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Play Index Split Finders Are Live!

Posted by Neil on February 19, 2013

We had these in beta for a few weeks, but now we're ready to officially release the following Play Index Split Finder tools:

What can you do with these?

Each is set up in a similar fashion, so let's use the Player Batting Split Finder as an example. For starters, you can tell it to find Individual Seasons, Totals Spanning Seasons, or Career Totals, depending on your preference, and set the usual range of PI options -- year ranges, teams, age, season, active/retired, etc. The big attraction of this finder, though, is on the right side of the form, which allows you to choose split types and stats to sort on.

The split types are any of those which you can find on a player's split's page, and you can just sort on those if you want. For instance, here are the lefty batters who had the most HR against left-handed pitchers in the last 30 years.

Even cooler is the ability to select the "Compare this split to the player's season/career totals" option, which calls up a dialog where you can set a minimum overall requirement (playing-time or otherwise) and the choice to sort by the percentage of the player's total within the given split. An example of this would be, among batters in the last 30 years with 30+ HR in the whole season, who had the highest percentage of their HRs in the second half of the season.

There's also an option to find the difference between the player's stat in the split and his overall number, which works best for rate stats. For example, which hitters had the biggest boost in OPS vs "power pitchers" compared to their overall career OPS?

The Pitching Split Finder works the same way, but it also adds the option to view the output in the form of traditional pitching stats (IP, ERA, etc), the opponent's batting line, or both.

The team finders are similar in function, allowing you to find things like the teams who got the most IP from pitchers age 36 or older, or teams whose leadoff hitters created the highest percentage of their runs.

Needless to say, these examples barely scratch the surface of the kinds of queries you can run with these new tools, so please play around with it and have fun finding incredibly obscure splits! And as always, email us with your questions, comments, and bug reports.

7 Responses to “Play Index Split Finders Are Live!”

  1. Chris J. Says:


  2. Matt Vandermast Says:

    This is great! I've been finding out a lot of new things.

  3. Chris J. Says:

    For player batting splits, can you get a starter/sub thing that gives you the option to X-out relief pitchers?

  4. ed salvesen Says:

    I contribute Yankee tidbits and baseball trivia on Bronxgoblin website (as zzturk1)
    Re: your fan page about longest post season hitting streaks - you omitted the NL record holder for World Series hitting streak (Roberto Clemente), who batted safely in all 7 of his 1960 WS games, then repeated the feat in 1971, one year before his demise. But he did hit in all 14 games in which he appeared! (acc. to baseball-reference).
    Normally, a small omission doesn't really matter, but Roberto's de facto NL record, however unofficial some may treat it, is certainly worthy of note, yes?

  5. Neil Says:

    #4 - Which page is that? We have a streak finder that displays the correct result:

    If the page you're talking about is in the Bullpen Wiki, that means it was added by a user. While we hope our users will add a great deal of accurate and helpful material to that section of, it is certain that there will also be errors, both unintentionally and intentionally placed there.

    B-R management makes absolutely no guarantee with regard to the accuracy of the material within the Bullpen.

    If you spot something that you believe to be wrong, we hope that you will verify that it is wrong and then correct it.

  6. ed salvesen Says:

    It WAS generated by a site user!

    And thank you for the better source!

  7. Charles Saeger Says:

    Would it be possible to get a way to show everyone versus LHP/RHP (or LHB/RHB for the pitchers)?