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51 Years

  • 51 Players
51 Years Table
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
12019MWC450.444-1.88-2.66Jeff Tedford (4-5)
22018MWC1220.85712.32-3.041618Jeff Tedford (12-2)Las Vegas Bowl-W
32017MWC1040.7144.47-1.6825Jeff Tedford (10-4)Hawaii Bowl-W
42016MWC1110.083-14.26-2.42Eric Kiesau (0-4), Tim DeRuyter (1-7)
52015MWC390.250-12.12-1.79Tim DeRuyter (3-9)
62014MWC680.429-5.52-0.95Tim DeRuyter (6-8)Hawaii Bowl-L
72013MWC1120.8465.04-5.0415Tim DeRuyter (11-2)Las Vegas Bowl-L
82012MWC940.6926.33-3.51Tim DeRuyter (9-4)Hawaii Bowl-L
92011WAC490.308-7.24-2.47Pat Hill (4-9)
102010WAC850.6150.18-1.20Pat Hill (8-5)Humanitarian Bowl-L
112009WAC850.6151.34-3.27Pat Hill (8-5)New Mexico Bowl-L
122008WAC760.538-3.53-4.0621Pat Hill (7-6)New Mexico Bowl-L
132007WAC940.6922.75-2.79Pat Hill (9-4)Humanitarian Bowl-W
142006WAC480.333-5.76-0.09Pat Hill (4-8)
152005WAC850.6155.72-4.822416Pat Hill (8-5)Liberty Bowl-L
162004WAC930.7509.55-2.871722Pat Hill (9-3)MPC Computers Bowl-W
172003WAC950.643-1.69-2.33Pat Hill (9-5)Silicon Valley Bowl-W
182002WAC950.6430.67-2.12Pat Hill (9-5)Silicon Valley Bowl-W
192001WAC1130.7869.90-2.028Pat Hill (11-3)Silicon Valley Bowl-L
202000WAC750.5832.22-2.04Pat Hill (7-5)Silicon Valley Bowl-L
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
211999WAC850.6152.31-4.38Pat Hill (8-5)Las Vegas Bowl-L
221998WAC560.455-1.09-3.09Pat Hill (5-6)
231997WAC660.500-1.27-3.19Pat Hill (6-6)
241996WAC470.364-7.85-3.31Jim Sweeney (4-7)
251995WAC570.417-6.95-4.62Jim Sweeney (5-7)
261994WAC571.423-2.501.65Jim Sweeney (5-7-1)
271993WAC840.6677.24-1.6825Jim Sweeney (8-4)Aloha Bowl-L
281992WAC940.6929.06-0.402424Jim Sweeney (9-4)Freedom Bowl-W
291991Big West1020.8332.38-11.3725Jim Sweeney (10-2)California Bowl-L
301990Big West821.773-1.01-11.4624Jim Sweeney (8-2-1)
311989Big West1110.9173.72-10.7823Jim Sweeney (11-1)California Bowl-W
321988Big West1020.8331.44-11.31Jim Sweeney (10-2)California Bowl-W
331987PCAA650.545-1.98-6.88Jim Sweeney (6-5)
341986PCAA920.8183.30-7.7919Jim Sweeney (9-2)
351985PCAA1101.9585.96-10.87Jim Sweeney (11-0-1)California Bowl-W
361984PCAA660.500-3.65-5.90Jim Sweeney (6-6)record adjusted to 7-5-0 by NCAA
371983PCAA650.545-5.25-7.97Jim Sweeney (6-5)
381982PCAA1110.9172.93-10.16Jim Sweeney (11-1)California Bowl-W
391981PCAA560.455-8.41-5.86Jim Sweeney (5-6)
401980PCAA560.455-9.25-5.52Jim Sweeney (5-6)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
411979PCAA470.364-8.71-5.07Bob Padilla (4-7)
421978PCAA380.273-17.15-8.96Bob Padilla (3-8)
431977PCAA920.8186.73-6.90Jim Sweeney (9-2)
441976PCAA560.455-5.53-8.98Jim Sweeney (5-6)
451975PCAA380.273-12.74-5.56J.R. Boone (3-8)
461974PCAA570.417-7.37-8.45J.R. Boone (5-7)
471973PCAA290.182-17.86-8.41J.R. Boone (2-9)
481972PCAA641.591-2.55-8.46Darryl Rogers (6-4-1)
491971PCAA650.545-6.37-8.65Darryl Rogers (6-5)
501970PCAA840.667-9.45-12.95Darryl Rogers (8-4)
511969PCAA640.600-7.15-8.95Darryl Rogers (6-4)
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