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Basketball Season Finder Gets New Search Types & WNBA Stats

Posted by Jonah Gardner on April 20, 2022

We're excited to announce another update to Stathead, this time on the Basketball side. As we've done with Baseball, Football, and Hockey, we've made a number of improvements to the Basketball Season Finder, bringing in new features and an overall smoother performance to one of the most popular Stathead tools.

The biggest change is that we've combined the NBA and ABA Season Finder tool with the WNBA Season Finder tool, bringing both of those basketball search tools together. This change creates a wide range of new search options for WNBA players. With filters like height, college, Hall of Fame status, and season awards, WNBA fans will now be able to see, for example:

-Maya Moore set the record the most Win Shares in a season by a UConn alum in 2013
-Diana Taurasi's five seasons averaging 20+ points per game and being selected to an All-Star Game are the most in WNBA history
-Cappie Pondexter's 6,811 points are the most by a non-active WNBA player who has yet to make the Hall of Fame

Both NBA and WNBA fans will enjoy the other major addition to the Season Finder: Three new search types! In the past, you've been able to search single seasons, combined seasons, and the number of seasons matching given criteria. Today's update doubles those options with three new ones:

-Find most players in a season matching criteria
-Find most players on a team in a season matching criteria
-Find most players for a team in combined seasons or careers matching criteria

In other words, in addition to getting a list of every 20 point per game scorer, you can now see:

-Which season had the most players average 20 points per game
-Which team had the most players in a season average 20 points per game
-Which franchise had the most players average 20 points per game all-time

You can run these searches for any combination of filters you can imagine. With box score stats, advanced stats, and a number of other filters, there's an infinite number of questions you can answer with Basketball Stathead. If you're not a subscriber, sign up to try it free for one month!

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