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We’ve Hired Two Data Developers — Jaclyn Mahoney and Jay Hutchinson

Posted by sean on February 1, 2018

I'm pleased to welcome Jaclyn Mahoney and Jay Hutchinson to Sports Reference in the roles of Data Developer. They'll be working behind the scenes to make sure our data is accurate and updated in a timely manner. Their main focus, for now, will be helping us push out the door this spring.

I've written a bit about them on our About Page.

One Response to “We’ve Hired Two Data Developers — Jaclyn Mahoney and Jay Hutchinson”

  1. Gary Gerritsen Says:

    Hi, I have spent many hours enjoying this data site over the years. I stay pretty much to the traditional statistics I grew up with and am interested in the average players as well as the stars, the teams, etc.

    However, I did venture into the "newer" statistics recently (pass comp % idx, yds/pass att idx, TD % idx) and thought I had arrived in Neverland. Jake Delhomme? Jon Kitna? No. 1?

    I am happy you have hired addt'l programmers, and I hope their first assignment is to eliminate meaningless stats. I am 69 years old and have been a numbers guy all my life, but damn!

    Seriously, I love the site and appreciate all the effort you put into it. But I would think a new stat needs to meet the eyeball test at some point.

    Thanks for listening.