54 Years

  • 54 Players
54 Years Table
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
12018CUSA930.7501.68-10.07Seth Littrell (9-3)New Mexico Bowl
22017CUSA950.643-3.60-4.10Seth Littrell (9-5)New Orleans Bowl-L
32016CUSA580.385-10.33-4.56Seth Littrell (5-8)Heart of Dallas Bowl-L
42015CUSA1110.083-20.99-2.91Dan McCarney (0-5), Mike Canales (1-6)
52014CUSA480.333-11.91-5.91Dan McCarney (4-8)
62013CUSA940.6923.05-6.95Dan McCarney (9-4)Heart of Dallas Bowl-W
72012Sun Belt480.333-8.41-1.24Dan McCarney (4-8)
82011Sun Belt570.417-9.94-3.86Dan McCarney (5-7)
92010Sun Belt390.250-14.18-7.34Todd Dodge (1-6), Mike Canales (2-3)
102009Sun Belt2100.167-14.38-5.97Todd Dodge (2-10)
112008Sun Belt1110.083-22.21-3.54Todd Dodge (1-11)
122007Sun Belt2100.167-15.84-3.67Todd Dodge (2-10)
132006Sun Belt390.250-16.06-6.15Darrell Dickey (3-9)
142005Sun Belt290.182-18.23-7.60Darrell Dickey (2-9)
152004Sun Belt750.583-6.90-6.82Darrell Dickey (7-5)New Orleans Bowl-L
162003Sun Belt940.692-0.81-5.43Darrell Dickey (9-4)New Orleans Bowl-L
172002Sun Belt850.6150.61-3.00Darrell Dickey (8-5)New Orleans Bowl-W
182001Sun Belt570.417-9.11-6.36Darrell Dickey (5-7)New Orleans Bowl-L
192000Big West380.273-13.51-5.69Darrell Dickey (3-8)
201999Big West290.182-19.41-6.22Darrell Dickey (2-9)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
211998Big West380.273-12.45-1.63Darrell Dickey (3-8)
221997Big West470.364-13.68-7.23Matt Simon (4-7)
231996Big West560.455-12.67-6.49Matt Simon (5-6)
241995Ind290.182-19.02-4.84Matt Simon (2-9)
251982Ind290.182-16.01-5.83Corky Nelson (2-9)
261981Ind290.182-7.903.28Bob Tyler (2-9)
271980Ind650.5452.050.96Jerry Moore (6-5)
281979Ind560.455-6.27-1.91Jerry Moore (5-6)
291978Ind920.8189.03-0.61Hayden Fry (9-2)
301977Ind920.81810.33-0.49Hayden Fry (9-2)record adjusted to 10-1-0 by NCAA
311976Ind650.5451.67-2.15Hayden Fry (6-5)record adjusted to 7-4-0 by NCAA
321975Ind740.636-0.25-1.98Hayden Fry (7-4)record adjusted to 8-3-0 by NCAA
331974MVC272.273-12.19-3.28Hayden Fry (2-7-2)
341973MVC551.500-13.35-10.07Hayden Fry (5-5-1)
351972MVC1100.091-21.24-6.34Rod Rust (1-10)
361971MVC380.273-14.38-3.56Rod Rust (3-8)
371970MVC380.273-12.27-6.90Rod Rust (3-8)
381969MVC730.7002.82-7.68Rod Rust (7-3)
391968MVC820.8002.85-7.25Rod Rust (8-2)
401967MVC711.8338.12-3.88Rod Rust (7-1-1)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
411966MVC820.8005.99-5.81Odus Mitchell (8-2)
421965MVC370.300-10.27-1.77Odus Mitchell (3-7)
431964MVC271.250-13.92-7.32Odus Mitchell (2-7-1)
441963MVC360.333-14.55-6.00Odus Mitchell (3-6)
451962MVC640.600-4.03-5.63Odus Mitchell (6-4)
461961MVC541.550-14.25-12.05Odus Mitchell (5-4-1)
471960MVC261.278-16.74-7.96Odus Mitchell (2-6-1)
481959MVC920.8184.78-8.2216Odus Mitchell (9-2)Sun Bowl-L
491958MVC721.7503.58-4.82Odus Mitchell (7-2-1)
501957MVC550.500-8.69-9.59Odus Mitchell (5-5)
511956Ind721.750-2.23-6.53Odus Mitchell (7-2-1)
521955Ind541.550-4.42-5.82Odus Mitchell (5-4-1)
531954Ind460.400-8.82-5.62Odus Mitchell (4-6)
541953Ind361.350-7.75-6.55Odus Mitchell (3-6-1)
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