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See League Trends with League Splits in Team Split Finders –

Posted by admin on May 20, 2013

Team Pitching Split Finder.

I know that some folks like to study league-wide trends as a whole, like the percent of innings pitched by relievers, percent of decisions earned by starters, percent of league hits by shortstops and they like to compare that over time. We've made these calculations much much easier by adding the league total splits to the team split finders. To use this tool, you got to the Team Batting Split Finder or the Team Pitching Split Finder and set the following items.

1) Choose MLB or AL or NL
2) Check that you want to compare to the league totals
3) Say you want the percentage of overall totals in this split.
4) Choose the split in question (like Pitching Role => as Starter)
5) Choose the stat, like IP.

Get report and you'll get this report of The percentage of innings thrown in the league by starters for each season from 1916-2012.

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One Response to “See League Trends with League Splits in Team Split Finders –”

  1. I know that you only started providing game logs for minor league players (and thanks a million for that), but any idea when league level split information will be available?

    Thanks for this new feature, much appreciated!

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