37 Years

  • 37 Players
37 Years Table
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
12018Sun Belt840.6672.12-4.55Blake Anderson (8-4)Arizona Bowl
22017Sun Belt750.583-2.42-9.92Blake Anderson (7-5)Camellia Bowl-L
32016Sun Belt850.615-0.56-5.64Blake Anderson (8-5)AutoNation Cure Bowl-W
42015Sun Belt940.6920.74-6.26Blake Anderson (9-4)New Orleans Bowl-L
52014Sun Belt760.538-3.96-6.88Blake Anderson (7-6)GoDaddy Bowl-L
62013Sun Belt850.615-1.86-3.71Bryan Harsin (7-5), John Thompson (1-0)GoDaddy.com Bowl-W
72012Sun Belt1030.7694.94-2.22Gus Malzahn (9-3), John Thompson (1-0)GoDaddy.com Bowl-W
82011Sun Belt1030.7691.18-8.28Hugh Freeze (10-3)GoDaddy.com Bowl-L
92010Sun Belt480.333-7.45-5.87Steve Roberts (4-8)
102009Sun Belt480.333-9.63-5.80Steve Roberts (4-8)
112008Sun Belt660.500-6.24-5.91Steve Roberts (6-6)
122007Sun Belt570.417-7.98-4.73Steve Roberts (5-7)
132006Sun Belt660.500-11.13-5.88Steve Roberts (6-6)record adjusted to 0-6-0 by NCAA
142005Sun Belt660.500-12.80-10.72Steve Roberts (6-6)New Orleans Bowl-Lrecord adjusted to 2-6-0 by NCAA
152004Sun Belt380.273-16.05-5.77Steve Roberts (3-8)
162003Sun Belt570.417-14.49-7.83Steve Roberts (5-7)
172002Sun Belt670.462-10.48-7.79Steve Roberts (6-7)
182001Sun Belt290.182-22.08-10.17Joe Hollis (2-9)
192000Big West1100.091-13.40-1.58Joe Hollis (1-10)
201999Big West470.364-8.81-4.63Joe Hollis (4-7)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
211998Ind480.333-16.28-8.11Joe Hollis (4-8)
221997Ind290.182-22.77-9.77Joe Hollis (2-9)
231996Ind470.364-12.42-7.87John Bobo (4-7)
241995Big West650.545-12.48-12.21John Bobo (6-5)
251994Big West1100.091-18.40-4.86John Bobo (1-10)
261993Big West281.227-17.62-7.53John Bobo (2-8-1)
271992Ind290.182-22.28-6.74Ray Perkins (2-9)
281991Ind1100.091-23.02-10.48Al Kincaid (1-10)
291990Ind371.318-14.84-6.84Al Kincaid (3-7-1)
301981Southland650.545-0.80-2.53Larry Lacewell (6-5)
311980Southland290.182-18.00-5.91Larry Lacewell (2-9)
321979Southland470.364-8.16-5.98Larry Lacewell (4-7)
331978Southland740.636-3.37-5.73Bill Davidson (7-4)
341977Southland740.636-10.98-10.43Bill Davidson (7-4)
351976Southland560.455-6.79-10.07Bill Davidson (5-6)
361975Southland11001.00013.11-6.08Bill Davidson (11-0)
371974Ind730.700-5.52-13.32Bill Davidson (7-3)
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