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AP Polls

AP Polls Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
13Final2Michigan State1118Big Ten
13Final5Nebraska32Big 8
13Final6Missouri6Big 8
13Final9Notre Dame9Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
121965-11-291Michigan State (10-0-0)135Big Ten
121965-11-292Arkansas (10-0-0)210SWC
121965-11-293Nebraska (10-0-0)3Big 8
121965-11-294Alabama (8-1-1)511SEC
121965-11-295UCLA (7-1-1)41AAWU
121965-11-296Missouri (7-2-1)71Big 8
121965-11-297Tennessee (6-1-2)92SEC
121965-11-298USC (7-2-1)8AAWU
121965-11-299Notre Dame (7-2-1)63Ind
121965-11-2910Texas Tech (8-2-0)10SWC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
111965-11-221Michigan State (10-0-0)134Big Ten
111965-11-222Arkansas (10-0-0)29SWC
111965-11-223Nebraska (9-0-0)3Big 8
111965-11-224UCLA (7-1-1)73AAWU
111965-11-225Alabama (7-1-1)5SEC
111965-11-226Notre Dame (7-2-0)42Ind
111965-11-227Missouri (7-2-1)81Big 8
111965-11-228USC (6-2-1)62AAWU
111965-11-229Tennessee (5-1-2)SEC
111965-11-2210Texas Tech (8-2-0)91SWC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
101965-11-151Michigan State (9-0-0)131Big Ten
101965-11-152Arkansas (9-0-0)215SWC
101965-11-153Nebraska (9-0-0)32Big 8
101965-11-154Notre Dame (7-1-0)4Ind
101965-11-155Alabama (7-1-1)5SEC
101965-11-156USC (6-1-1)6AAWU
101965-11-157UCLA (6-1-1)7AAWU
101965-11-158Missouri (6-2-1)91Big 8
101965-11-159Texas Tech (8-1-0)SWC
101965-11-1510Florida (6-2-0)SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
91965-11-081Michigan State (8-0-0)132Big Ten
91965-11-082Arkansas (8-0-0)214SWC
91965-11-083Nebraska (8-0-0)34Big 8
91965-11-084Notre Dame (6-1-0)41Ind
91965-11-085Alabama (6-1-1)5SEC
91965-11-086USC (5-1-1)6AAWU
91965-11-087UCLA (5-1-1)81AAWU
91965-11-088Tennessee (4-0-2)SEC
91965-11-089Missouri (5-2-1)9Big 8
91965-11-0810Kentucky (6-2-0)10SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
81965-11-011Michigan State (7-0-0)136Big Ten
81965-11-012Arkansas (7-0-0)211SWC
81965-11-013Nebraska (7-0-0)33Big 8
81965-11-014Notre Dame (5-1-0)4Ind
81965-11-015Alabama (5-1-1)105SEC
81965-11-016USC (4-1-1)82AAWU
81965-11-017Georgia Tech (5-1-1)Ind
81965-11-018UCLA (4-1-1)AAWU
81965-11-019Missouri (4-2-1)Big 8
81965-11-0110Kentucky (5-2-0)SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
71965-10-251Michigan State (6-0-0)2119Big Ten
71965-10-252Arkansas (6-0-0)1123SWC
71965-10-253Nebraska (6-0-0)39Big 8
71965-10-254Notre Dame (4-1-0)73Ind
71965-10-255LSU (5-1-0)94SEC
71965-10-256Purdue (4-1-1)6Big Ten
71965-10-257Florida (4-1-0)81SEC
71965-10-258USC (4-1-1)44AAWU
71965-10-259Texas (4-2-0)54SWC
71965-10-2510Alabama (4-1-1)SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
61965-10-181Arkansas (5-0-0)3228SWC
61965-10-182Michigan State (5-0-0)4214Big Ten
61965-10-183Nebraska (5-0-0)218Big 8
61965-10-184USC (4-0-1)62AAWU
61965-10-185Texas (4-1-0)14SWC
61965-10-186Purdue (4-0-1)71Big Ten
61965-10-187Notre Dame (3-1-0)81Ind
61965-10-188Florida (4-1-0)91SEC
61965-10-189LSU (4-1-0)SEC
61965-10-1810Georgia (4-1-0)55SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
51965-10-111Texas (4-0-0)122SWC
51965-10-112Nebraska (4-0-0)216Big 8
51965-10-113Arkansas (4-0-0)34SWC
51965-10-114Michigan State (4-0-0)513Big Ten
51965-10-115Georgia (4-0-0)412SEC
51965-10-116USC (3-0-1)82AAWU
51965-10-117Purdue (3-0-1)611Big Ten
51965-10-118Notre Dame (3-1-0)71Ind
51965-10-119Florida (3-1-0)101SEC
51965-10-1110Mississippi State (4-0-0)91SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
41965-10-041Texas (3-0-0)125SWC
41965-10-042Nebraska (3-0-0)3110Big 8
41965-10-043Arkansas (3-0-0)411SWC
41965-10-044Georgia (3-0-0)1063SEC
41965-10-045Michigan State (3-0-0)94Big Ten
41965-10-046Purdue (2-0-1)241Big Ten
41965-10-047Notre Dame (2-1-0)81Ind
41965-10-048USC (2-0-1)AAWU
41965-10-049Mississippi State (3-0-0)SEC
41965-10-0410Florida (2-1-0)SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
31965-09-271Texas (2-0-0)3215SWC
31965-09-272Purdue (2-0-0)6414Big Ten
31965-09-273Nebraska (2-0-0)2113Big 8
31965-09-274Arkansas (2-0-0)513SWC
31965-09-275LSU (2-0-0)72SEC
31965-09-276Kentucky (2-0-0)1041SEC
31965-09-277Michigan (2-0-0)43Big Ten
31965-09-278Notre Dame (1-1-0)17Ind
31965-09-279Michigan State (2-0-0)Big Ten
31965-09-2710Georgia (2-0-0)SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
21965-09-201Notre Dame (1-0-0)3224Ind
21965-09-202Nebraska (1-0-0)1116Big 8
21965-09-203Texas (1-0-0)217SWC
21965-09-204Michigan (1-0-0)42Big Ten
21965-09-205Arkansas (1-0-0)614SWC
21965-09-206Purdue (1-0-0)93Big Ten
21965-09-207LSU (1-0-0)81SEC
21965-09-208Florida (1-0-0)SEC
21965-09-209Syracuse (1-0-0)Ind
21965-09-2010Kentucky (1-0-0)SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng 1st Conf
1Preseason1NebraskaNA11Big 8
1Preseason3Notre DameNA7Ind
1Preseason4MichiganNA5Big Ten
1Preseason9PurdueNA1Big Ten
1Preseason10Ohio StateNA1Big Ten
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