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CFB Playoff Rankings

CFB Playoff Rankings Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
62018-12-021Alabama (13-0)1SEC (West)
62018-12-022Clemson (13-0)2ACC (Atlantic)
62018-12-023Notre Dame (12-0)3Ind
62018-12-024Oklahoma (12-1)51Big 12
62018-12-025Georgia (11-2)41SEC (East)
62018-12-026Ohio State (12-1)6Big Ten (East)
62018-12-027Michigan (10-2)7Big Ten (East)
62018-12-028UCF (12-0)8American (East)
62018-12-029Washington (10-3)112Pac-12 (North)
62018-12-0210Florida (9-3)91SEC (East)
62018-12-0211LSU (9-3)101SEC (West)
62018-12-0212Penn State (9-3)12Big Ten (East)
62018-12-0213Washington State (10-2)13Pac-12 (North)
62018-12-0214Kentucky (9-3)151SEC (East)
62018-12-0215Texas (9-4)141Big 12
62018-12-0216West Virginia (8-3)16Big 12
62018-12-0217Utah (9-4)17Pac-12 (South)
62018-12-0218Mississippi State (8-4)18SEC (West)
62018-12-0219Texas A&M (8-4)19SEC (West)
62018-12-0220Syracuse (9-3)20ACC (Atlantic)
62018-12-0221Fresno State (11-2)254MWC (West)
62018-12-0222Northwestern (8-5)211Big Ten (West)
62018-12-0223Missouri (8-4)241SEC (East)
62018-12-0224Iowa State (8-4)231Big 12
62018-12-0225Boise State (10-3)223MWC (Mountain)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
52018-11-271Alabama (12-0)1SEC (West)
52018-11-272Clemson (12-0)2ACC (Atlantic)
52018-11-273Notre Dame (12-0)3Ind
52018-11-274Georgia (11-1)51SEC (East)
52018-11-275Oklahoma (11-1)61Big 12
52018-11-276Ohio State (11-1)104Big Ten (East)
52018-11-277Michigan (10-2)43Big Ten (East)
52018-11-278UCF (11-0)91American (East)
52018-11-279Florida (9-3)112SEC (East)
52018-11-2710LSU (9-3)73SEC (West)
52018-11-2711Washington (9-3)165Pac-12 (North)
52018-11-2712Penn State (9-3)12Big Ten (East)
52018-11-2713Washington State (10-2)85Pac-12 (North)
52018-11-2714Texas (9-3)14Big 12
52018-11-2715Kentucky (9-3)15SEC (East)
52018-11-2716West Virginia (8-3)133Big 12
52018-11-2717Utah (9-3)17Pac-12 (South)
52018-11-2718Mississippi State (8-4)18SEC (West)
52018-11-2719Texas A&M (8-4)223SEC (West)
52018-11-2720Syracuse (9-3)20ACC (Atlantic)
52018-11-2721Northwestern (8-4)192Big Ten (West)
52018-11-2722Boise State (10-2)231MWC (Mountain)
52018-11-2723Iowa State (7-4)252Big 12
52018-11-2724Missouri (8-4)SEC (East)
52018-11-2725Fresno State (10-2)MWC (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
42018-11-201Alabama (11-0)1SEC (West)
42018-11-202Clemson (11-0)2ACC (Atlantic)
42018-11-203Notre Dame (11-0)3Ind
42018-11-204Michigan (10-1)4Big Ten (East)
42018-11-205Georgia (10-1)5SEC (East)
42018-11-206Oklahoma (10-1)6Big 12
42018-11-207LSU (9-2)7SEC (West)
42018-11-208Washington State (10-1)8Pac-12 (North)
42018-11-209UCF (10-0)112American (East)
42018-11-2010Ohio State (10-1)10Big Ten (East)
42018-11-2011Florida (8-3)132SEC (East)
42018-11-2012Penn State (8-3)142Big Ten (East)
42018-11-2013West Virginia (8-2)94Big 12
42018-11-2014Texas (8-3)151Big 12
42018-11-2015Kentucky (8-3)172SEC (East)
42018-11-2016Washington (8-3)182Pac-12 (North)
42018-11-2017Utah (8-3)192Pac-12 (South)
42018-11-2018Mississippi State (7-4)213SEC (West)
42018-11-2019Northwestern (7-4)223Big Ten (West)
42018-11-2020Syracuse (8-3)128ACC (Atlantic)
42018-11-2021Utah State (10-1)232MWC (Mountain)
42018-11-2022Texas A&M (7-4)SEC (West)
42018-11-2023Boise State (9-2)252MWC (Mountain)
42018-11-2024Pitt (7-4)ACC (Coastal)
42018-11-2025Iowa State (6-4)169Big 12
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
32018-11-131Alabama (10-0)1SEC (West)
32018-11-132Clemson (10-0)2ACC (Atlantic)
32018-11-133Notre Dame (10-0)3Ind
32018-11-134Michigan (9-1)4Big Ten (East)
32018-11-135Georgia (9-1)5SEC (East)
32018-11-136Oklahoma (9-1)6Big 12
32018-11-137LSU (8-2)7SEC (West)
32018-11-138Washington State (9-1)8Pac-12 (North)
32018-11-139West Virginia (8-1)9Big 12
32018-11-1310Ohio State (9-1)10Big Ten (East)
32018-11-1311UCF (9-0)121American (East)
32018-11-1312Syracuse (8-2)131ACC (Atlantic)
32018-11-1313Florida (7-3)152SEC (East)
32018-11-1314Penn State (7-3)206Big Ten (East)
32018-11-1315Texas (7-3)194Big 12
32018-11-1316Iowa State (6-3)226Big 12
32018-11-1317Kentucky (7-3)116SEC (East)
32018-11-1318Washington (7-3)257Pac-12 (North)
32018-11-1319Utah (7-3)Pac-12 (South)
32018-11-1320Boston College (7-3)173ACC (Atlantic)
32018-11-1321Mississippi State (6-4)165SEC (West)
32018-11-1322Northwestern (6-4)Big Ten (West)
32018-11-1323Utah State (9-1)MWC (Mountain)
32018-11-1324Cincinnati (9-1)American (East)
32018-11-1325Boise State (8-2)MWC (Mountain)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
22018-11-061Alabama (9-0)1SEC (West)
22018-11-062Clemson (9-0)2ACC (Atlantic)
22018-11-063Notre Dame (9-0)41Ind
22018-11-064Michigan (8-1)51Big Ten (East)
22018-11-065Georgia (8-1)61SEC (East)
22018-11-066Oklahoma (8-1)71Big 12
22018-11-067LSU (7-2)34SEC (West)
22018-11-068Washington State (8-1)8Pac-12 (North)
22018-11-069West Virginia (7-1)134Big 12
22018-11-0610Ohio State (8-1)10Big Ten (East)
22018-11-0611Kentucky (7-2)92SEC (East)
22018-11-0612UCF (8-0)12American (East)
22018-11-0613Syracuse (7-2)196ACC (Atlantic)
22018-11-0614North Carolina State (6-2)217ACC (Atlantic)
22018-11-0615Florida (6-3)114SEC (East)
22018-11-0616Mississippi State (6-3)182SEC (West)
22018-11-0617Boston College (7-2)225ACC (Atlantic)
22018-11-0618Michigan State (6-3)Big Ten (East)
22018-11-0619Texas (6-3)172Big 12
22018-11-0620Penn State (6-3)146Big Ten (East)
22018-11-0621Iowa (6-3)165Big Ten (West)
22018-11-0622Iowa State (5-3)242Big 12
22018-11-0623Fresno State (8-1)23MWC (West)
22018-11-0624Auburn (6-3)SEC (West)
22018-11-0625Washington (7-3)Pac-12 (North)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
12018-10-301Alabama (8-0)NASEC (West)
12018-10-302Clemson (8-0)NAACC (Atlantic)
12018-10-303LSU (7-1)NASEC (West)
12018-10-304Notre Dame (8-0)NAInd
12018-10-305Michigan (7-1)NABig Ten (East)
12018-10-306Georgia (7-1)NASEC (East)
12018-10-307Oklahoma (7-1)NABig 12
12018-10-308Washington State (7-1)NAPac-12 (North)
12018-10-309Kentucky (7-1)NASEC (East)
12018-10-3010Ohio State (7-1)NABig Ten (East)
12018-10-3011Florida (6-2)NASEC (East)
12018-10-3012UCF (7-0)NAAmerican (East)
12018-10-3013West Virginia (6-1)NABig 12
12018-10-3014Penn State (6-2)NABig Ten (East)
12018-10-3015Utah (6-2)NAPac-12 (South)
12018-10-3016Iowa (6-2)NABig Ten (West)
12018-10-3017Texas (6-2)NABig 12
12018-10-3018Mississippi State (5-3)NASEC (West)
12018-10-3019Syracuse (6-2)NAACC (Atlantic)
12018-10-3020Texas A&M (5-3)NASEC (West)
12018-10-3021North Carolina State (5-2)NAACC (Atlantic)
12018-10-3022Boston College (6-2)NAACC (Atlantic)
12018-10-3023Fresno State (7-1)NAMWC (West)
12018-10-3024Iowa State (4-3)NABig 12
12018-10-3025Virginia (6-2)NAACC (Coastal)

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