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New Split: 24 Base-Out Situations

Posted by admin on April 2, 2012

Major League 2011 Batting Splits -

This was suggested at the SABR analytics conference and since I was rebuilding the db, I decided to add it. It appears just below the outs page on all of the pitcher, batter, team and league splits. I've linked to the 2011 MLB overall splits above. Split suggestions are always welcomed.

4 Responses to “New Split: 24 Base-Out Situations”

  1. Brian Says:

    This is incredible. I feel like we've finally explored the farthest reaches of the baseball universe, or something. Great work guys.

  2. Dave D Says:

    What am I looking for? Where is this new thing and how important is it statistically?

  3. mosc Says:

    Thanks for this. I would like to see more 24-based statistics on this site. RE24 and it's many varieties to me are much more interesting than WAR. I would love to see an expansion and better exposure of performance of hitters based on the 24 base-out situations.

  4. Neil L. Says:

    Echoing, Brian, these splits and their easy accessibility is a fabulous research tool. Bravo, Sean, and the rest of admin.