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Player Fielding Gamelogs

Posted by admin on January 24, 2013

Bill Mazeroski Statistics and History -

It's been a long-time coming, but I added player fielding gamelogs yesterday. Nothing too fancy, but basic fielding stats game-by-game for each player since 1916. Here is Mazeroski's 1960 game log and Cobb for 1916. We have the overall gamelog (irrespective of position) followed by position specific logs.

You can get to the gamelogs by clicking the gamelog selection over the top of the standard fielding stats on the player pages. See the screen shot below.


2 Responses to “Player Fielding Gamelogs”

  1. bstar Says:

    Sean, I admit to being a little disappointed when I checked out Mazeroski's fielding game logs.

    What I was really hoping for was a game by game breakdown of Rfield or dWAR, similar to the running daily averages of position players for BA, OBP, OPS, etc.

    Speaking of that, has there ever been any thought given to a daily running total of WAR on the game logs? It would give us a lot of insight. We could get monthly splits for WAR, which Fangraphs now features. We wouldn't know that Mike Trout accumulated more fWAR in the last two months of the season than Miguel Cabrera without these splits (which takes a lot of wind out of the sails of the argument that Cabrera was better in the last two months of 2012).

    We could also determine how much one "disaster" start cost a certain pitcher during the season or how much WAR a pitcher gains from a fantastic outing.

  2. Charles Saeger Says:

    Woot! Long time wanted. Thanks!