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B-R: Team Payrolls & Rosters

Posted by sean on November 7, 2011

Team Payrolls and Updated Rosters

Each day, we'll be updating the rosters and payrolls for each team. We use past arbitration awards to create a rough estimate for each team's current payroll.

One Response to “B-R: Team Payrolls & Rosters”

  1. SocraticGadfly Says:

    I just go to Cot's Contracts, Plenty of information, not just for the past season, but, for players already under contract, and for options, whether team, player or mutual, for the next five years ahead. It's been a keystone in my own Pujols signing tour blogging.

    No offense to what Sean may be doing here, but, it's the best basic site for MLB contract info I've seen.