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New Play Index Data: 1916, 1917 and more 1940’s PBP

Posted by admin on December 18, 2012

Thanks to the great folks at RetroSheet we are now able to launch box scores and game logs for 1916 and 1917 and additional play-by-play for 1945-1947 along with additional games found here and there for 1948-1973.

For a full list of our data coverage, check out our Data Coverage page.

I have yet to re-run the full site, so the 1916 A's and 1917 retirees will not yet have links to splits or gamelogs, but that should happen later today or tomorrow.

Box Score Directory (1916-2012)

Note: RetroSheet also has 1915 AL and NL box scores, but not yet Federal League boxes. Given our setup we require a full set to be available before we can publish a year's worth of box scores.

3 Responses to “New Play Index Data: 1916, 1917 and more 1940’s PBP”

  1. Ross Says:


  2. Charles Saeger Says:

    Thank you! Christmas comes early!

    Would you be willing to add more from Retrosheet, namely:

    * fielding logs (they could lead up to a splits page in the future)?
    * pitcher fielding line in DH games (listed at the bottom of the box score, as Retrosheet does)?
    * catcher interference on the main pages and splits?
    * deduced games?

    Most anything else, like umpire, park and coach pages, would necessitate a full redesign, so asking for them is a little much. (And we all have lists for Santa for things not related to What Retrosheet already has.) But it's a bother at times to be flipping between here and Retrosheet for data.

  3. Chris J. Says:

    Huh. Neat.