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Two of the “Lost” 1983-84 Box Scores Completed

Posted by Mike Lynch on October 10, 2019

And then there were five...

Earlier this year when we announced that we'd filled in the final pieces of missing information for our 1984-85 NBA Box Scores, we also printed a list of seven games from the 1983-84 season that were missing bits of info here and there, such as offensive rebounds or turnovers.

We're happy to announce that we've completed two of these games:

The Bulls against the Jazz on November 23, 1983 in Las Vegas. Ostensibly because it was played in a neutral location where newspaper coverage was lacking, full statistical details on this game have never appeared in the public sphere...until now. We would like to thank Kristen Deahl, Matt Scull and Will Weaver with the Chicago Bulls for their assistance in adding this. Thanks to their help, we hope to soon have full box score details on every game in Bulls history up on the site.

The Celtics against the Knicks on March 22, 1984 at Madison Square Garden. Thank you to researcher extraordinaire Sean Burrill for finding the missing details on this game.

As a reminder, we have a box scores with player points, FGM and FTM for every game in NBA history, but we are sometimes missing other categories (especially blocks, steals and turnovers) for games played in 1983-84 and earlier. If you're curious for a more detailed look at our game-by-game statistical coverage, please check out our coverage map here.

If you have further details on any games we're missing any stats for, please let us know.

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