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Check Out B-R’s Bullpen Wiki!

Posted by Neil on May 22, 2013

The Baseball-Reference Bullpen: Baseball's collaborative encyclopedia

Here's a reminder for everyone to check out the B-R Bullpen Wiki, the collaborative baseball encyclopedia that anyone can edit. We have 65,285 articles -- and counting -- thanks to users just like you, and we hope to add many more as we collect and organize as much baseball knowledge as possible. To get you started, here are some links on the project:

Or you could just go to a Random Page.

Give it a try, explore a little, and maybe even take a shot at editing a page. There's a lot of baseball knowledge out there just waiting to be added to these pages!

2 Responses to “Check Out B-R’s Bullpen Wiki!”

  1. Joe Garrison Says:

    The first four bullet points direct me to "error".

    I love the site, I use it all the time, and please keep up the good work.

    Joe Garrison, baseball fan and amateur historian

  2. Neil Says:

    Sorry, should be fixed now.