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B-R: 2011 Team Lineups & Batting Orders Bells & Whistles

Posted by sean on November 15, 2011

2011 New York Yankees Lineups & Batting Orders

For the 2011 season we've updated the batting orders and lineups with a few new bells and whistles. The main one is the ability to highlight the games where a player appeared for the team. We also scroll directly to the location of their first game.

When we get a chance to re-run the full site, these features will be on all of the team batting order and lineup pages back to 1919.

7 Responses to “B-R: 2011 Team Lineups & Batting Orders Bells & Whistles”

  1. tim Says:

    Another good idea would be to tally up the win-loss record for each player at each position. And maybe at each batting order position. Those always turn up interesting facts. For instance, the 2011 Yankees were 29-10 with error-prone Eduardo Nunez starting at shortstop (in place of Jeter). Who'da thunk?

  2. Don Says:

    It's a nifty feature, but the pull-down menu and gray box aren't anchored. They follow along when you scroll up or down and obscure lines of data. I find that irritating, but someone else might be irritated by having to go up to the top to search a different player.

  3. Joe Garrison Says:

    How about this for an idea... the team record for a given batting order or defensive line-up to start the game.

    For instance, the most common defensive line up for the 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers ran out there 51 times. What was the team record in those games?

    The most common batting order was was penciled in 42 times (that sounds like a very high number to me). What was the team's record in those 42 games?

  4. Me Says:

    For the life of me I cannot figure out how the new feature works. I select the player in the drop down box but nothing happens and nothing is highlighted. What the heck am I missing here?

  5. admin Says:

    @4 what browser are you using?

  6. Me Says:

    Firefox 8.0

  7. Me Says:

    Glad you mentioned that...just used IE8 and NOW I see what this is all about. Nice feature, too bad it doesn't work with my default browser.