Roster includes most starters and key reserves. Starters are marked with an asterisk (*). Read more about our data coverage.


Roster Table
Player Class Pos Summary
Nick RolovichSRQB233 Cmp, 405 Att, 3361 Yds, 34 TD
Timmy ChangSOQB83 Cmp, 140 Att, 1100 Yds, 6 TD
Jared FlintSRQB10 Cmp, 23 Att, 112 Yds, 0 TD
Shawn Withy-AllenJRQB
Mike BassFRRB108 Att, 558 Yds, 5.2 Avg
Chad KapanuiFRRB1 Att, -4 Yds, -4.0 Avg
Thero MitchellJRRB73 Att, 378 Yds, 5.2 Avg
Tui AlaSRRB10 Att, 19 Yds, 1.9 Avg
Josh GaleaiFRRB3 Att, 5 Yds, 1.7 Avg
Jon KaukaJRRB3 Att, 5 Yds, 1.7 Avg
Craig StutzmannSRWR54 Rec, 611 Yds, 11.3 Avg
Chad OwensFRWR5 Rec, 57 Yds, 11.4 Avg
Channon HarrisSRWR69 Rec, 796 Yds, 11.5 Avg
Justin ColbertJRWR55 Rec, 801 Yds, 14.6 Avg
Clifton HerbertJRWR
Ashley LelieJRWR84 Rec, 1713 Yds, 20.4 Avg
Tafiti UsoSRWR12 Rec, 186 Yds, 15.5 Avg
Neal GossettSOWR2 Rec, 56 Yds, 28.0 Avg
Gerald WelchSOWR2 Rec, 13 Yds, 6.5 Avg
Mark TateFRWR
Justin AyatFRK
Laanui CorreaJRDL
Mike IosuaSRDL
Joe CorreiaSRLB
Matt WrightSRLB
Keith BhonaphaJRDB
Sean ButtsJRDB
Abraham ElimimianFRDB
Jacob EspiauSRDB
Nate JacksonSRDB
Kelvin MillhouseSODB
Hyrum PetersSODB
Mat McBriarSOP
Robert GrantSRP

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