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CFB Playoff Rankings

CFB Playoff Rankings Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
8Final1Alabama (12-1)1SEC (West)
8Final2Oregon (12-1)2Pac-12 (North)
8Final3Florida State (13-0)3ACC (Atlantic)
8Final4Ohio State (12-1)4Big Ten (East)
8Final5Baylor (11-1)5Big 12
8Final6Texas Christian (11-1)6Big 12
8Final7Mississippi State (10-2)7SEC (West)
8Final8Michigan State (10-2)8Big Ten (East)
8Final9Ole Miss (9-3)9SEC (West)
8Final10Arizona (10-3)10Pac-12 (South)
8Final11Kansas State (9-3)11Big 12
8Final12Georgia Tech (10-3)12ACC (Coastal)
8Final13Georgia (9-3)13SEC (East)
8Final14UCLA (9-3)14Pac-12 (South)
8Final15Arizona State (9-3)15Pac-12 (South)
8Final16Missouri (10-3)16SEC (East)
8Final17Clemson (9-3)17ACC (Atlantic)
8Final18Wisconsin (10-3)18Big Ten (West)
8Final19Auburn (8-4)19SEC (West)
8Final20Boise State (11-2)20MWC (Mountain)
8Final21Louisville (9-3)21ACC (Atlantic)
8Final22Utah (8-4)22Pac-12 (South)
8Final23LSU (8-4)23SEC (West)
8Final24USC (8-4)24Pac-12 (South)
8Final25Minnesota (8-4)25Big Ten (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
72014-12-071Alabama (12-1)1SEC (West)
72014-12-072Oregon (12-1)2Pac-12 (North)
72014-12-073Florida State (13-0)41ACC (Atlantic)
72014-12-074Ohio State (12-1)51Big Ten (East)
72014-12-075Baylor (11-1)61Big 12
72014-12-076Texas Christian (11-1)33Big 12
72014-12-077Mississippi State (10-2)103SEC (West)
72014-12-078Michigan State (10-2)8Big Ten (East)
72014-12-079Ole Miss (9-3)123SEC (West)
72014-12-0710Arizona (10-3)73Pac-12 (South)
72014-12-0711Kansas State (9-3)92Big 12
72014-12-0712Georgia Tech (10-3)111ACC (Coastal)
72014-12-0713Georgia (9-3)141SEC (East)
72014-12-0714UCLA (9-3)151Pac-12 (South)
72014-12-0715Arizona State (9-3)172Pac-12 (South)
72014-12-0716Missouri (10-3)16SEC (East)
72014-12-0717Clemson (9-3)181ACC (Atlantic)
72014-12-0718Wisconsin (10-3)135Big Ten (West)
72014-12-0719Auburn (8-4)19SEC (West)
72014-12-0720Boise State (11-2)222MWC (Mountain)
72014-12-0721Louisville (9-3)21ACC (Atlantic)
72014-12-0722Utah (8-4)231Pac-12 (South)
72014-12-0723LSU (8-4)241SEC (West)
72014-12-0724USC (8-4)251Pac-12 (South)
72014-12-0725Minnesota (8-4)Big Ten (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
62014-11-301Alabama (11-1)1SEC (West)
62014-11-302Oregon (11-1)2Pac-12 (North)
62014-11-303Texas Christian (10-1)52Big 12
62014-11-304Florida State (12-0)31ACC (Atlantic)
62014-11-305Ohio State (11-1)61Big Ten (East)
62014-11-306Baylor (10-1)71Big 12
62014-11-307Arizona (10-2)114Pac-12 (South)
62014-11-308Michigan State (10-2)102Big Ten (East)
62014-11-309Kansas State (9-2)123Big 12
62014-11-3010Mississippi State (10-2)46SEC (West)
62014-11-3011Georgia Tech (10-2)165ACC (Coastal)
62014-11-3012Ole Miss (9-3)197SEC (West)
62014-11-3013Wisconsin (10-2)141Big Ten (West)
62014-11-3014Georgia (9-3)95SEC (East)
62014-11-3015UCLA (9-3)87Pac-12 (South)
62014-11-3016Missouri (10-2)171SEC (East)
62014-11-3017Arizona State (9-3)134Pac-12 (South)
62014-11-3018Clemson (9-3)213ACC (Atlantic)
62014-11-3019Auburn (8-4)154SEC (West)
62014-11-3020Oklahoma (8-3)20Big 12
62014-11-3021Louisville (9-3)221ACC (Atlantic)
62014-11-3022Boise State (10-2)231MWC (Mountain)
62014-11-3023Utah (8-4)252Pac-12 (South)
62014-11-3024LSU (8-4)SEC (West)
62014-11-3025USC (8-4)Pac-12 (South)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
52014-11-231Alabama (10-1)1SEC (West)
52014-11-232Oregon (10-1)2Pac-12 (North)
52014-11-233Florida State (11-0)3ACC (Atlantic)
52014-11-234Mississippi State (10-1)4SEC (West)
52014-11-235Texas Christian (9-1)5Big 12
52014-11-236Ohio State (10-1)6Big Ten (East)
52014-11-237Baylor (9-1)7Big 12
52014-11-238UCLA (9-2)91Pac-12 (South)
52014-11-239Georgia (9-2)101SEC (East)
52014-11-2310Michigan State (9-2)111Big Ten (East)
52014-11-2311Arizona (9-2)154Pac-12 (South)
52014-11-2312Kansas State (8-2)12Big 12
52014-11-2313Arizona State (9-2)13Pac-12 (South)
52014-11-2314Wisconsin (9-2)162Big Ten (West)
52014-11-2315Auburn (8-3)141SEC (West)
52014-11-2316Georgia Tech (9-2)182ACC (Coastal)
52014-11-2317Missouri (9-2)203SEC (East)
52014-11-2318Minnesota (8-3)257Big Ten (West)
52014-11-2319Ole Miss (8-3)811SEC (West)
52014-11-2320Oklahoma (8-3)211Big 12
52014-11-2321Clemson (8-3)221ACC (Atlantic)
52014-11-2322Louisville (8-3)242ACC (Atlantic)
52014-11-2323Boise State (9-2)MWC (Mountain)
52014-11-2324Marshall (11-0)CUSA (East)
52014-11-2325Utah (7-4)178Pac-12 (South)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
42014-11-161Alabama (9-1)54SEC (West)
42014-11-162Oregon (9-1)2Pac-12 (North)
42014-11-163Florida State (10-0)3ACC (Atlantic)
42014-11-164Mississippi State (9-1)13SEC (West)
42014-11-165Texas Christian (9-1)41Big 12
42014-11-166Ohio State (9-1)82Big Ten (East)
42014-11-167Baylor (8-1)7Big 12
42014-11-168Ole Miss (8-2)102SEC (West)
42014-11-169UCLA (8-2)112Pac-12 (South)
42014-11-1610Georgia (8-2)155SEC (East)
42014-11-1611Michigan State (8-2)121Big Ten (East)
42014-11-1612Kansas State (7-2)131Big 12
42014-11-1613Arizona State (8-2)67Pac-12 (South)
42014-11-1614Auburn (7-3)95SEC (West)
42014-11-1615Arizona (8-2)141Pac-12 (South)
42014-11-1616Wisconsin (8-2)204Big Ten (West)
42014-11-1617Utah (7-3)236Pac-12 (South)
42014-11-1618Georgia Tech (9-2)224ACC (Coastal)
42014-11-1619USC (7-3)Pac-12 (South)
42014-11-1620Missouri (8-2)SEC (East)
42014-11-1621Oklahoma (7-3)Big 12
42014-11-1622Clemson (7-3)193ACC (Atlantic)
42014-11-1623Nebraska (8-2)167Big Ten (West)
42014-11-1624Louisville (7-3)ACC (Atlantic)
42014-11-1625Minnesota (7-3)25Big Ten (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
32014-11-091Mississippi State (9-0)1SEC (West)
32014-11-092Oregon (9-1)42Pac-12 (North)
32014-11-093Florida State (9-0)21ACC (Atlantic)
32014-11-094Texas Christian (8-1)62Big 12
32014-11-095Alabama (8-1)5SEC (West)
32014-11-096Arizona State (8-1)93Pac-12 (South)
32014-11-097Baylor (8-1)125Big 12
32014-11-098Ohio State (8-1)146Big Ten (East)
32014-11-099Auburn (7-2)36SEC (West)
32014-11-0910Ole Miss (8-2)111SEC (West)
32014-11-0911UCLA (8-2)187Pac-12 (South)
32014-11-0912Michigan State (7-2)84Big Ten (East)
32014-11-0913Kansas State (7-2)76Big 12
32014-11-0914Arizona (7-2)195Pac-12 (South)
32014-11-0915Georgia (7-2)205SEC (East)
32014-11-0916Nebraska (8-1)133Big Ten (West)
32014-11-0917LSU (7-3)161SEC (West)
32014-11-0918Notre Dame (7-2)108Ind
32014-11-0919Clemson (7-2)212ACC (Atlantic)
32014-11-0920Wisconsin (7-2)255Big Ten (West)
32014-11-0921Duke (8-1)221ACC (Coastal)
32014-11-0922Georgia Tech (8-2)242ACC (Coastal)
32014-11-0923Utah (6-3)176Pac-12 (South)
32014-11-0924Texas A&M (7-3)SEC (West)
32014-11-0925Minnesota (7-2)Big Ten (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
22014-11-021Mississippi State (8-0)1SEC (West)
22014-11-022Florida State (8-0)2ACC (Atlantic)
22014-11-023Auburn (7-1)3SEC (West)
22014-11-024Oregon (8-1)51Pac-12 (North)
22014-11-025Alabama (7-1)61SEC (West)
22014-11-026Texas Christian (7-1)71Big 12
22014-11-027Kansas State (7-1)92Big 12
22014-11-028Michigan State (7-1)8Big Ten (East)
22014-11-029Arizona State (7-1)145Pac-12 (South)
22014-11-0210Notre Dame (7-1)10Ind
22014-11-0211Ole Miss (7-2)47SEC (West)
22014-11-0212Baylor (7-1)131Big 12
22014-11-0213Nebraska (8-1)152Big Ten (West)
22014-11-0214Ohio State (7-1)162Big Ten (East)
22014-11-0215Oklahoma (6-2)183Big 12
22014-11-0216LSU (7-2)193SEC (West)
22014-11-0217Utah (6-2)17Pac-12 (South)
22014-11-0218UCLA (7-2)224Pac-12 (South)
22014-11-0219Arizona (6-2)127Pac-12 (South)
22014-11-0220Georgia (6-2)119SEC (East)
22014-11-0221Clemson (6-2)21ACC (Atlantic)
22014-11-0222Duke (7-1)242ACC (Coastal)
22014-11-0223West Virginia (6-3)203Big 12
22014-11-0224Georgia Tech (7-2)ACC (Coastal)
22014-11-0225Wisconsin (6-2)Big Ten (West)
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
12014-10-261Mississippi State (7-0)NASEC (West)
12014-10-262Florida State (7-0)NAACC (Atlantic)
12014-10-263Auburn (6-1)NASEC (West)
12014-10-264Ole Miss (7-1)NASEC (West)
12014-10-265Oregon (7-1)NAPac-12 (North)
12014-10-266Alabama (7-1)NASEC (West)
12014-10-267Texas Christian (6-1)NABig 12
12014-10-268Michigan State (7-1)NABig Ten (East)
12014-10-269Kansas State (6-1)NABig 12
12014-10-2610Notre Dame (6-1)NAInd
12014-10-2611Georgia (6-1)NASEC (East)
12014-10-2612Arizona (6-1)NAPac-12 (South)
12014-10-2613Baylor (6-1)NABig 12
12014-10-2614Arizona State (6-1)NAPac-12 (South)
12014-10-2615Nebraska (7-1)NABig Ten (West)
12014-10-2616Ohio State (6-1)NABig Ten (East)
12014-10-2617Utah (6-1)NAPac-12 (South)
12014-10-2618Oklahoma (5-2)NABig 12
12014-10-2619LSU (7-2)NASEC (West)
12014-10-2620West Virginia (6-2)NABig 12
12014-10-2621Clemson (6-2)NAACC (Atlantic)
12014-10-2622UCLA (6-2)NAPac-12 (South)
12014-10-2623East Carolina (6-1)NAAmerican
12014-10-2624Duke (6-1)NAACC (Coastal)
12014-10-2625Louisville (6-2)NAACC (Atlantic)

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