122 Years

122 Years Table
Overall Conference SRS Polls
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
12023SEC1020.833620.75014.763.34999Eli Drinkwitz (10-2)
22022SEC670.462350.3754.954.49Eli Drinkwitz (6-7)Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl (L)
32021SEC670.462350.3750.373.22Eli Drinkwitz (6-7)Armed Forces Bowl (L)
42020SEC550.500550.5001.927.3225Eli Drinkwitz (5-5)
52019SEC660.500350.3752.880.4622Barry Odom (6-6)
62018SEC850.615440.50013.145.75242323Barry Odom (8-5)Liberty Bowl (L)
72017SEC760.538440.5004.281.44Barry Odom (7-6)Texas Bowl (L)
82016SEC480.333260.250-2.502.58Barry Odom (4-8)
92015SEC570.417170.1250.203.042421Gary Pinkel (5-7)
102014SEC1130.786710.87512.024.732414141616Gary Pinkel (11-3)Citrus Bowl (W)
112013SEC1220.857710.87519.976.4055Gary Pinkel (12-2)Cotton Bowl (W)
122012SEC570.417260.2505.549.12Gary Pinkel (5-7)
132011Big 12850.615540.55611.086.162121Gary Pinkel (8-5)Independence Bowl (W)
142010Big 121030.769620.75013.983.29718Gary Pinkel (10-3)Insight Bowl (L)
152009Big 12850.615440.5004.331.2524Gary Pinkel (8-5)Texas Bowl (L)
162008Big 121040.714530.62513.114.546319Gary Pinkel (10-4)Alamo Bowl (W)
172007Big 121220.857710.87516.773.7014Gary Pinkel (12-2)Cotton Bowl (W)
182006Big 12850.615440.5008.15-0.0919Gary Pinkel (8-5)Sun Bowl (L)
192005Big 12750.583440.5003.681.59Gary Pinkel (7-5)Independence Bowl (W)
202004Big 12560.455350.3751.270.461818Gary Pinkel (5-6)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
212003Big 12850.615440.5006.450.4521Gary Pinkel (8-5)Independence Bowl (L)
222002Big 12570.417260.2503.693.77Gary Pinkel (5-7)
232001Big 12470.364350.375-1.863.69Gary Pinkel (4-7)
242000Big 12380.273260.250-2.633.55Larry Smith (3-8)
251999Big 12470.364170.125-1.895.02Larry Smith (4-7)
261998Big 12840.667530.62513.646.231321Larry Smith (8-4)Insight Bowl (W)
271997Big 12750.583530.6254.971.881923Larry Smith (7-5)Holiday Bowl (L)
281996Big 12560.455350.375-1.124.79Larry Smith (5-6)
291995Big 8380.273160.143-5.872.22Larry Smith (3-8)
301994Big 8381.292250.286-6.151.85Larry Smith (3-8-1)
311993Big 8371.318250.2861.058.51Bob Stull (3-7-1)
321992Big 8380.273250.286-1.532.92Bob Stull (3-8)
331991Big 8371.318160.143-4.405.60Bob Stull (3-7-1)
341990Big 8470.364250.2861.194.55Bob Stull (4-7)
351989Big 8290.182160.143-8.973.57Bob Stull (2-9)
361988Big 8371.318250.286-2.224.05Woody Widenhofer (3-7-1)
371987Big 8560.455340.4294.472.83Woody Widenhofer (5-6)
381986Big 8380.273250.286-5.931.71Woody Widenhofer (3-8)
391985Big 81100.091160.143-8.262.38Woody Widenhofer (1-10)
401984Big 8371.318241.3572.194.19Warren Powers (3-7-1)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
411983Big 8750.583520.71410.596.1819Warren Powers (7-5)Holiday Bowl (L)
421982Big 8542.545232.4293.872.78Warren Powers (5-4-2)
431981Big 8840.667340.42911.394.39819Warren Powers (8-4)Tangerine Bowl (W)
441980Big 8840.667520.71415.766.34179Warren Powers (8-4)Liberty Bowl (L)
451979Big 8750.583340.42910.386.38125Warren Powers (7-5)Hall of Fame Classic (W)
461978Big 8840.667430.57115.319.641115Warren Powers (8-4)Liberty Bowl (W)
471977Big 8470.364340.4299.028.93Al Onofrio (4-7)
481976Big 8650.545340.42914.4713.936Al Onofrio (6-5)
491975Big 8650.545340.42914.2912.565Al Onofrio (6-5)
501974Big 8740.636520.71410.549.9118Al Onofrio (7-4)
511973Big 8840.667340.42917.1011.18717Al Onofrio (8-4)Sun Bowl (W)
521972Big 8660.500340.4297.9311.1814Al Onofrio (6-6)Fiesta Bowl (L)
531971Big 81100.091070.000-2.7911.66Al Onofrio (1-10)
541970Big 8560.455340.42912.9212.65119Dan Devine (5-6)
551969Big 8920.818610.85723.7111.081056Dan Devine (9-2)Orange Bowl (L)
561968Big 8830.727520.71418.858.0369Dan Devine (8-3)Gator Bowl (W)
571967Big 8730.700430.5718.202.00Dan Devine (7-3)
581966Big 8631.650421.6434.052.15Dan Devine (6-3-1)
591965Big 8821.773610.85715.995.4466Dan Devine (8-2-1)Sugar Bowl (W)
601964Big 8631.650421.64310.295.29Dan Devine (6-3-1)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
611963Big 8730.700520.71411.584.58Dan Devine (7-3)
621962Big 8812.818511.78613.754.306Dan Devine (8-1-2)Bluebonnet Bowl (W)
631961Big 8721.750520.71410.693.9910Dan Devine (7-2-1)
641960Big 81010.909610.85721.886.1515Dan Devine (10-1)Orange Bowl (W)record adjusted to 11-0-0 by NCAA
651959Big 7650.545420.6676.857.031818Dan Devine (6-5)Orange Bowl (L)
661958Big 7541.550411.7505.932.83Dan Devine (5-4-1)
671957Big 7541.550330.5002.251.9519Frank Broyles (5-4-1)
681956Big 7451.450321.5833.882.38Don Faurot (4-5-1)
691955Big 7190.100150.167-4.325.58Don Faurot (1-9)
701954Big 7451.450321.5834.767.06Don Faurot (4-5-1)
711953Big 7640.600420.6678.787.08Don Faurot (6-4)
721952Big 7550.500510.8339.268.56Don Faurot (5-5)
731951Big 7280.200150.167-6.383.72Don Faurot (2-8)record adjusted to 3-7-0 by NCAA
741950Big 7451.450321.5833.786.581717Don Faurot (4-5-1)
751949Big 7740.636510.83310.908.541620Don Faurot (7-4)Gator Bowl (L)
761948Big 7830.727510.83312.532.818Don Faurot (8-3)Gator Bowl (L)
771947Big 6640.600320.6009.530.6317Don Faurot (6-4)
781946Big 6541.550320.600-0.08-1.08Don Faurot (5-4-1)
791945Big 6640.6005001.0003.151.3514Chauncey Simpson (6-4)Cotton Bowl (L)
801944Big 6352.400212.6005.227.12Chauncey Simpson (3-5-2)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
811943Big 6350.375320.6000.760.39Chauncey Simpson (3-5)
821942Big 6831.708401.90010.00-0.58Don Faurot (8-3-1)
831941Big 6820.8005001.00017.502.8077Don Faurot (8-2)Sugar Bowl (L)
841940Big 6630.667320.6008.21-0.34Don Faurot (6-3)
851939Big 6820.8005001.00013.575.4766Don Faurot (8-2)Orange Bowl (L)
861938Big 6630.667230.4005.762.53Don Faurot (6-3)
871937Big 6361.350221.500-2.200.11Don Faurot (3-6-1)
881936Big 6621.722311.7005.221.44Don Faurot (6-2-1)
891935Big 6333.500023.3001.520.97Don Faurot (3-3-3)
901934Big 6081.056050.000-10.723.95Frank Carideo (0-8-1)
911933Big 6180.111050.000-12.991.12Frank Carideo (1-8)
921932Big 6171.167131.300-6.984.91Frank Carideo (1-7-1)
931931Big 6280.200140.200-11.250.15Gwinn Henry (2-8)
941930Big 6252.333122.400-5.451.55Gwinn Henry (2-5-2)
951929Big 6521.688311.7006.530.91Gwinn Henry (5-2-1)
961928Big 6440.500320.6000.470.59Gwinn Henry (4-4)
971927MVIAA720.778510.8337.922.92Gwinn Henry (7-2)
981926MVIAA512.750410.8009.700.95Gwinn Henry (5-1-2)
991925MVIAA611.813510.83311.573.19Gwinn Henry (6-1-1)
1001924MVIAA720.778510.8338.841.95Gwinn Henry (7-2)Los Angeles Christmas Festival (L)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
1011923MVIAA233.438132.333-3.96-2.71Gwinn Henry (2-3-3)
1021922MVIAA530.625430.5713.16-0.84Thomas Kelley (5-3)
1031921MVIAA620.750420.66710.342.21James Phelan (6-2)
1041920MVIAA710.875510.8338.60-0.03James Phelan (7-1)
1051919MVIAA512.750401.9005.71-0.29John Miller (5-1-2)
1061917MVIAA350.375240.333-3.020.60Henry Schulte (3-5)
1071916MVIAA611.813311.7009.310.18Henry Schulte (6-1-1)
1081915MVIAA251.313131.300-6.14-1.27Henry Schulte (2-5-1)
1091914MVIAA530.625410.8003.38-3.99Henry Schulte (5-3)
1131910MVIAA422.625211.6252.10-4.16Bill Hollenback (4-2-2)
1141909MVIAA701.938401.9006.36-1.64Bill Roper (7-0-1)
1151908MVIAA620.750320.6007.31-2.57W.J. Monilaw (6-2)
1161907MVIAA720.778110.5009.46-4.88W.J. Monilaw (7-2)
1171906Ind521.688-0.25-7.12W.J. Monilaw (5-2-1)
1181905Ind540.556-3.63-4.52John McLean (5-4)
1191904Ind360.333-7.90-0.56John McLean (3-6)
1201903Ind171.167-8.00-1.78John McLean (1-7-1)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post CFP High CFP Final Coach(es) Bowl Notes
1211902Ind530.6254.210.34Patrick O'Dea (5-3)
1221901Ind161.188-18.44-6.19Fred Murphy (1-6-1)