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CFB Playoff Rankings

CFB Playoff Rankings Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
62017-12-031Clemson (12-1)1ACC (Atlantic)
62017-12-032Oklahoma (12-1)31Big 12
62017-12-033Georgia (12-1)63SEC (East)
62017-12-034Alabama (11-1)51SEC (West)
62017-12-035Ohio State (11-2)83Big Ten (East)
62017-12-036Wisconsin (12-1)42Big Ten (West)
62017-12-037Auburn (10-3)25SEC (West)
62017-12-038USC (11-2)102Pac-12 (South)
62017-12-039Penn State (10-2)9Big Ten (East)
62017-12-0310Miami (FL) (10-2)73ACC (Coastal)
62017-12-0311Washington (10-2)132Pac-12 (North)
62017-12-0312UCF (12-0)142American (East)
62017-12-0313Stanford (9-4)121Pac-12 (North)
62017-12-0314Notre Dame (9-3)151Ind
62017-12-0315Texas Christian (10-3)114Big 12
62017-12-0316Michigan State (9-3)16Big Ten (East)
62017-12-0317LSU (9-3)17SEC (West)
62017-12-0318Washington State (9-3)18Pac-12 (North)
62017-12-0319Oklahoma State (9-3)19Big 12
62017-12-0320Memphis (10-2)20American (West)
62017-12-0321Northwestern (9-3)21Big Ten (West)
62017-12-0322Virginia Tech (9-3)22ACC (Coastal)
62017-12-0323Mississippi State (8-4)23SEC (West)
62017-12-0324North Carolina State (8-4)24ACC (Atlantic)
62017-12-0325Boise State (10-3)MWC (Mountain)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
52017-11-281Clemson (11-1)32ACC (Atlantic)
52017-11-282Auburn (10-2)64SEC (West)
52017-11-283Oklahoma (11-1)41Big 12
52017-11-284Wisconsin (12-0)51Big Ten (West)
52017-11-285Alabama (11-1)14SEC (West)
52017-11-286Georgia (11-1)71SEC (East)
52017-11-287Miami (FL) (10-1)25ACC (Coastal)
52017-11-288Ohio State (10-2)91Big Ten (East)
52017-11-289Penn State (10-2)101Big Ten (East)
52017-11-2810USC (10-2)111Pac-12 (South)
52017-11-2811Texas Christian (10-2)121Big 12
52017-11-2812Stanford (9-3)219Pac-12 (North)
52017-11-2813Washington (10-2)174Pac-12 (North)
52017-11-2814UCF (11-0)151American (East)
52017-11-2815Notre Dame (9-3)87Ind
52017-11-2816Michigan State (9-3)16Big Ten (East)
52017-11-2817LSU (9-3)181SEC (West)
52017-11-2818Washington State (9-3)135Pac-12 (North)
52017-11-2819Oklahoma State (9-3)19Big 12
52017-11-2820Memphis (10-1)20American (West)
52017-11-2821Northwestern (9-3)221Big Ten (West)
52017-11-2822Virginia Tech (9-3)253ACC (Coastal)
52017-11-2823Mississippi State (8-4)149SEC (West)
52017-11-2824North Carolina State (8-4)ACC (Atlantic)
52017-11-2825Fresno State (9-3)MWC (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
42017-11-211Alabama (11-0)1SEC (West)
42017-11-212Miami (FL) (10-0)31ACC (Coastal)
42017-11-213Clemson (10-1)21ACC (Atlantic)
42017-11-214Oklahoma (10-1)4Big 12
42017-11-215Wisconsin (11-0)5Big Ten (West)
42017-11-216Auburn (9-2)6SEC (West)
42017-11-217Georgia (10-1)7SEC (East)
42017-11-218Notre Dame (9-2)8Ind
42017-11-219Ohio State (9-2)9Big Ten (East)
42017-11-2110Penn State (9-2)10Big Ten (East)
42017-11-2111USC (10-2)11Pac-12 (South)
42017-11-2112Texas Christian (9-2)12Big 12
42017-11-2113Washington State (9-2)141Pac-12 (North)
42017-11-2114Mississippi State (8-3)162SEC (West)
42017-11-2115UCF (10-0)15American (East)
42017-11-2116Michigan State (8-3)171Big Ten (East)
42017-11-2117Washington (9-2)181Pac-12 (North)
42017-11-2118LSU (8-3)202SEC (West)
42017-11-2119Oklahoma State (8-3)136Big 12
42017-11-2120Memphis (9-1)211American (West)
42017-11-2121Stanford (8-3)221Pac-12 (North)
42017-11-2122Northwestern (8-3)231Big Ten (West)
42017-11-2123Boise State (9-2)252MWC (Mountain)
42017-11-2124South Carolina (8-3)SEC (East)
42017-11-2125Virginia Tech (8-3)ACC (Coastal)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
32017-11-141Alabama (10-0)21SEC (West)
32017-11-142Clemson (9-1)42ACC (Atlantic)
32017-11-143Miami (FL) (9-0)107ACC (Coastal)
32017-11-144Oklahoma (9-1)51Big 12
32017-11-145Wisconsin (10-0)94Big Ten (West)
32017-11-146Auburn (8-2)148SEC (West)
32017-11-147Georgia (9-1)16SEC (East)
32017-11-148Notre Dame (8-2)35Ind
32017-11-149Ohio State (8-2)63Big Ten (East)
32017-11-1410Penn State (8-2)73Big Ten (East)
32017-11-1411USC (9-2)176Pac-12 (South)
32017-11-1412Texas Christian (8-2)84Big 12
32017-11-1413Oklahoma State (8-2)112Big 12
32017-11-1414Washington State (9-2)2511Pac-12 (North)
32017-11-1415UCF (9-0)183American (East)
32017-11-1416Mississippi State (7-3)16SEC (West)
32017-11-1417Michigan State (7-3)247Big Ten (East)
32017-11-1418Washington (8-2)126Pac-12 (North)
32017-11-1419North Carolina State (7-3)201ACC (Atlantic)
32017-11-1420LSU (7-3)191SEC (West)
32017-11-1421Memphis (8-1)232American (West)
32017-11-1422Stanford (7-3)211Pac-12 (North)
32017-11-1423Northwestern (7-3)Big Ten (West)
32017-11-1424Michigan (8-2)Big Ten (East)
32017-11-1425Boise State (8-2)MWC (Mountain)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
22017-10-311Georgia (8-0)1SEC (East)
22017-10-312Alabama (8-0)2SEC (West)
22017-10-313Notre Dame (7-1)3Ind
22017-10-314Clemson (7-1)4ACC (Atlantic)
22017-10-315Oklahoma (7-1)5Big 12
22017-10-316Ohio State (7-1)6Big Ten (East)
22017-10-317Penn State (7-1)7Big Ten (East)
22017-10-318Texas Christian (7-1)8Big 12
22017-10-319Wisconsin (8-0)9Big Ten (West)
22017-10-3110Miami (FL) (7-0)10ACC (Coastal)
22017-10-3111Oklahoma State (7-1)11Big 12
22017-10-3112Washington (7-1)12Pac-12 (North)
22017-10-3113Virginia Tech (7-1)13ACC (Coastal)
22017-10-3114Auburn (6-2)14SEC (West)
22017-10-3115Iowa State (6-2)15Big 12
22017-10-3116Mississippi State (6-2)16SEC (West)
22017-10-3117USC (7-2)17Pac-12 (South)
22017-10-3118UCF (7-0)18American (East)
22017-10-3119LSU (6-2)19SEC (West)
22017-10-3120North Carolina State (6-2)20ACC (Atlantic)
22017-10-3121Stanford (6-2)21Pac-12 (North)
22017-10-3122Arizona (6-2)22Pac-12 (South)
22017-10-3123Memphis (7-1)23American (West)
22017-10-3124Michigan State (6-2)24Big Ten (East)
22017-10-3125Washington State (7-2)25Pac-12 (North)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
12017-10-311Georgia (8-0)NASEC (East)
12017-10-312Alabama (8-0)NASEC (West)
12017-10-313Notre Dame (7-1)NAInd
12017-10-314Clemson (7-1)NAACC (Atlantic)
12017-10-315Oklahoma (7-1)NABig 12
12017-10-316Ohio State (7-1)NABig Ten (East)
12017-10-317Penn State (7-1)NABig Ten (East)
12017-10-318Texas Christian (7-1)NABig 12
12017-10-319Wisconsin (8-0)NABig Ten (West)
12017-10-3110Miami (FL) (7-0)NAACC (Coastal)
12017-10-3111Oklahoma State (7-1)NABig 12
12017-10-3112Washington (7-1)NAPac-12 (North)
12017-10-3113Virginia Tech (7-1)NAACC (Coastal)
12017-10-3114Auburn (6-2)NASEC (West)
12017-10-3115Iowa State (6-2)NABig 12
12017-10-3116Mississippi State (6-2)NASEC (West)
12017-10-3117USC (7-2)NAPac-12 (South)
12017-10-3118UCF (7-0)NAAmerican (East)
12017-10-3119LSU (6-2)NASEC (West)
12017-10-3120North Carolina State (6-2)NAACC (Atlantic)
12017-10-3121Stanford (6-2)NAPac-12 (North)
12017-10-3122Arizona (6-2)NAPac-12 (South)
12017-10-3123Memphis (7-1)NAAmerican (West)
12017-10-3124Michigan State (6-2)NABig Ten (East)
12017-10-3125Washington State (7-2)NAPac-12 (North)

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