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Dan Hirsch Joins Sports Reference

Posted by sean on September 4, 2018

Dan Hirsch joins Sports Reference today as a web developer. If you are a baseball fan, you likely know Dan's name from his work as the creator of The Baseball Gauge. At the Baseball Gauge, he's done a great deal to promote Negro League History, the History of Ballparks, and also the comparison of various sabermetric uber-stats. We are excited to have him on board. Dan lives in Omaha with his family and follows the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Gators. He's on Twitter at @DanHirsch.

3 Responses to “Dan Hirsch Joins Sports Reference”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Excellent hire.

  2. Dr. Doom Says:

    Dan is a FABULOUS hire. I've corresponded with him over email a few times in the last 7 years. He's a great guy. I hope this doesn't mean the Baseball-Gauge is going away, though! On the other hand, if some of HIS stuff migrated over here... well, that'd be pretty neat. :)

    I also see that he has already incorporated Baseball-Reference WAR on his site. Cool. I look forward to this being a fruitful partnership for you and us!

  3. Patrick McCabe Says:

    Dear Sean,
    Thank you for hiring Dan "the Man" Hirsch. Please don't tell me, either, that Baseball Gauge is going away. It's the only site that lists Michael A. Humphreys's great Defensive Regression Analysis. Could both of you please keep this info available? No offense to Sean Smith but he himself once admitted that his numbers pre-1952ish were JAFRFA (or something like that), meaning Just Another F****** Range Factor Analysis. And last I checked, bref no longer lists them pre-1952ish. It'd be heaven if your computer machines could list DRA runs, and DRA wins by applying the former to Pete Palmer's yearly Runs-Needed-For-Win numbers. He graciously shared these with me a few years ago but technology-challenged I would have to use a calculator to divide DRA by Runs-Needed. As always, please keep Pete's adjusted BtRuns & BtWins always available. Just noticed that the heading for Pete's perfect numbers (if memory serves) has been changed from BRuns+ & BWins+. Sir, if it ain't broke ... Google still predominately uses their original logo.

    For basketball, could you please keep Hollinger's original PER always available? The original formula, even if he ever changes it. PER might as well stand for PERCEPTION and, thus, is a useful historical tool for evaluating why GMs made ridiculous trades before they became aware of analytics.

    Thanks as always for your work, Sean, and that of Dan, Pete, Michael, Tango and Sean Smith.