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Historical NCAA Tournament Game Logs Added

Posted by Mike Lynch on March 17, 2017

Regular users of College Basketball Reference are probably familiar with the fact that our box scores and player games logs go back through the 2010-11 season. Additionally, we have every box score in the history of the NCAA Tournament. Now that we have most player pages digitized back through 1947-48, we've been able to create NCAA Tournament Game Logs on player pages. The NCAA Tournament began in 1939, so this isn't full coverage, but it's still a worthwhile addition. These new pages can be found on the "Game Logs" tab on player pages next to the player overview on the bar underneath the player summary. Here's some of our favorites...

Austin Carr is more than just the color man on Cavaliers broadcasts. He scored 289 points in seven career NCAA Tournament games (41.3 PPG) and 283 points in six games over his final two seasons (47.2). These are not typos.

Bill Walton is more than a Pac-12 color man/traveling art installation. His performance in the 1973 National Championship Game (21-22 FG) is probably the best in the history of the NCAA Tournament. He shot nearly 70% from the field in 12 career NCAA Tournament games.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (known as Lew Alcindor in college) went 12-0 in his career in NCAA Tournament games. He had over 300 points and 200 rebounds in his tournament career.

Perhaps no player is more synonymous with the NCAA Tournament than Christian Laettner. His 23 career NCAA Tournament games played and 407 points are both records.

We hope you enjoy this new addition. As always, please let us know if you find any errors/omissions. There's almost certainly cases from decades ago where a player named John Doe is not properly linked with a player in an NCAA Tourney box score because that box says "Jonathan" Doe, for instance.

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