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PFR’s NFL Draft Research

Posted by Neil on April 24, 2012

For more on the NFL Draft, check out the research done by Doug Drinen, Chase Stuart, and Jason Lisk for our old PFR Blog:

* All NFL Draft posts
* The Best Player Available
* Are safeties really a risk at the top of the draft?
* Do star safeties have shorter careers than players at other defensive positions?
* Do good teams really build along the lines?
* Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm, and the right to choose
* AFL versus NFL: draft class peaks and declines
* The Draft Value Chart: Right or Wrong?
* Would you trade the first overall pick for the entire fifth round (all 32 picks)?
* Fifth-round picks
* An AV-based draft chart
* Best draft classes
* Random trivia: draft class edition
* There are really two charts
* Brady Quinn and the discount rate on future picks
* Insane idea: quit scouting
* Rule change proposal: abolish the draft
* What’s a draft pick worth? (Parts I, II, & III)
* Rookie impact: running backs
* Rookie impact: wide receivers and tight ends

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  1. Johnny Says:

    I miss the old blog posts.