Award Winners

Award Winners Table
Year Award Player Pos School Summary
2016Defensive Player of the YearTarell BashamDLOhio28 Solo, 21 Ast, 9.0 Sk, 0 Int
2016Offensive Player of the YearCorey DavisWRWestern Michigan97 Rec, 1500 Yds, 15.5 Avg, 19 TD
2015Defensive Player of the YearJatavis BrownLBAkron61 Solo, 55 Ast, 11.5 Sk, 1 Int
2015Offensive Player of the YearMatt JohnsonQBBowling Green State383 Cmp, 569 Att, 4946 Yds, 46 TD, 8 Int
2014Defensive Player of the YearQuinten RollinsDBMiami (OH)53 Solo, 19 Ast, 0.0 Sk, 7 Int
2014Offensive Player of the YearJarvion FranklinRBWestern Michigan306 Att, 1551 Yds, 5.1 Avg, 24 TD
2013Defensive Player of the YearKhalil MackLBBuffalo55 Solo, 45 Ast, 10.5 Sk, 3 Int
2013Offensive Player of the YearJordan LynchQBNorthern Illinois253 Cmp, 404 Att, 2892 Yds, 24 TD, 8 Int
2012Defensive Player of the YearChris JonesDLBowling Green State27 Solo, 15 Ast, 12.5 Sk
2012Offensive Player of the YearJordan LynchQBNorthern Illinois237 Cmp, 394 Att, 3138 Yds, 25 TD, 6 Int
2011Defensive Player of the YearDrew NowakDLWestern Michigan38 Solo, 53 Ast, 8.5 Sk, 0 Int
2011Offensive Player of the YearChandler HarnishQBNorthern Illinois237 Cmp, 384 Att, 3216 Yds, 28 TD, 6 Int
2010Defensive Player of the YearRoosevelt NixDLKent State19 Solo, 24 Ast, 10.0 Sk, 0 Int
2010Offensive Player of the YearChad SpannRBNorthern Illinois258 Att, 1388 Yds, 5.4 Avg, 22 TD
2009Defensive Player of the YearAdrian RobinsonDLTemple31 Solo, 15 Ast, 12.0 Sk, 1 Int
2009Offensive Player of the YearDan LefevourQBCentral Michigan318 Cmp, 456 Att, 3438 Yds, 28 TD, 7 Int
2008Defensive Player of the YearLarry EnglishDLNorthern Illinois26 Solo, 11 Ast, 8.0 Sk
2008Offensive Player of the YearNate DavisQBBall State258 Cmp, 401 Att, 3591 Yds, 26 TD, 8 Int
2007Defensive Player of the YearClayton MullinsLBMiami (OH)69 Solo, 74 Ast, 4.0 Sk, 0 Int
2007Offensive Player of the YearDan LefevourQBCentral Michigan355 Cmp, 543 Att, 3652 Yds, 27 TD, 13 Int
2006Defensive Player of the YearAmeer IsmailLBWestern Michigan55 Solo, 35 Ast, 17.0 Sk, 2 Int
2006Offensive Player of the YearGarrett WolfeRBNorthern Illinois309 Att, 1928 Yds, 6.2 Avg, 18 TD
2005Defensive Player of the YearDan BazuinDLCentral Michigan52 Solo, 22 Ast, 16.0 Sk
2005Offensive Player of the YearGreg JenningsWRWestern Michigan98 Rec, 1259 Yds, 12.8 Avg, 14 TD
2004Defensive Player of the YearJonathan GoddardDLMarshall1 Int, 23 Yds, 1 TD
2004Offensive Player of the YearOmar JacobsQBBowling Green State309 Cmp, 462 Att, 4002 Yds, 41 TD, 4 Int
2003Defensive Player of the YearJason BabinDLWestern Michigan
2003Offensive Player of the YearBen RoethlisbergerQBMiami (OH)342 Cmp, 495 Att, 4486 Yds, 37 TD, 10 Int
2002Defensive Player of the YearJason BabinDLWestern Michigan
2002Offensive Player of the YearByron LeftwichQBMarshall331 Cmp, 491 Att, 4268 Yds, 30 TD, 10 Int
2001Defensive Player of the YearMax YatesLBMarshall
2001Offensive Player of the YearByron LeftwichQBMarshall315 Cmp, 470 Att, 4132 Yds, 38 TD, 7 Int
2000Defensive Player of the YearDwight SmithDBAkron10 Int, 208 Yds, 2 TD
2000Offensive Player of the YearRobert SanfordRBWestern Michigan293 Att, 1571 Yds, 5.4 Avg, 18 TD
1999Defensive Player of the YearDustin CohenLBMiami (OH)3 Int, 12 Yds, 1 TD
1999Offensive Player of the YearChad PenningtonQBMarshall275 Cmp, 405 Att, 3799 Yds, 37 TD, 11 Int
1998Defensive Player of the YearJojuan ArmourMiami (OH)
1998Offensive Player of the YearTravis PrenticeRBMiami (OH)365 Att, 1787 Yds, 4.9 Avg, 19 TD
1997Defensive Player of the YearJojuan ArmourLBMiami (OH)2 Int, 7 Yds, 0 TD
1997Offensive Player of the YearRandy MossWRMarshall96 Rec, 1820 Yds, 19.0 Avg, 26 TD
1996Defensive Player of the YearBrad MaynardPBall State59 Punts, 2705 Yds, 45.8 Avg
1996Offensive Player of the YearKareem WilsonQBOhio38 Cmp, 90 Att, 567 Yds, 7 TD, 2 Int
1995Defensive Player of the YearJohnnie WilliamsDBMiami (OH)4 Int, 88 Yds, 0 TD
1995Offensive Player of the YearWasean TaitRBToledo357 Att, 1905 Yds, 5.3 Avg, 20 TD
1994Defensive Player of the YearVince PalkoLBBowling Green State2 Int, 2 Yds, 0 TD
1994Offensive Player of the YearBrian PruittRBCentral Michigan292 Att, 1890 Yds, 6.5 Avg, 20 TD
1993Defensive Player of the YearVince PalkoLBBowling Green State2 Int, 36 Yds, 0 TD
1993Offensive Player of the YearMike NeuQBBall State186 Cmp, 283 Att, 2148 Yds, 17 TD, 8 Int
1992Defensive Player of the YearCurt McmillanLBMiami (OH)2 Int, 26 Yds, 0 TD
1992Offensive Player of the YearErik WhiteQBBowling Green State195 Cmp, 344 Att, 2380 Yds, 17 TD, 17 Int
1991Defensive Player of the YearCurt McmillanMiami (OH)
1991Offensive Player of the YearErik WhiteQBBowling Green State185 Cmp, 323 Att, 2204 Yds, 17 TD, 10 Int
1990Defensive Player of the YearSean MulhearnLBWestern Michigan1 Int, 11 Yds, 0 TD
1990Offensive Player of the YearJeff BenderQBCentral Michigan145 Cmp, 262 Att, 1978 Yds, 15 TD, 8 Int
1989Defensive Player of the YearGreg GarnicaLBBall State7 Int, 24 Yds, 0 TD
1989Offensive Player of the YearDavid RileyQBBall State149 Cmp, 256 Att, 1929 Yds, 13 TD, 7 Int
1988Defensive Player of the YearGreg GarnicaLBBall State4 Int, 37 Yds, 0 TD
1988Offensive Player of the YearTony KimbroughQBWestern Michigan210 Cmp, 381 Att, 2831 Yds, 21 TD, 14 Int
1987Defensive Player of the YearGreg GarnicaLBBall State1 Int, 5 Yds, 0 TD
1987Offensive Player of the YearEric WilkersonRBKent State244 Att, 1221 Yds, 5.0 Avg, 10 TD
1986Defensive Player of the YearMark GaralczykWestern Michigan
1986Offensive Player of the YearTerry MorrisQBMiami (OH)193 Cmp, 308 Att, 2365 Yds, 19 TD, 10 Int
1985Defensive Player of the YearJohn OfferdahlLBWestern Michigan1 Int, 4 Yds, 0 TD
1985Offensive Player of the YearBrian McClureQBBowling Green State226 Cmp, 371 Att, 2674 Yds, 18 TD, 16 Int
1984Defensive Player of the YearMark BrandonDBToledo7 Int, 112 Yds, 0 TD
1984Offensive Player of the YearBrian McClureQBBowling Green State263 Cmp, 414 Att, 2951 Yds, 21 TD, 13 Int
1983Defensive Player of the YearBrian PillmanMiami (OH)
1983Offensive Player of the YearBrian McClureQBBowling Green State298 Cmp, 466 Att, 3264 Yds, 16 TD, 16 Int
1982Defensive Player of the YearRay BentleyLBCentral Michigan5 Int, 48 Yds, 1 TD
1982Offensive Player of the YearCurtis AdamsRBCentral Michigan204 Att, 1090 Yds, 5.3 Avg, 10 TD
1981Defensive Player of the YearJohn ZupancicMiami (OH)
1981Offensive Player of the YearSam ShonOhio
1980Defensive Player of the YearMike Terra (tie)Northern Illinois
1980Defensive Player of the YearKent Mccormick (tie)Miami (OH)
1980Offensive Player of the YearMark O'ConnellBall State
1979Defensive Player of the YearFrank LewandowskiNorthern Illinois
1979Offensive Player of the YearGary HogeboomQBCentral Michigan92 Cmp, 150 Att, 1404 Yds, 9 TD, 5 Int
1978Defensive Player of the YearKen KremerBall State
1978Offensive Player of the YearDave Petzke (tie)WRNorthern Illinois91 Rec, 1215 Yds, 13.4 Avg, 11 TD
1978Offensive Player of the YearJerome Persell (tie)RBWestern Michigan309 Att, 1346 Yds, 4.4 Avg, 6 TD
1977Defensive Player of the YearJack GlowikMiami (OH)
1977Offensive Player of the YearJerome PersellRBWestern Michigan264 Att, 1339 Yds, 5.1 Avg, 14 TD
1976Defensive Player of the YearAaron BivinsToledo
1976Offensive Player of the YearJerome PersellRBWestern Michigan269 Att, 1505 Yds, 5.6 Avg, 19 TD
1975Defensive Player of the YearShafer SuggsBall State
1975Offensive Player of the YearGene SwickQBToledo190 Cmp, 308 Att, 2487 Yds, 15 TD, 12 Int
1974Defensive Player of the YearBrad CousinoMiami (OH)
1974Offensive Player of the YearGene SwickQBToledo178 Cmp, 287 Att, 2234 Yds, 13 TD, 13 Int
1973Defensive Player of the YearBrad CousinoMiami (OH)
1973Offensive Player of the YearPaul MilesRBBowling Green State250 Att, 1030 Yds, 4.1 Avg, 11 TD
1972Defensive Player of the YearJack LambertKent State
1972Offensive Player of the YearBob HitchensRBMiami (OH)326 Att, 1370 Yds, 4.2 Avg, 15 TD
1971Defensive Player of the YearMel LongToledo
1971Offensive Player of the YearChuck Ealey (tie)QBToledo126 Cmp, 237 Att, 1821 Yds, 15 TD, 13 Int
1971Offensive Player of the YearPhil Villapiano (tie)Bowling Green State
1970Defensive Player of the YearDick AdamsMiami (OH)
1970Offensive Player of the YearChuck EaleyQBToledo149 Cmp, 263 Att, 1898 Yds, 16 TD, 9 Int
1969Defensive Player of the YearJoe GreenBowling Green State
1969Offensive Player of the YearChuck EaleyQBToledo88 Cmp, 168 Att, 1281 Yds, 11 TD, 7 Int
1968Defensive Player of the YearBob BabichMiami (OH)
1968Offensive Player of the YearCleve BryantQBOhio98 Cmp, 200 Att, 1524 Yds, 14 TD, 5 Int
1967Defensive Player of the YearTom BeutlerToledo
1967Offensive Player of the YearJohn SchneiderQBToledo127 Cmp, 245 Att, 1650 Yds, 10 TD, 11 Int
1966Defensive Player of the YearBob RoweWestern Michigan
1966Offensive Player of the YearBruce MatteQBMiami (OH)60 Cmp, 111 Att, 845 Yds, 11 TD, 4 Int
1965Defensive Player of the YearBob RoweWestern Michigan
1965Offensive Player of the YearWillie AsburyRBKent State238 Att, 998 Yds, 4.2 Avg, 6 TD
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