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Announcing the Baseball-Reference Alexa Skill

Posted by Jonah Gardner on January 5, 2017

If you're a baseball fan who got an Alexa-enabled device from Amazon for your holiday celebration of choice, I have some very good news. There's now an Alexa skill that will let her search Baseball-Reference for you!

Using the skill is quite easy. Just say "Alexa, enable Baseball Reference." Once you've done that, you can ask Alexa to look for leaders in a number of statistical categories and she'll look up the answer and tell you! In addition to a simple leader, you can also ask her to return a certain rank on the leaderboard (1-10) or list of top players (such as top two, top three, top four, etc.). You can also narrow it down to a year (1871 - present) or league (All of Baseball, National League or American League). Here's the full list of leaderboards that Alexa can search for you:

Hitting Singles, Doubles, Triples, Home runs, RBIs, Runs, Stolen bases, Caught stealing, Batting average, Hits, Wins above replacement, Slugging percentage, Extra base hits, Total bases, On base percentage, Walks, Intentional walks, Sacrifice flies, At bats per home run, Grounded into double plays

Pitching Earned Run Average, Strikeouts, Strikes per walk, Strikeouts per nine innings, WHIP, Wins, Shutouts, Saves, Innings Pitched

Misc Oldest Player, Youngest Player

Note that the Alexa app can't be used to request statistics for specific players or teams; right now it's just leaderboards.

Many thanks to Francis Ottomanelli for his hard work on this project. For more information, check out our page in the Alexa store or watch this short video Francis made to demonstrate the skill.

6 Responses to “Announcing the Baseball-Reference Alexa Skill”

  1. Lou Says:

    Great idea! Are there any plans to do the same for Google home?

  2. Jonah Gardner Says:

    Hi Lou,

    We don't have any plans right now, but we're certainly always keeping an eye out for possibilities like that

  3. daved Says:

    you guys need to work on the many faults of this site instead of messing around with silly stuff

  4. Cliff Otto Says:

    And those faults are?

  5. Jonah Gardner Says:

    Daved, we are constantly working to improve the site, as well as working on projects like this to bring our information to a wider base of users. If you ever see anything errors or mistakes that need to be corrected, you can contact us here

  6. Darren Says:

    I have been using this since getting one this Christmas. Its amazing. I would only wish it included team data, like "what team won the AL East in 1985?" or things like that. Its great for trivia games.