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WNBA Draft History Added to Basketball Reference

Posted by Alex Bonilla on April 17, 2020

The 2020 WNBA Draft will take place tonight, with the New York Liberty owning the first overall pick. Basketball Reference continues to gradually expand its WNBA coverage, and in honor of the occasion we've added the league's draft history. In addition to the rookie draft held yearly, we also have the various dispersal, allocation and expansion drafts performed over the league's history, as well as the Elite draft of 1997. As you can see in the 2019 rookie draft table, we also include college or former international team, as well as their career WNBA stats.

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One Response to “WNBA Draft History Added to Basketball Reference”

  1. pilight Says:

    There have been a handful of voided picks over the years. Are there any plans to denote these?