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All-Decade Teams Added

Posted by Neil on June 3, 2013

Today, we added a small new dataset to the site's Awards Section: All-Decade Teams. We have the official All-Decade Teams from the Pro Football Hall of Fame (and, in the case of the AFL, the AFL Hall of Fame) going back to the 1920s:

We also assembled our own Pro-Football-Reference All-Decade teams using Approximate Value, and list those as well:

4 Responses to “All-Decade Teams Added”

  1. John Says:


    Are the stat averages per 16 game season or just the total diveded by total seasons played in that particular decade?

    It could be a bit misleading is why I am asking.


  2. Neil Says:

    Hi John,

    They're just the decade-long totals divided by number of years played in the decade.

  3. John Says:

    Thanks Neil. Love th addition.

  4. Chris Says:

    Interesting read for sure.

    One thing I've never liked about the "all decade" teams is how the tweeners get dropped. For example Dan Marino who showed up in the mid-80's and was past his prime by the later 90's. Or how Jim Taylor ranks above Jim Brown because his career was more in the 60's while Brown's had more of a decade split.