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New Awards Added to Baseball-Reference

Posted by Mike Lynch on July 22, 2014

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7 Responses to “New Awards Added to Baseball-Reference”

  1. The Other Mike D Says:

    Can the Rolaids Relief Award and Delivery Man Award (its replacement) be put on the same page? Maybe showing the progression by year from one award to the next? Thanks!

  2. Mike D - The 2 awards actually ran concurrently for several years, but we may look into a reorganization at the conclusion of the season with the Delivery Man being split into 2 awards.

  3. Is the Fielding Bible something that has been considered for the awards page too? Seems to be widely known enough that it could be used on here, and a good alternative to the Gold Glove.

  4. an award named after trevor hoffman, should be for the biggest choke. He was awful in any and every big spot he ever pitched in, the award should have just been named after Mariano for both leagues.

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  6. I think it would be interesting to list the Sporting News' annual end-of-year all-star teams (while there still is a Sporting News). They used to list them all in their annual baseball guide, which they stopped publishing a few years ago, but they still name an all-star team. As far as I know, nobody else names a end-of-year all star team.

  7. I second that one

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