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39 Years

  • 39 Players
39 Years Table
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
11945Ind431.563-2.67-5.54Harold White (4-3-1)
21944Ind360.333-10.80-2.91Harold White (3-6)
31943Ind7001.0007.88-8.691618Harold White (7-0)
41937RMC540.556-14.34-12.12W.T. VandeGraaff (5-4)
51936RMC341.438-5.65-5.65W.T. VandeGraaff (3-4-1)
61935RMC431.563-10.72-9.84W.T. VandeGraaff (4-3-1)
71934RMC170.125-19.27-0.64W.T. VandeGraaff (1-7)
81933RMC251.313-19.47-9.72W.T. VandeGraaff (2-5-1)
91932RMC520.714-0.08-4.65W.T. VandeGraaff (5-2)
101931RMC440.500-10.12-4.87W.T. VandeGraaff (4-4)
111930RMC242.375-10.01-8.26W.T. VandeGraaff (2-4-2)
121929RMC430.5714.841.27W.T. VandeGraaff (4-3)
131928RMC530.6250.05-6.45W.T. VandeGraaff (5-3)
141927RMC620.7504.22-8.28W.T. VandeGraaff (6-2)
151926RMC520.714-1.40-10.69W.T. VandeGraaff (5-2)
161925RMC541.550-6.11-6.51Tefler Meade (5-4-1)
171924RMC530.6251.49-3.02Tefler Meade (5-3)
181923RMC611.81311.430.18Tefler Meade (6-1-1)
191922RMC331.500-1.30-3.59Tefler Meade (3-3-1)
201921RMC440.500-9.10-6.72Poss Parsons (4-4)
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
211920RMC511.7862.58-4.99Poss Parsons (5-1-1)
221919RMC421.643-6.13-9.56Poss Parsons (4-2-1)
231918RMC120.333-12.05-1.05C.J. Rothget (1-2)
241917RMC330.500-2.86-5.36C.J. Rothget (3-3)
251916RMC610.85714.87-3.14C.J. Rothget (6-1)
261915RMC620.75012.00-2.62C.J. Rothget (6-2)
271914RMC411.75017.174.51C.J. Rothget (4-1-1)
281913RMC521.6882.04-10.58C.J. Rothget (5-2-1)
291912RMC540.556-2.63-4.18C.J. Rothget (5-4)
301911RMC430.5714.981.55C.J. Rothget (4-3)
311910RMC7001.0008.52-5.62C.J. Rothget (7-0)
321909Ind520.7146.47-3.82J.R. Richards (5-2)
331908Ind520.7147.34-0.80J.R. Richards (5-2)
341907Ind520.7142.22-5.06J.R. Richards (5-2)
351906Ind322.571-2.94-3.94J.R. Richards (3-2-2)
361905Ind512.7502.34-5.79J.R. Richards (5-1-2)
371904Ind631.650-7.75-8.75William Juneau (6-3-1)
381903Ind450.444-0.51-1.18E.S. Merrill (4-5)
391902Ind340.429-7.00-6.14Fred Caldwell (3-4)
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