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2012 Pro Bowlers Added

Posted by Neil on January 3, 2013

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9 Responses to “2012 Pro Bowlers Added”

  1. Charles Butler Says:

    RG3 should not be in the pro-bowl just like Can Newton and Bengals QB should not have been either because he does not have the overall stats. Maybe next year but not this one!

  2. Huh? Griffin was 3rd (behind Manning & Brady) in adjusted net YPA among QBs with at least 14 attempts per team game:

    He also rushed for 815 yards and 7 TDs. RGIII may have been the NFC's best QB this season. He definitely deserves a Pro Bowl nod.

  3. Neil,

    Brian Dawkins still doesn't have credit for his Pro bowl last season.

    Also, are all the players that just got added Pro Bowls for last season get updated AVs? (greenway, Ryan Clark, Browner, Chancellor, Peppers for example). I'm sure the entire front 7 or secondary will need to be recalculated.

  4. Charles Butler Says:

    I agree that RG3 had a solid season but I believe that in order for a player to go to the pro bowl he must be at the top or near his peers and RG3 was not! WHen I think of a top notch QB he is not a runner and that is the problem that I have with a Tebow type even though I believe that Robert Griffin is more advanced that Tebow to play in the pros. He seems to be a driven player but without that solid supporting cast and a confusing reed option to me he is just another good QB!

  5. Along the same lines as John's comment, Mark Van Eeghan doesn't have credit for the pro bowl he made in 1977

  6. To elaborate on my prior post.

    If Julius Peppers just got credit for a Pro Bowl Berth in 2011, that would adjust his AV.

    It would also adjust the AV of his other defensive front-7 teammates because he would get a bigger piece of the pie now with the Pro Bowl bonus. That would mean that Roach, Briggs, Melton, Urlacher, Idonije, etc (the rest of the front 7) would need to be recalculated as well.

    Another example would be Ryan Clark's pro bowl selection in 2011. the rest of the Steelers' secondary, Polamalu for example, would need to get recalculated because Clark would get a bigger chunk of the AV points for that group.

  7. Sorry about that, we'll get the 2011 Pro Bowl data re-ran (hopefully) today. We had the data in our db but it didn't get updated onto the site. Also, those AVs will get recalculated when we run 2012 AV, whenever the AP All-Pro teams come out.

  8. Thanks Neil.

  9. Neil,

    Also are you guys going to add the other All Pro Teams, besides the AP, in the All Pro Selection box at the bottom of the player pages? 2011 doesn't credit the Sporting News or PFW selections.

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