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Errata: Minor Stats Corrections Coming to the Site

Posted by sean on July 15, 2013

By the nature of our update process these will take a week or two to roll out to the site, but they'll get there eventually. This note below is from one of our data producers and represent a set of updates we'll be incorporating into the site.

One of the great aspects of the baseball research community is their dogged determination to get things right even it is a mixup between Tom Maher and Frank Mahar in 1902.

(1) MLB stats update

A full update from Pete Palmer. Here are the details on the historical

1979 AL: Team GF correction (to account for Disco Demolition I assume)
1954 NL: Team GF correction
1950 NL: Correct GS for Ken Johnson and Bob Miller (Philadelphia) (from Walt Wilson)
1937 AL: Transfer one HR allowed from Schoolboy Rowe to Jake Wade (Detroit) (from David Vincent)
1937 NL: Team GF correction
1927 NL: A number of HR allowed corrections (from Vincent)
1919 AL: Correction to Bullet Joe Bush and Bill James pitching totals (Boston) (from Frank Williams)
1915 AL: Correction to Detroit SV (from Frank Williams)
1914 AL: Team GF correction
1913 NL: Team GF correction
1906-1912 AL: Revisions to batter SO (from Frankel)
1898-1899, 1903-1909 NL: Revisions to batter SO (from Frankel)
1887 AA: Revisions to batter SO (from Frankel)
1907 AL: Add 1 hit (a single) for Nap Lajoie (early correction omitted that Elias picked up)
1906 NL: Team GF correction
1902 AL: Transfer one game from Hobe Ferris to Gary Wilson (Boston) (from Bill Nowlin)
1902 NL: Transfer one AB and SO from Frank Mahar to Tom Maher (Philadelphia) (from Dave Smith)
1882 AA: Revisions to Baltimore and Pittsburgh (one game omitted, another game entered twice)

One Response to “Errata: Minor Stats Corrections Coming to the Site”

  1. Nick Panos Says:

    Getting it right is what it's all about. Thanks for listing the stats that have been updated. That way we can go back and make the correction wherever we used the old stats. Not like a few years ago who totally eliminated a category because I pointed out to them that there were errors.