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88 Years

  • 88 Players
88 Years Table
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
12019Big 12330.5004.422.26Matt Wells (3-3)
22018Big 12570.4175.093.7625Kliff Kingsbury (5-7)
32017Big 12670.4623.014.0124Kliff Kingsbury (6-7)Birmingham Bowl-L
42016Big 12570.4171.341.50Kliff Kingsbury (5-7)
52015Big 12760.5383.042.89Kliff Kingsbury (7-6)Texas Bowl-L
62014Big 12480.333-3.564.11Kliff Kingsbury (4-8)
72013Big 12850.6155.322.7110Kliff Kingsbury (8-5)Holiday Bowl-W
82012Big 12850.6156.333.0215Tommy Tuberville (7-5), Chris Thomsen (1-0)Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas-W
92011Big 12570.4171.885.5519Tommy Tuberville (5-7)
102010Big 12850.6153.061.83Tommy Tuberville (8-5)Ticket City Bowl-W
112009Big 12940.69210.790.862121Mike Leach (8-4), Ruffin McNeill (1-0)Alamo Bowl-W
122008Big 121120.84615.463.0012212Mike Leach (11-2)Cotton Bowl-L
132007Big 12940.6928.28-0.802222Mike Leach (9-4)Gator Bowl-W
142006Big 12850.6154.200.432524Mike Leach (8-5)Insight Bowl-W
152005Big 12930.75011.400.32211020Mike Leach (9-3)Cotton Bowl-L
162004Big 12840.66712.886.221818Mike Leach (8-4)Holiday Bowl-W
172003Big 12850.6157.502.73Mike Leach (8-5)Houston Bowl-W
182002Big 12950.6439.535.6024Mike Leach (9-5)Tangerine Bowl II-W
192001Big 12750.5838.562.81Mike Leach (7-5)Alamo Bowl-L
202000Big 12760.5384.811.65Mike Leach (7-6)Gallery Furniture Bowl-L
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
211999Big 12650.545-1.65-1.83Spike Dykes (6-5)
221998Big 12750.5836.092.9222Spike Dykes (7-5)Independence Bowl-L
231997Big 12650.5453.050.96Spike Dykes (6-5)
241996Big 12750.5839.504.17Spike Dykes (7-5)Alamo Bowl-L
251995SWC930.7509.29-0.622223Spike Dykes (9-3)Copper Bowl-W
261994SWC660.5005.981.73Spike Dykes (6-6)Cotton Bowl-L
271993SWC660.5004.262.42Spike Dykes (6-6)Sun Bowl-L
281992SWC560.455-1.281.54Spike Dykes (5-6)
291991SWC650.5451.25-1.66Spike Dykes (6-5)
301990SWC470.3640.054.69Spike Dykes (4-7)
311989SWC930.75010.603.851819Spike Dykes (9-3)All-American Bowl-W
321988SWC560.455-0.65-0.01Spike Dykes (5-6)
331987SWC641.5912.290.57Spike Dykes (6-4-1)
341986SWC750.5833.570.91David McWilliams (7-4), Spike Dykes (0-1)Independence Bowl-L
351985SWC470.364-1.351.29Jerry Moore (4-7)
361984SWC470.364-0.930.89Jerry Moore (4-7)
371983SWC371.318-7.360.00Jerry Moore (3-7-1)
381982SWC470.364-1.494.32Jerry Moore (4-7)
391981SWC191.136-2.517.13Jerry Moore (1-9-1)
401980SWC560.4555.085.99Rex Dockery (5-6)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
411979SWC362.3647.5910.95Rex Dockery (3-6-2)
421978SWC740.63612.6611.66Rex Dockery (7-4)
431977SWC750.5839.538.1287Steve Sloan (7-5)Tangerine Bowl-L
441976SWC1020.83317.896.55513Steve Sloan (10-2)Bluebonnet Bowl-L
451975SWC650.5459.098.18Steve Sloan (6-5)
461974SWC642.58310.036.619Jim Carlen (6-4-2)Peach Bowl-T
471973SWC1110.91717.736.23201111Jim Carlen (11-1)Gator Bowl-W
481972SWC840.66711.725.3915Jim Carlen (8-4)Sun Bowl-L
491971SWC470.3640.221.85Jim Carlen (4-7)
501970SWC840.66711.037.2017Jim Carlen (8-4)Sun Bowl-L
511969SWC550.5004.395.09J.T. King (5-5)
521968SWC532.6006.144.0415J.T. King (5-3-2)
531967SWC640.6004.782.0810J.T. King (6-4)
541966SWC460.4003.757.05J.T. King (4-6)
551965SWC830.72711.046.049J.T. King (8-3)Gator Bowl-L
561964SWC641.5917.134.86J.T. King (6-4-1)Sun Bowl-L
571963SWC550.5004.976.87J.T. King (5-5)
581962SWC190.100-9.875.03J.T. King (1-9)
591961SWC460.400-0.826.98J.T. King (4-6)
601960SWC361.3504.387.78DeWitt Weaver (3-6-1)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
611959Ind460.4002.443.74DeWitt Weaver (4-6)
621958Ind370.300-3.270.73DeWitt Weaver (3-7)
631957Ind280.200-8.12-0.32DeWitt Weaver (2-8)
641956Ind271.250-2.296.81DeWitt Weaver (2-7-1)
651955BIAA731.6827.602.8812DeWitt Weaver (7-3-1)Sun Bowl-L
661954BIAA721.7508.92-4.891914DeWitt Weaver (7-2-1)
671953BIAA1110.91716.68-1.241212DeWitt Weaver (11-1)Gator Bowl-W
681952BIAA371.318-6.61-2.70DeWitt Weaver (3-7-1)
691951BIAA740.6363.92-3.08DeWitt Weaver (7-4)Sun Bowl-W
701950BIAA380.273-0.244.40Dell Morgan (3-8)
711949BIAA750.5830.32-1.60Dell Morgan (7-5)Raisin Bowl-L
721948BIAA730.7006.40-0.21Dell Morgan (7-3)
731947BIAA650.545-0.562.54Dell Morgan (6-5)Sun Bowl-L
741946BIAA830.7273.940.21Dell Morgan (8-3)
791941BIAA920.8187.50-5.59Sun Bowl-L
801940BIAA911.8643.68-5.7718Pete Cawthon (9-1-1)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
811939BIAA551.500-2.99-5.99Pete Cawthon (5-5-1)
821938BIAA1010.9098.47-4.801111Pete Cawthon (10-1)Cotton Bowl-L
831937BIAA840.6674.76-1.16Pete Cawthon (8-4)Sun Bowl-L
841936BIAA541.550-3.00-5.20Pete Cawthon (5-4-1)
851935BIAA532.600-2.10-6.60Pete Cawthon (5-3-2)
861934BIAA721.7505.03-4.77Pete Cawthon (7-2-1)
871933BIAA810.8896.94-4.17Pete Cawthon (8-1)
881932BIAA1020.8336.40-9.51Pete Cawthon (10-2)
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