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Tricks You Didn’t Know about Sports Reference: Domain Names

Posted by sean on January 13, 2016

Today, we finalized the purchase of from the folks at Rotowire (thanks guys!). This really doesn't do much for you as an end user, but I thought I'd also mention that there are some domain name tricks that can help you.

The main one is that each site has a shortened url of 5-6 characters that can save some typing on your end. This is especially useful on your phones. => => => => => => =>

One Response to “Tricks You Didn’t Know about Sports Reference: Domain Names”

  1. Greg Hunt Says:

    I noticed that is in some way affiliated with Out of the park Baseball stratagy game, because the games players go by the bbrf name they have on the address bar. I think that is Great. I am totally a historic guy like I would think most game fanatics are Ootp is the only way I can get attributes for sliders for my MLB the show game, I am thinking that otherwise there is no way to know what a players attribute would be When in creation mode for that game. It only gives one legendary player per team, so in order to play an alltime greats project their attribute have to be entered by hand from 0-100 such as contact vs. rt and lft power ,bunting,drag bunting,plate vision,plate discipline, batting clutch,durability,speed,arm strength,arm accuracy, reaction, fielding ability,stealing,and aggressiveness, my idea would be for you guys to have something like that for each player. I know it's a long shot but millions of people play and really have no other reference to know where to put these faders or sliders as their called. in order to be as historically correct as possible. So I thought I would mention it. Thank you very much. Baseball is the essence of all life in the universe. :) Love your website Greg