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Team Span Finders Added to Stathead

Posted by Jonah Gardner on January 19, 2023

If you're a Stathead user, you're probably already familiar with the Player Span Finders, which give you the option to search player stats over a span of games. Well, now we're excited to roll out the team version of this tool to all the Stathead sports!

Previously, Baseball users had a Team Span Finder, but now the option is there for Basketball, Football, and Hockey as well. With the Team Span Finder, you can:

  • Search for combined stat totals over a consecutive span of games
  • See records like "the most points in any 10-game span"
  • Filter spans by ranges like the beginning or end of a season, or narrow the search by team, game circumstances, and more
  • Use a Postseason filter to search for Postseason spans

In short, all the same great functionality and search options that you had in the Player Span Finder are now available on the team level. Search any and every span of games to uncover remarkable records in Stathead, your all-access pass to the Sports Reference database.

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