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Women’s Stats Added to College Basketball Reference

Posted by Jonah Gardner on February 15, 2023

Sports Reference is proud to announce a major update to College Basketball Reference. We have nearly doubled the size of our database by adding women's college basketball statistics dating back to 2009-2010 with more to come in the next few weeks.

At Sports Reference, our core purpose is to democratize data, so our users enjoy, understand, and share the sports they love. Our goal is to make as much information about sports available to everyone. We also strive to ensure our coverage includes sports that have traditionally been underrepresented. As such, we're very excited to be able to bring this data to women's college basketball fans all over the Internet.

This update includes:

As a result of this update to College Basketball Reference, there are tens of thousands of new pages for you to explore. Additionally, for players who reached the WNBA, their pages will be cross-referenced with their Basketball Reference pages so you can easily navigate back and forth to explore your favorite players' entire careers.

This is just Phase 1 of the update, later updates will include:

  • Stats back to 2002-03
  • Conference awards
  • NCAA Tournament Forecast
  • Women's college basketball newsletter - sign up here!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on that, as well as fixing any errors that may appear with the new data and pages. There is a lot of new data on the site and while we've worked as hard as possible to make sure everything is correct and working properly, mistakes do happen. If you happen to notice any bugs or errors, please contact us so we can fix them ASAP.

The earliest data collection for this project was done by intern Christina Weich, and then expanded upon this past summer by another intern, Billy Fryer, who is now in his senior year at NC State majoring in Statistics. Billy was also one of several reviewers of the site before it went live. We would like to thank Christina and Billy for their huge contributions to this project. We would also like to acknowledge a gracious donation of historical data from Scott Vallery, which was referenced during this process and will be especially helpful in our future efforts to expand historical coverage. Lastly, we'd like to thank the Sports Reference team members who led and contributed to this project, specifically Adela, Zoe, Chris, Sara, Charlotte, Alex, Sam, and Adam D.

When this update is complete, we'll move on to our next major project for our college sites: Stathead. We'll be expanding our Stathead search tools to include both men's and women's college basketball, as well as men's college football. If you haven't seen it, Stathead Basketball allows you to dive deeper into the Basketball Reference database and answer all of your questions about the history of the WNBA, as well as the NBA. Sign up here to be the first to know when the tools launch.

With Basketball Stathead, you can answer questions like:

If you're a content creator who writes about women's college basketball, you might be interested in becoming a Player Newsfeed Contributor. On all our pages, there is a newsfeed with links to blog posts about the player. If you'd like your blog to show up, you just have to follow two easy steps. First, use our Linker bookmarlet; with a click of a button, the Linker will turn all the player names in your blog post into links to their College Basketball Reference page. Then, fill out this form to apply to join.

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  1. pilight Says:

    This is outstanding news! Looking forward to getting more WCBB history in the future.