crown? That would be easy enough to find through other sources, but it would be cool to be able to search this way. For example, how many players have won the rate triple crown, ba-obp-slg? What about custom triple crowns, like BA-runs-steals?

  2. SportsGeek Says:

    Would be great if you had career leaders pages for total post-season, DCS, LCS, and World Series- matching the season career leaders pages.

    How about it?

  3. Mr. Odd Says:

    I'm trying to use the Play Index to figure out what postseason team had the most different pitchers with a save in one year, is there a way to do that?

  4. Tim Says:

    I really like your play index for batting order positions. It would be cool to have a similar one for team performance by fielding position.

  5. Neil Says:

    #1 - Unfortunately, we don't have anything that lets you query based on a player's ranking within the league.

    #2 - We have some leaderboards like that here:

    #3 - I believe this is what you want:

    #4 - Is this what you were looking for?

  6. Mr. Odd Says:

    Thanks but that just gives me total saves per team per year in the postseason. It doesn't indicate how many different pitchers received a save.

  7. bstar Says:

    Neil @5

    Your link to #3 gives us the results but when I click "view Play Index tool used" all I see is a generic looking page. I can't tell what criteria you used to get these results. I think that's the real question: HOW did you get these results?