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WNBA Stats Added to the Team Season Finder on Stathead Basketball

Posted by Jonah Gardner on August 18, 2022

If you're a WNBA fan, you'll definitely want to learn more about the newest update to Stathead. We've added WNBA stats to the Team Season Finder, giving you the ability to use this amazing tool to search team stats from a single season, multiple seasons, or the entire history of the WNBA.

You can use this tool to see, for example, that the Minnesota Lynx have the most wins since 2015. Or that the 2019 Washington Mystics had the best point differential in a season in WNBA history. In addition to stats, the tool includes filters by team, or the option to filter for teams that made or missed the playoffs or teams that won or lost the WNBA Championship.

Even if you're not a WNBA fan, you'll be excited to hear that this new update also improves how the Team Season Finder runs, allowing for faster searches.

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