North Carolina vs. North Carolina State Box Score, January 8, 2019

Atlantic Coast Conference Scores — Jan 8, 2019

DUKE (1)  87
WAKE 65  
UNC (12)  90
NCST (15)  82  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   North Carolina PTS   Score   PTS North Carolina State
19:43Kenny Williams made 2-point jump shot+22-0
19:43Cameron Johnson assist2-0
19:192-0Torin Dorn missed 2-point jump shot
19:19Coby White defensive rebound2-0
19:07Coby White missed 3-point jump shot2-0
19:07Garrison Brooks offensive rebound2-0
19:03Garrison Brooks missed layup2-0
19:032-0Wyatt Walker shot block
19:012-0Torin Dorn defensive rebound
18:562-0Devon Daniels missed layup
18:562-0Torin Dorn offensive rebound
18:532-0Torin Dorn missed layup
18:532-0Wyatt Walker offensive rebound
18:502-0Wyatt Walker missed layup
18:50Garrison Brooks defensive rebound2-0
18:43Cameron Johnson turnover2-0
18:43Cameron Johnson foul2-0
18:302-0Devon Daniels missed 3-point jump shot
18:30Cameron Johnson defensive rebound2-0
18:18Kenny Williams missed 2-point jump shot2-0
18:182-0Wyatt Walker defensive rebound
18:042-0Torin Dorn missed 3-point jump shot
18:04Coby White defensive rebound2-0
17:56Luke Maye made layup+24-0
17:56Coby White assist4-0
17:454-0Markell Johnson turnover
17:44Kenny Williams steal4-0
17:42Kenny Williams made layup+26-0
17:266-0CJ Bryce missed 3-point jump shot
17:26Garrison Brooks defensive rebound6-0
17:17Coby White made 2-point jump shot+28-0
17:178-0North Carolina State Wolfpack 30-second timeout
17:178-0Braxton Beverly sub in
17:178-0Devon Daniels sub out
17:028-0Markell Johnson missed 3-point jump shot
17:02Cameron Johnson defensive rebound8-0
16:548-0Wyatt Walker foul
16:54Luke Maye made free throw+19-0
16:54Luke Maye missed free throw9-0
16:54Coby White offensive rebound9-0
16:549-0DJ Funderburk sub in
16:549-0Wyatt Walker sub out
16:45Coby White missed 3-point jump shot9-0
16:45Kenny Williams offensive rebound9-0
16:42Kenny Williams missed layup9-0
16:42Kenny Williams offensive rebound9-0
16:37Luke Maye made 3-point jump shot+312-0
16:37Kenny Williams assist12-0
16:1612-2+2Torin Dorn made 2-point jump shot
16:03Garrison Brooks made layup+214-2
16:03Luke Maye assist14-2
15:4314-4+2Braxton Beverly made layup
15:35Coby White made layup+216-4
15:35Garrison Brooks assist16-4
15:2116-4Markell Johnson turnover
15:2116-4Markell Johnson foul
15:21Media timeout16-4
15:21Nassir Little sub in16-4
15:21Garrison Brooks sub out16-4
15:2116-4Devon Daniels sub in
15:2116-4Blake Harris sub in
15:2116-4Jericole Hellems sub in
15:2116-4Torin Dorn sub out
15:2116-4Markell Johnson sub out
15:2116-4CJ Bryce sub out
15:12Luke Maye turnover16-4
15:1116-4Blake Harris steal
14:58Luke Maye foul16-4
14:5816-5+1Devon Daniels made free throw
14:5816-5Devon Daniels missed free throw
14:58Cameron Johnson defensive rebound16-5
14:42Cameron Johnson missed 3-point jump shot16-5
14:4216-5North Carolina State Wolfpack defensive rebound
14:40Nassir Little foul16-5
14:40Seventh Woods sub in16-5
14:40Coby White sub out16-5
14:1316-5Braxton Beverly missed 2-point jump shot
14:1316-5DJ Funderburk offensive rebound
14:0716-5DJ Funderburk missed layup
14:07Luke Maye defensive rebound16-5
13:59Nassir Little missed layup16-5
13:5916-5DJ Funderburk shot block
13:5716-5Blake Harris defensive rebound
13:53Seventh Woods foul16-5
13:4716-5Blake Harris turnover
13:47Brandon Robinson sub in16-5
13:47Kenny Williams sub out16-5
13:36Cameron Johnson made 3-point jump shot+319-5
13:36Brandon Robinson assist19-5
13:2219-5Jericole Hellems missed layup
13:22Cameron Johnson shot block19-5
13:20Cameron Johnson defensive rebound19-5
13:17Nassir Little missed 3-point jump shot19-5
13:17Luke Maye offensive rebound19-5
13:12Luke Maye turnover19-5
13:1219-5Devon Daniels steal
13:0219-5Braxton Beverly turnover
13:02Seventh Woods steal19-5
12:59Seventh Woods missed layup19-5
12:5919-5Devon Daniels shot block
12:5719-5Braxton Beverly defensive rebound
12:53Rechon Black sub in19-5
12:53Cameron Johnson sub out19-5
12:5319-5CJ Bryce sub in
12:5319-5Markell Johnson sub in
12:5319-5Wyatt Walker sub in
12:5319-5Torin Dorn sub in
12:5319-5Devon Daniels sub out
12:5319-5DJ Funderburk sub out
12:5319-5Blake Harris sub out
12:5319-5Jericole Hellems sub out
12:39Rechon Black foul19-5
12:3919-6+1CJ Bryce made free throw
12:3919-7+1CJ Bryce made free throw
12:33Seventh Woods turnover19-7
12:3219-7CJ Bryce steal
12:2819-10+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
12:2819-10CJ Bryce assist
12:21Luke Maye missed 3-point jump shot19-10
12:21Seventh Woods offensive rebound19-10
12:08Nassir Little missed 3-point jump shot19-10
12:0819-10Braxton Beverly defensive rebound
11:4619-13+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
11:4619-13Markell Johnson assist
11:25Luke Maye made 2-point jump shot+221-13
11:1521-13North Carolina State Wolfpack full timeout
11:15Cameron Johnson sub in21-13
11:15Kenny Williams sub in21-13
11:15Coby White sub in21-13
11:15Garrison Brooks sub in21-13
11:15Nassir Little sub out21-13
11:15Luke Maye sub out21-13
11:15Seventh Woods sub out21-13
11:15Rechon Black sub out21-13
11:0921-15+2Braxton Beverly made layup
10:48Garrison Brooks made layup+223-15
10:48Cameron Johnson assist23-15
10:4823-15Markell Johnson foul
10:48Garrison Brooks made free throw+124-15
10:4124-15Markell Johnson turnover
10:40Cameron Johnson steal24-15
10:33Kenny Williams made 3-point jump shot+327-15
10:33Cameron Johnson assist27-15
10:1427-15CJ Bryce missed layup
10:14Brandon Robinson shot block27-15
10:12Cameron Johnson defensive rebound27-15
10:0427-15Devon Daniels sub in
10:0427-15Markell Johnson sub out
09:42Coby White made layup+229-15
09:2929-15Wyatt Walker turnover
09:2929-15Wyatt Walker foul
09:2929-15DJ Funderburk sub in
09:2929-15Wyatt Walker sub out
09:11Kenny Williams missed 3-point jump shot29-15
09:1129-15CJ Bryce defensive rebound
09:0129-17+2DJ Funderburk made layup
09:0129-17CJ Bryce assist
09:01Garrison Brooks foul29-17
09:0129-18+1DJ Funderburk made free throw
08:54Cameron Johnson missed 3-point jump shot29-18
08:5429-18DJ Funderburk defensive rebound
08:52Garrison Brooks foul29-18
08:5229-19+1DJ Funderburk made free throw
08:5229-20+1DJ Funderburk made free throw
08:52Luke Maye sub in29-20
08:52Garrison Brooks sub out29-20
08:47Coby White turnover29-20
08:4629-20CJ Bryce steal
08:4329-22+2DJ Funderburk made dunk
08:4329-22Braxton Beverly assist
08:21Luke Maye missed layup29-22
08:2129-22CJ Bryce shot block
08:19Luke Maye offensive rebound29-22
08:17Luke Maye missed layup29-22
08:1729-22Torin Dorn defensive rebound
08:1129-25+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
08:1129-25Torin Dorn assist
07:58Coby White made 2-point jump shot+231-25
07:4131-27+2Torin Dorn made layup
07:4131-27Braxton Beverly assist
07:30Coby White turnover31-27
07:3031-27Media timeout
07:30Nassir Little sub in31-27
07:30Brandon Robinson sub out31-27
07:2531-27Devon Daniels turnover
07:2531-27Devon Daniels foul
07:09Nassir Little turnover31-27
07:0831-27CJ Bryce steal
07:0831-27CJ Bryce turnover
07:08Seventh Woods sub in31-27
07:08Coby White sub out31-27
06:59Cameron Johnson missed layup31-27
06:5931-27Torin Dorn shot block
06:5831-27Torin Dorn defensive rebound
06:4031-29+2DJ Funderburk made layup
06:4031-29CJ Bryce assist
06:19Luke Maye made layup+233-29
06:19Cameron Johnson assist33-29
06:1333-29Jericole Hellems sub in
06:1333-29Torin Dorn sub out
06:0633-31+2Jericole Hellems made 2-point jump shot
06:0633-31Braxton Beverly assist
05:54Seventh Woods turnover33-31
05:4633-31Braxton Beverly missed 3-point jump shot
05:46Cameron Johnson defensive rebound33-31
05:39Kenny Williams missed 3-point jump shot33-31
05:3933-31DJ Funderburk defensive rebound
05:2433-31Devon Daniels missed 3-point jump shot
05:2433-31Jericole Hellems offensive rebound
05:2133-31Jericole Hellems missed layup
05:21Nassir Little defensive rebound33-31
05:1033-31DJ Funderburk foul
05:10Rechon Black sub in33-31
05:10Seventh Woods sub out33-31
05:01Luke Maye made 3-point jump shot+336-31
05:01Kenny Williams assist36-31
04:3536-31CJ Bryce missed 3-point jump shot
04:35Luke Maye defensive rebound36-31
04:3336-31DJ Funderburk foul
04:33Luke Maye made free throw+137-31
04:33Luke Maye made free throw+138-31
04:33Garrison Brooks sub in38-31
04:33Nassir Little sub out38-31
04:3338-31Blake Harris sub in
04:3338-31Wyatt Walker sub in
04:3338-31Braxton Beverly sub out
04:3338-31DJ Funderburk sub out
04:29Rechon Black foul38-31
04:2938-31Blake Harris missed free throw
04:29Luke Maye defensive rebound38-31
04:24Rechon Black turnover38-31
04:24Rechon Black foul38-31
04:0938-31Blake Harris missed 2-point jump shot
04:09Rechon Black shot block38-31
04:07Kenny Williams defensive rebound38-31
04:00Kenny Williams turnover38-31
03:5938-31Wyatt Walker steal
03:5538-31Devon Daniels missed layup
03:55Garrison Brooks defensive rebound38-31
03:4638-31Wyatt Walker foul
03:46Media timeout38-31
03:46Kenny Williams missed free throw38-31
03:46North Carolina Tar Heels deadball rebound38-31
03:46Kenny Williams made free throw+139-31
03:46Nassir Little sub in39-31
03:46Coby White sub in39-31
03:46Rechon Black sub out39-31
03:46Garrison Brooks sub out39-31
03:4639-31DJ Funderburk sub in
03:4639-31Wyatt Walker sub out
03:2739-34+3Jericole Hellems made 3-point jump shot
03:2739-34Blake Harris assist
03:10Kenny Williams missed layup39-34
03:1039-34Jericole Hellems shot block
03:0939-34Devon Daniels defensive rebound
02:5439-34CJ Bryce missed layup
02:54Coby White defensive rebound39-34
02:48Coby White turnover39-34
02:4739-34DJ Funderburk steal
02:4439-34Jericole Hellems missed 3-point jump shot
02:44Cameron Johnson defensive rebound39-34
02:29Cameron Johnson made 3-point jump shot+342-34
02:29Luke Maye assist42-34
02:1342-34Blake Harris missed 2-point jump shot
02:1342-34DJ Funderburk offensive rebound
02:0942-36+2DJ Funderburk made dunk
02:05Coby White made layup+244-36
01:4444-38+2DJ Funderburk made layup
01:4444-38CJ Bryce assist
01:32Cameron Johnson missed 3-point jump shot44-38
01:32Cameron Johnson offensive rebound44-38
01:22Brandon Robinson sub in44-38
01:22Kenny Williams sub out44-38
01:2244-38Torin Dorn sub in
01:2244-38Braxton Beverly sub in
01:2244-38Blake Harris sub out
01:2244-38DJ Funderburk sub out
01:16Cameron Johnson missed 2-point jump shot44-38
01:16Cameron Johnson offensive rebound44-38
01:09Coby White made 3-point jump shot+347-38
01:09Cameron Johnson assist47-38
00:4547-40+2Jericole Hellems made layup
00:31Nassir Little turnover47-40
00:0247-42+2Braxton Beverly made layup
00:02Luke Maye turnover47-42
00:0147-42Torin Dorn steal
00:0147-42Braxton Beverly turnover
Time   North Carolina PTS   Score   PTS North Carolina State
20:0047-42DJ Funderburk sub in
20:0047-42Braxton Beverly sub in
20:0047-42Wyatt Walker sub out
20:0047-42CJ Bryce sub out
19:46Coby White turnover47-42
19:2647-45+3Markell Johnson made 3-point jump shot
19:09Luke Maye missed 3-point jump shot47-45
19:0947-45Torin Dorn defensive rebound
19:0147-45Markell Johnson missed 3-point jump shot
19:01Garrison Brooks defensive rebound47-45
18:47Kenny Williams missed 2-point jump shot47-45
18:47Cameron Johnson offensive rebound47-45
18:43Cameron Johnson missed 2-point jump shot47-45
18:4347-45Torin Dorn defensive rebound
18:3547-47+2Torin Dorn made layup
18:2847-47Markell Johnson foul
18:19Cameron Johnson made 3-point jump shot+350-47
18:19Garrison Brooks assist50-47
18:1950-47Devon Daniels foul
18:19Cameron Johnson made free throw+151-47
18:1951-47CJ Bryce sub in
18:1951-47Devon Daniels sub out
18:02Luke Maye foul51-47
17:5551-49+2Torin Dorn made 2-point jump shot
17:34Luke Maye missed layup51-49
17:3451-49North Carolina State Wolfpack defensive rebound
17:1851-49Braxton Beverly missed 2-point jump shot
17:18Luke Maye defensive rebound51-49
17:0751-49DJ Funderburk foul
17:07Cameron Johnson made free throw+152-49
17:07Cameron Johnson made free throw+153-49
16:5553-52+3CJ Bryce made 3-point jump shot
16:5553-52Markell Johnson assist
16:54Cameron Johnson foul53-52
16:5453-53+1CJ Bryce made free throw
16:5453-53Wyatt Walker sub in
16:5453-53Devon Daniels sub in
16:5453-53DJ Funderburk sub out
16:5453-53Markell Johnson sub out
16:48Cameron Johnson made 3-point jump shot+356-53
16:48Garrison Brooks assist56-53
16:3456-55+2CJ Bryce made layup
16:3456-55Braxton Beverly assist
16:26Coby White missed layup56-55
16:26Cameron Johnson offensive rebound56-55
16:21Cameron Johnson missed 2-point jump shot56-55
16:2156-55CJ Bryce defensive rebound
16:14Brandon Robinson sub in56-55
16:14Cameron Johnson sub out56-55
16:0956-55Torin Dorn missed 3-point jump shot
16:09Kenny Williams defensive rebound56-55
15:48Brandon Robinson made 3-point jump shot+359-55
15:48Garrison Brooks assist59-55
15:3659-55Torin Dorn missed 3-point jump shot
15:36Coby White defensive rebound59-55
15:29Kenny Williams made layup+261-55
15:29Coby White assist61-55
15:1761-55Braxton Beverly missed 3-point jump shot
15:17North Carolina Tar Heels defensive rebound61-55
15:1461-55Torin Dorn foul
15:14Media timeout61-55
15:14Andrew Platek sub in61-55
15:14Kenny Williams sub out61-55
15:1461-55Markell Johnson sub in
15:1461-55Jericole Hellems sub in
15:1461-55Torin Dorn sub out
15:1461-55CJ Bryce sub out
15:0461-55Devon Daniels foul
15:04Coby White missed free throw61-55
15:04North Carolina Tar Heels deadball rebound61-55
15:04Coby White made free throw+162-55
14:5462-55Wyatt Walker missed layup
14:54Garrison Brooks defensive rebound62-55
14:42Garrison Brooks made layup+264-55
14:42Luke Maye assist64-55
14:3064-55Markell Johnson missed 3-point jump shot
14:30Luke Maye defensive rebound64-55
14:20Luke Maye turnover64-55
14:0464-57+2Wyatt Walker made layup
14:0464-57Jericole Hellems assist
13:45Brandon Robinson missed 2-point jump shot64-57
13:4564-57Devon Daniels defensive rebound
13:3864-60+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
13:3864-60Devon Daniels assist
13:2764-60Braxton Beverly foul
13:27Garrison Brooks made free throw+165-60
13:27Garrison Brooks made free throw+166-60
13:27Kenny Williams sub in66-60
13:27Cameron Johnson sub in66-60
13:27Seventh Woods sub in66-60
13:27Coby White sub out66-60
13:27Brandon Robinson sub out66-60
13:27Andrew Platek sub out66-60
13:1966-62+2Markell Johnson made dunk
13:09Luke Maye turnover66-62
13:0866-62Markell Johnson steal
13:0666-64+2Markell Johnson made layup
12:47Luke Maye missed 3-point jump shot66-64
12:47Kenny Williams offensive rebound66-64
12:36Luke Maye made layup+268-64
12:36Garrison Brooks assist68-64
12:1068-64Braxton Beverly missed layup
12:10Garrison Brooks shot block68-64
12:10Kenny Williams defensive rebound68-64
12:10Kenny Williams turnover68-64
12:10Kenny Williams foul68-64
12:1068-64CJ Bryce sub in
12:1068-64Devon Daniels sub out
11:59Garrison Brooks foul68-64
11:5968-64Media timeout
11:59Nassir Little sub in68-64
11:59Luke Maye sub out68-64
11:58Rechon Black sub in68-64
11:58Cameron Johnson sub out68-64
11:4268-64Markell Johnson missed 3-point jump shot
11:4268-64North Carolina State Wolfpack offensive rebound
11:2268-66+2CJ Bryce made layup
11:0568-66Wyatt Walker foul
11:05Garrison Brooks made free throw+169-66
11:05Garrison Brooks made free throw+170-66
11:0570-66DJ Funderburk sub in
11:0570-66Wyatt Walker sub out
10:4670-68+2CJ Bryce made 2-point jump shot
10:18Seventh Woods turnover70-68
10:0770-68Jericole Hellems missed 3-point jump shot
10:0770-68CJ Bryce offensive rebound
10:02Seventh Woods foul70-68
10:0270-69+1CJ Bryce made free throw
10:0270-69CJ Bryce missed free throw
10:02Kenny Williams defensive rebound70-69
10:02Luke Maye sub in70-69
10:02Coby White sub in70-69
10:02Garrison Brooks sub out70-69
10:02Seventh Woods sub out70-69
09:47Rechon Black made 2-point jump shot+272-69
09:4072-69Markell Johnson turnover
09:4072-69Torin Dorn sub in
09:4072-69Jericole Hellems sub out
09:30Coby White missed layup72-69
09:3072-69DJ Funderburk defensive rebound
09:1672-69Markell Johnson turnover
08:5672-69Devon Daniels sub in
08:5672-69Markell Johnson sub out
08:45Nassir Little missed layup72-69
08:4572-69Torin Dorn shot block
08:45North Carolina Tar Heels offensive rebound72-69
08:44Kenny Williams made 3-point jump shot+375-69
08:44Coby White assist75-69
08:2175-69Devon Daniels turnover
08:2175-69Devon Daniels foul
08:17Coby White missed layup75-69
08:1775-69DJ Funderburk shot block
08:1575-69Torin Dorn defensive rebound
08:15Luke Maye foul75-69
08:1575-69Markell Johnson sub in
08:1575-69Devon Daniels sub out
07:5975-69Torin Dorn turnover
07:58Rechon Black steal75-69
07:55Kenny Williams missed 3-point jump shot75-69
07:5575-69Torin Dorn defensive rebound
07:4375-69Markell Johnson missed 2-point jump shot
07:43Luke Maye defensive rebound75-69
07:22Luke Maye missed 2-point jump shot75-69
07:2275-69Torin Dorn defensive rebound
06:5775-69CJ Bryce missed 2-point jump shot
06:57Nassir Little defensive rebound75-69
06:27Nassir Little made layup+277-69
06:27Coby White assist77-69
06:1877-69North Carolina State Wolfpack 30-second timeout
06:1877-69Media timeout
06:18Brandon Robinson sub in77-69
06:18Garrison Brooks sub in77-69
06:18Nassir Little sub out77-69
06:18Rechon Black sub out77-69
06:1877-69Jericole Hellems sub in
06:1877-69Wyatt Walker sub in
06:1877-69DJ Funderburk sub out
06:1877-69Torin Dorn sub out
06:0977-69Jericole Hellems missed 3-point jump shot
06:09North Carolina Tar Heels defensive rebound77-69
06:06Media timeout77-69
06:0677-69Torin Dorn sub in
06:0677-69Jericole Hellems sub out
05:4477-69Torin Dorn foul
05:44Luke Maye made free throw+178-69
05:44Luke Maye made free throw+179-69
05:2679-69Braxton Beverly missed layup
05:26Brandon Robinson shot block79-69
05:2679-69North Carolina State Wolfpack offensive rebound
05:2079-69Markell Johnson missed 3-point jump shot
05:2079-69Wyatt Walker offensive rebound
05:1679-72+3Braxton Beverly made 3-point jump shot
05:1679-72Wyatt Walker assist
04:54Luke Maye turnover79-72
04:35Brandon Robinson foul79-72
04:3579-72CJ Bryce missed free throw
04:35Garrison Brooks defensive rebound79-72
04:19Coby White made layup+281-72
04:0481-72Torin Dorn missed layup
04:04Kenny Williams defensive rebound81-72
03:38Coby White turnover81-72
03:38Coby White foul81-72
03:3881-72Media timeout
03:2481-72Torin Dorn missed 3-point jump shot
03:2481-72Wyatt Walker offensive rebound
03:2081-72Wyatt Walker missed layup
03:20Kenny Williams defensive rebound81-72
03:10Kenny Williams turnover81-72
03:1081-72Markell Johnson steal
03:10Kenny Williams foul81-72
03:1081-72Markell Johnson missed free throw
03:10Luke Maye defensive rebound81-72
03:1081-72DJ Funderburk sub in
03:1081-72Wyatt Walker sub out
02:39Coby White missed 3-point jump shot81-72
02:39North Carolina Tar Heels offensive rebound81-72
02:14Luke Maye turnover81-72
02:1481-72Markell Johnson steal
02:1181-74+2Torin Dorn made dunk
02:1181-74Markell Johnson assist
01:37Coby White missed 3-point jump shot81-74
01:3781-74North Carolina State Wolfpack defensive rebound
01:2781-76+2DJ Funderburk made dunk
01:2781-76Markell Johnson assist
01:2781-76North Carolina State Wolfpack full timeout
01:0681-76Torin Dorn foul
01:06Coby White made free throw+182-76
01:06Coby White missed free throw82-76
01:0682-76Torin Dorn defensive rebound
01:04Garrison Brooks foul82-76
01:0482-77+1Torin Dorn made free throw
01:0482-78+1Torin Dorn made free throw
01:04Rechon Black sub in82-78
01:04Brandon Robinson sub out82-78
00:56Rechon Black turnover82-78
00:5482-78Markell Johnson steal
00:4882-78CJ Bryce missed 3-point jump shot
00:48Luke Maye defensive rebound82-78
00:41Rechon Black made layup+284-78
00:3084-78Markell Johnson missed 3-point jump shot
00:30Luke Maye defensive rebound84-78
00:2884-78CJ Bryce foul
00:28Luke Maye made free throw+185-78
00:28Luke Maye made free throw+186-78
00:2386-78Markell Johnson missed 2-point jump shot
00:23Kenny Williams defensive rebound86-78
00:2186-78Torin Dorn foul
00:21Kenny Williams made free throw+187-78
00:21Kenny Williams made free throw+188-78
00:1688-80+2Markell Johnson made layup
00:1388-80North Carolina State Wolfpack 30-second timeout
00:1288-80Braxton Beverly foul
00:12Coby White made free throw+189-80
00:12Coby White made free throw+190-80
00:09Coby White foul90-80
00:0990-81+1Markell Johnson made free throw
00:0990-82+1Markell Johnson made free throw
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