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Game-Level Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recovery Data Added

Posted by Alex Bonilla on October 25, 2018

We recently announced an addition of a variety of defensive statistics to Pro-Football-Reference. Now, we have also added game-level forced fumble and fumble recovery data to the site. These statistics are from the same source as the other recently added defensive statistics and are available back to 1999 as well. Forced fumbles and fumbles recovered can be found in player game logs, box scores and are searchable in the Player Game Finder and Player Season Finder in the Play Index.

Since 1999, Charles Tillman is the single-game record holder with 4 forced fumbles on November 4, 2012. In that same time span, Rod Woodson in 2002 and Brian Young in 2003 are the only defensive players to recover 3 fumbles in a game.

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One Response to “Game-Level Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recovery Data Added”

  1. Mario Says:

    Since your website is adding all these frivolities regarding football why was the NHL game logs prior to 1987-88 removed and why aren't they coming back? I see a few asking but no info other than they may not ever come back....why? Few people have asked about this yet only one response several weeks ago...not that hard to answer a question or are NHL game logs prior to 1987-88 a matter of national security due to this websites reluctance to provide any reasons?

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