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Playoff Box Scores and Row Summing

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 9, 2012

I'd like to announce a couple of additions to

First, we now have full box scores dating back to the 1986 playoffs, which means we have complete coverage for the regular season and playoffs from the 1985-86 season to the present.

Second, you can now select rows to sum on the player pages. For example, go to Ray Allen's page. Suppose you want to see Allen's cumulative statistics for the Celtics. To do this, click on the row for the 2007-08 season (the row should now be highlighted in blue), then click on the row for the 2011-12 season. A pop-up will appear with Allen's cumulative statistics for these seasons.

12 Responses to “Playoff Box Scores and Row Summing”

  1. ElGee Says:

    Finally! Thank you Justin. Great work.

  2. jake Says:

    I thought you already had row summing before. I'm pretty sure I used it before. Is there a way to do row summing on player gamelogs so I can get their stats from jan 3-jan 28 for example?

  3. Joe Kidd Says:

    @2 There wasn't summing before, not on this site.

  4. Joe Kidd Says:

    ... outstanding updates. I've been waiting for these for a long time, but the wait has proved worthwhile.

  5. Joe Kidd Says:

    @2 I mean that there wasn't summing at basketball-reference. It did exist at baseball-reference.

  6. Joe Kidd Says:

    @2 Yeah, game log summing would constitute a wonderful addition at some point.

  7. Jake Says:

    #3- I'm like 99.9% sure there was row summing before because I used it multiple times in the past. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, there was row summing on the players page.

  8. Joe Kidd Says:

    @7 Well, I can't absolutely deny what may have happened for you. For me, I think that I remember wishing that I could do row summing on basketball-reference the way that I could on baseball-reference. At least this function constitutes a reality for everyone now.

  9. Joe Kidd Says:

    @8 ... pretty sure that I couldn't do row summing, actually. But again, such was my experience, not necessarily someone else's.

  10. Jason J Says:

    Great additions, Justin.

  11. huevonkiller Says:

    I also thought there was already row summing? I have also done it before at basketball-reference.

    Great job as always, I appreciate the extended database.

  12. Justin Kubatko Says:

    Just so some people don't think they are going crazy...

    Row summing had been available on the player pages for at least a month, but I forgot to make an announcement on the blog. :-)