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BBR: Advanced Box Scores

Posted by Neil on December 12, 2011

Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks Box Score, April 6, 1996

Check out the "Advanced Box Score" tooltip on BBR boxscores to see the advanced metrics from the game.

(Special bonus for anyone who can tell me the significance of the game I linked above...)

6 Responses to “BBR: Advanced Box Scores”

  1. Weston Says:

    The only thing significant about this game other than Popeye's 27 boards is the complete lack of significance of the game. I have a hard time believing that either of these teams did anything truly significant in the mid-90s.

  2. Jako Says:

    Well? Ya gonna bloody tell us our what, mate?

  3. Neil Says:

    Haha, just wanted to give everybody enough time to think about it...

    It was, of course, the game in which George McCloud broke John Starks' all-time record for most 3-point attempts in a single season.

  4. Jason J Says:

    What a fabulous collection of spare parts those Clippers teams were. They were always three players away... three all-star players, but still, three players...

  5. Matt Says:

    Not sure exactly how the Clippers did their draft scouting back then, but I'm pretty sure a dart board was involved.

  6. P Middy Says:

    LOL! George McCloud. Jacking away.