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Minor Fix Applied to Our CBB Box Scores

Posted by Mike Lynch on February 20, 2023

An eagle-eyed user recently noticed that the True Shooting Percentage calculation we were using in our college basketball box scores seemed to differ slightly from the method we spell out in our glossary. It turns out we were mistakenly using the FT constant we use for the pro game (.44) in our college box scores, rather than the .475 that we spell out in our glossary and that we use to calculate season and career-level data for players.

We have applied this fix and are rebuilding old box scores and gamelogs so that the correct data shows up everywhere. The impacted statistics are game-level True Shooting Percentage, BPM, Turnover Percentage and Usage Percentage. It should also be noted that the changes to these are all negligible (though still worth making). This has no impact on any season or career level statistics or leaderboards.

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