Chicago State vs. Western Michigan Box Score, December 30, 2017

Western Athletic Conference and Mid-American Conference Scores — Dec 30, 2017

M-OH 59
OSU 72  
GCU 58
ILL 62  
STTL 95  
WMU 92  
TRGV 80  
UVSU 87  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Chicago State PTS   Score   PTS Western Michigan
19:410-0Drake Lamont misses 2-point jump shot
19:41Chicago State Cougars defensive rebound0-0
19:28Patrick Szpir turnover0-0
19:270-0Bryce Moore steal
19:24Patrick Szpir foul0-0
19:240-1+1Bryce Moore makes free throw
19:240-1Bryce Moore misses free throw
19:24Patrick Szpir defensive rebound0-1
18:56Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 2-point jump shot0-1
18:560-1Brandon Johnson defensive rebound
18:400-3+2Drake Lamont makes layup
18:400-3Josh Davis assist
18:18Montana Byrd turnover0-3
18:170-3Brandon Johnson steal
18:140-3Thomas Wilder turnover
18:01Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot0-3
18:010-3Thomas Wilder defensive rebound
17:480-3Western Michigan Broncos 30-second timeout
17:350-3Thomas Wilder misses 2-point jump shot
17:35Patrick Szpir defensive rebound0-3
17:25Fred Sims Jr FRED misses layup0-3
17:250-3Thomas Wilder defensive rebound
17:030-5+2Bryce Moore makes layup
17:03Anthony Harris foul0-5
17:030-5Bryce Moore misses free throw
17:03Patrick Szpir defensive rebound0-5
16:40Montana Byrd makes 3-point jump shot+33-5
16:40Glen Burns assist3-5
16:223-5Josh Davis misses 3-point jump shot
16:22Montana Byrd defensive rebound3-5
16:08Anthony Harris makes layup+25-5
16:08Glen Burns assist5-5
15:455-7+2Thomas Wilder makes 2-point jump shot
15:25Anthony Harris misses 3-point jump shot5-7
15:255-7Thomas Wilder defensive rebound
15:155-10+3Josh Davis makes 3-point jump shot
15:155-10Thomas Wilder assist
14:44Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot+38-10
14:44Glen Burns assist8-10
14:298-13+3Josh Davis makes 3-point jump shot
14:298-13Thomas Wilder assist
14:01Patrick Szpir turnover8-13
14:018-13Reggie Jones misses 3-point jump shot
14:01Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound8-13
14:018-13Reggie Jones substitution in
14:018-13Brandon Johnson substitution out
13:58Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 2-point jump shot+210-13
13:4310-13Bryce Moore misses 2-point jump shot
13:4310-13Drake Lamont offensive rebound
13:4010-13Drake Lamont misses tip-in shot
13:40Anthony Harris defensive rebound10-13
13:32Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot10-13
13:3210-13Drake Lamont defensive rebound
13:2510-16+3Thomas Wilder makes 3-point jump shot
13:06Montana Byrd misses 3-point jump shot10-16
13:0610-16Reggie Jones defensive rebound
13:0010-19+3Josh Davis makes 3-point jump shot
13:0010-19Reggie Jones assist
12:55Chicago State Cougars 30-second timeout10-19
12:54Rob Shaw substitution in10-19
12:54Glen Burns substitution out10-19
12:5410-19Adida Ikongshul substitution in
12:5410-19Brandon Johnson substitution in
12:5410-19Jarrin Randall substitution in
12:5410-19Jared Printy substitution in
12:5410-19Drake Lamont substitution out
12:5410-19Josh Davis substitution out
12:5410-19Thomas Wilder substitution out
12:5410-19Bryce Moore substitution out
12:45Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot10-19
12:4510-19Adida Ikongshul defensive rebound
12:3110-22+3Reggie Jones makes 3-point jump shot
12:05Montana Byrd misses layup10-22
12:0510-22Adida Ikongshul defensive rebound
11:5610-23+1Brandon Johnson makes free throw
11:56Montana Byrd foul10-23
11:5610-23Brandon Johnson misses free throw
11:56Montana Byrd defensive rebound10-23
11:39Patrick Szpir misses 2-point jump shot10-23
11:3910-23Adida Ikongshul defensive rebound
11:0010-23Adida Ikongshul misses 2-point jump shot
11:00Anthony Harris defensive rebound10-23
10:5110-23Brandon Johnson foul
10:51Glen Burns substitution in10-23
10:51Montana Byrd substitution out10-23
10:44Rob Shaw misses 2-point jump shot10-23
10:44Rob Shaw offensive rebound10-23
10:39Rob Shaw makes tip-in shot+212-23
10:2012-25+2Jared Printy makes layup
10:2012-25Brandon Johnson assist
09:5812-25Jared Printy foul
09:56Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 2-point jump shot12-25
09:5612-25Brandon Johnson defensive rebound
09:3312-25Jarrin Randall misses 2-point jump shot
09:33Anthony Harris shot block12-25
09:31Glen Burns defensive rebound12-25
09:2812-25Reggie Jones foul
09:28Montana Byrd substitution in12-25
09:28Patrick Szpir substitution out12-25
09:2812-25Josh Davis substitution in
09:2812-25Bryce Moore substitution in
09:2812-25Thomas Wilder substitution in
09:2812-25Drake Lamont substitution in
09:2812-25Reggie Jones substitution out
09:2812-25Adida Ikongshul substitution out
09:2812-25Jarrin Randall substitution out
09:2812-25Jared Printy substitution out
09:14Montana Byrd turnover12-25
09:14Montana Byrd foul12-25
09:14Ken Odiase substitution in12-25
09:14Montana Byrd substitution out12-25
08:5712-25Thomas Wilder misses 3-point jump shot
08:57Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound12-25
08:41Glen Burns makes layup+214-25
08:2414-25Brandon Johnson misses 2-point jump shot
08:24Rob Shaw defensive rebound14-25
08:20Rob Shaw misses layup14-25
08:2014-25Drake Lamont defensive rebound
08:1414-28+3Josh Davis makes 3-point jump shot
08:1414-28Thomas Wilder assist
07:44Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot14-28
07:4414-28Josh Davis defensive rebound
07:3314-30+2Josh Davis makes layup
07:31Anthony Harris foul14-30
07:3114-30Western Michigan Broncos full timeout
07:3114-31+1Josh Davis makes free throw
07:31Travon Bell substitution in14-31
07:31Alex Dubovitskiy substitution in14-31
07:31Anthony Harris substitution out14-31
07:31Rob Shaw substitution out14-31
07:06Glen Burns misses 3-point jump shot14-31
07:0614-31Bryce Moore defensive rebound
06:5714-34+3Bryce Moore makes 3-point jump shot
06:5714-34Thomas Wilder assist
06:36Travon Bell turnover14-34
06:3414-34Bryce Moore steal
06:2914-36+2Thomas Wilder makes dunk
06:2914-36Bryce Moore assist
06:18Alex Dubovitskiy misses 3-point jump shot14-36
06:1814-36Thomas Wilder defensive rebound
06:0814-36Thomas Wilder misses 3-point jump shot
06:08Ken Odiase defensive rebound14-36
06:0514-36Brandon Johnson foul
06:05Rob Shaw substitution in14-36
06:05Patrick Szpir substitution in14-36
06:05Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution out14-36
06:05Ken Odiase substitution out14-36
06:0514-36Michael Flowers substitution in
06:0514-36Reggie Jones substitution in
06:0514-36Brandon Johnson substitution out
06:0514-36Thomas Wilder substitution out
05:47Glen Burns makes layup+216-36
05:3916-36Bryce Moore misses 3-point jump shot
05:39Alex Dubovitskiy defensive rebound16-36
05:30Glen Burns misses layup16-36
05:3016-36Reggie Jones defensive rebound
05:24Chicago State Cougars turnover16-36
05:2216-37+1Josh Davis makes free throw
05:2216-38+1Josh Davis makes free throw
05:2216-38Jared Printy substitution in
05:2216-38Bryce Moore substitution out
05:1216-38Josh Davis turnover
05:10Travon Bell steal16-38
05:09Travon Bell makes layup+218-38
05:0918-38Josh Davis foul
05:09Travon Bell misses free throw18-38
05:0918-38Josh Davis defensive rebound
04:5218-40+2Michael Flowers makes layup
04:5218-40Josh Davis assist
04:3118-40Drake Lamont foul
04:30Rob Shaw turnover18-40
04:2918-40Michael Flowers steal
04:1418-43+3Michael Flowers makes 3-point jump shot
04:1418-43Jared Printy assist
03:5718-43Michael Flowers foul
03:57Media timeout18-43
03:57Glen Burns misses free throw18-43
03:5718-43Reggie Jones defensive rebound
03:57Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution in18-43
03:57Rob Shaw substitution out18-43
03:5718-43TJ Clifford substitution in
03:5718-43Drake Lamont substitution out
03:4018-43Reggie Jones misses 3-point jump shot
03:40Glen Burns defensive rebound18-43
03:29Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot18-43
03:2918-43Josh Davis defensive rebound
03:2018-43Josh Davis misses 3-point jump shot
03:20Glen Burns defensive rebound18-43
03:05Travon Bell misses 3-point jump shot18-43
03:05Glen Burns offensive rebound18-43
02:49Alex Dubovitskiy makes 3-point jump shot+321-43
02:49Fred Sims Jr FRED assist21-43
02:3721-43Reggie Jones misses layup
02:3721-43TJ Clifford offensive rebound
02:3321-43Michael Flowers misses 3-point jump shot
02:3321-43Josh Davis offensive rebound
02:2821-43Josh Davis turnover
02:04Alex Dubovitskiy makes 2-point jump shot+223-43
01:5123-43TJ Clifford misses layup
01:51Patrick Szpir defensive rebound23-43
01:4523-43Josh Davis foul
01:45Glen Burns makes free throw+124-43
01:45Glen Burns makes free throw+125-43
01:4525-43Thomas Wilder substitution in
01:4525-43Adida Ikongshul substitution in
01:4525-43Josh Davis substitution out
01:4525-43Michael Flowers substitution out
01:2925-43Reggie Jones misses 3-point jump shot
01:29Chicago State Cougars defensive rebound25-43
01:14Fred Sims Jr FRED makes layup+227-43
01:01Travon Bell foul27-43
01:0127-44+1Thomas Wilder makes free throw
01:0127-44Bryce Moore substitution in
01:0127-44Reggie Jones substitution out
00:5727-44Thomas Wilder misses free throw
00:57Patrick Szpir defensive rebound27-44
00:4927-44Adida Ikongshul foul
00:49Alex Dubovitskiy makes free throw+128-44
00:49Alex Dubovitskiy misses free throw28-44
00:4928-44TJ Clifford defensive rebound
00:49Rob Shaw substitution in28-44
00:49Patrick Szpir substitution out28-44
00:3728-44Thomas Wilder misses layup
00:3728-44Thomas Wilder offensive rebound
00:3528-46+2Thomas Wilder makes tip-in shot
00:12Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 2-point jump shot28-46
00:1228-46TJ Clifford defensive rebound
00:0028-49+3Jared Printy makes 3-point jump shot
Time   Chicago State PTS   Score   PTS Western Michigan
19:48Glen Burns misses layup28-49
19:48Glen Burns offensive rebound28-49
19:45Glen Burns misses layup28-49
19:4528-49Bryce Moore defensive rebound
19:2328-49Brandon Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
19:23Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound28-49
19:05Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 2-point jump shot28-49
19:0528-49Drake Lamont defensive rebound
18:5028-49Thomas Wilder misses 3-point jump shot
18:5028-49Josh Davis offensive rebound
18:4728-51+2Josh Davis makes tip-in shot
18:25Anthony Harris misses layup28-51
18:25Anthony Harris offensive rebound28-51
18:21Anthony Harris misses layup28-51
18:2128-51Brandon Johnson defensive rebound
18:1628-54+3Josh Davis makes 3-point jump shot
18:1628-54Thomas Wilder assist
17:5928-54Brandon Johnson foul
17:59Glen Burns makes free throw+129-54
17:59Glen Burns makes free throw+130-54
17:4930-54Bryce Moore misses 3-point jump shot
17:49Patrick Szpir defensive rebound30-54
17:21Anthony Harris misses 2-point jump shot30-54
17:21Chicago State Cougars offensive rebound30-54
17:19Montana Byrd misses 2-point jump shot30-54
17:1930-54Brandon Johnson defensive rebound
17:19Alex Dubovitskiy substitution in30-54
17:19Patrick Szpir substitution out30-54
17:1730-56+2Drake Lamont makes layup
17:1730-56Josh Davis assist
17:13Alex Dubovitskiy foul30-56
17:0830-56Drake Lamont misses free throw
17:08Alex Dubovitskiy defensive rebound30-56
16:54Fred Sims Jr FRED makes layup+232-56
16:37Montana Byrd foul32-56
16:3732-57+1Josh Davis makes free throw
16:3732-58+1Josh Davis makes free throw
16:3732-59+1Josh Davis makes free throw
16:22Anthony Harris makes layup+234-59
16:06Alex Dubovitskiy foul34-59
16:0234-59Brandon Johnson misses free throw
16:0234-59Western Michigan Broncos deadball rebound
16:0234-60+1Brandon Johnson makes free throw
16:02Travon Bell substitution in34-60
16:02Anthony Harris substitution out34-60
15:48Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot+337-60
15:3437-60Media timeout
15:2037-60Thomas Wilder misses 3-point jump shot
15:2037-60Drake Lamont offensive rebound
15:18Glen Burns foul37-60
15:13Montana Byrd foul37-60
15:13Anthony Harris substitution in37-60
15:13Alex Dubovitskiy substitution out37-60
15:11Travon Bell foul37-60
14:5437-60Josh Davis misses 3-point jump shot
14:54Montana Byrd defensive rebound37-60
14:5237-60Drake Lamont foul
14:42Glen Burns turnover37-60
14:4237-60Bryce Moore steal
14:42Fred Sims Jr FRED foul37-60
14:3037-60Josh Davis turnover
14:3037-60Jarrin Randall substitution in
14:3037-60Reggie Jones substitution in
14:3037-60Josh Davis substitution out
14:3037-60Thomas Wilder substitution out
14:18Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot37-60
14:1837-60Brandon Johnson defensive rebound
13:56Glen Burns foul37-60
13:5337-61+1Brandon Johnson makes free throw
13:5337-62+1Brandon Johnson makes free throw
13:53Rob Shaw substitution in37-62
13:53Travon Bell substitution out37-62
13:5337-62Adida Ikongshul substitution in
13:5337-62Brandon Johnson substitution out
13:39Anthony Harris misses 3-point jump shot37-62
13:3937-62Bryce Moore defensive rebound
13:36Fred Sims Jr FRED foul37-62
13:3637-63+1Bryce Moore makes free throw
13:3637-63Bryce Moore misses free throw
13:36Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound37-63
13:23Montana Byrd makes 3-point jump shot+340-63
13:23Fred Sims Jr FRED assist40-63
13:20Chicago State Cougars 30-second timeout40-63
13:0340-63Jarrin Randall turnover
13:02Rob Shaw steal40-63
13:00Rob Shaw turnover40-63
12:5940-63Jarrin Randall steal
12:4740-63Adida Ikongshul misses 2-point jump shot
12:47Montana Byrd defensive rebound40-63
12:3240-63Adida Ikongshul foul
12:2240-63Adida Ikongshul foul
12:22Rob Shaw makes free throw+141-63
12:22Rob Shaw makes free throw+142-63
12:2242-63Jared Printy substitution in
12:2242-63Brandon Johnson substitution in
12:2242-63Drake Lamont substitution out
12:2242-63Bryce Moore substitution out
12:0742-66+3Reggie Jones makes 3-point jump shot
12:0742-66Adida Ikongshul assist
11:53Rob Shaw makes 2-point jump shot+244-66
11:35Glen Burns foul44-66
11:3544-66Media timeout
11:3544-67+1Jared Printy makes free throw
11:3544-68+1Jared Printy makes free throw
11:34Montana Byrd misses 2-point jump shot44-68
11:3444-68Jared Printy defensive rebound
10:5544-70+2Brandon Johnson makes layup
10:5544-70Jarrin Randall assist
10:33Anthony Harris makes dunk+246-70
10:0046-72+2Jarrin Randall makes 2-point jump shot
09:4846-72Jared Printy foul
09:35Anthony Harris misses 2-point jump shot46-72
09:3546-72Adida Ikongshul defensive rebound
09:1846-72Brandon Johnson misses 2-point jump shot
09:18Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound46-72
09:11Anthony Harris makes layup+248-72
09:11Fred Sims Jr FRED assist48-72
09:0148-72Reggie Jones turnover
09:0148-72Reggie Jones foul
08:4948-72Brandon Johnson foul
08:49Anthony Harris makes free throw+149-72
08:49Anthony Harris misses free throw49-72
08:4949-72Drake Lamont defensive rebound
08:49Alex Dubovitskiy substitution in49-72
08:49Montana Byrd substitution out49-72
08:4949-72Drake Lamont substitution in
08:4949-72Brandon Johnson substitution out
08:2749-72Adida Ikongshul misses 2-point jump shot
08:2749-72Drake Lamont offensive rebound
08:2349-72Drake Lamont misses tip-in shot
08:2349-72Adida Ikongshul offensive rebound
08:2049-72Adida Ikongshul misses layup
08:2049-72Adida Ikongshul offensive rebound
08:1049-75+3Jarrin Randall makes 3-point jump shot
08:1049-75Reggie Jones assist
07:51Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot+352-75
07:3352-75Jarrin Randall misses 3-point jump shot
07:33Alex Dubovitskiy defensive rebound52-75
07:25Rob Shaw makes layup+254-75
07:0654-75Adida Ikongshul misses 2-point jump shot
07:0654-75Drake Lamont offensive rebound
07:0254-75Media timeout
07:0254-75Thomas Wilder substitution in
07:0254-75Josh Davis substitution in
07:0254-75Adida Ikongshul substitution out
07:0254-75Jarrin Randall substitution out
07:0054-75Reggie Jones turnover
06:46Rob Shaw makes layup+256-75
06:2356-75Josh Davis turnover
06:21Alex Dubovitskiy steal56-75
06:17Alex Dubovitskiy makes layup+258-75
05:5458-75Josh Davis misses 3-point jump shot
05:4558-75Drake Lamont offensive rebound
05:4058-75Reggie Jones misses 2-point jump shot
05:4058-75Drake Lamont offensive rebound
05:3758-77+2Drake Lamont makes tip-in shot
05:34Alex Dubovitskiy misses 3-point jump shot58-77
05:3458-77Reggie Jones defensive rebound
05:3458-77Jared Printy misses 3-point jump shot
05:3458-77Josh Davis offensive rebound
05:3058-77Thomas Wilder misses 3-point jump shot
05:3058-77Josh Davis offensive rebound
04:5858-79+2Drake Lamont makes layup
04:5858-79Josh Davis assist
04:30Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot58-79
04:3058-79Josh Davis defensive rebound
04:2458-79Josh Davis turnover
04:24Patrick Szpir substitution in58-79
04:24Montana Byrd substitution in58-79
04:24Alex Dubovitskiy substitution out58-79
04:24Anthony Harris substitution out58-79
04:2458-79Jason Whitens substitution in
04:2458-79Michael Flowers substitution in
04:2458-79Thomas Wilder substitution out
04:2458-79Reggie Jones substitution out
04:0858-79Michael Flowers foul
04:08Glen Burns makes free throw+159-79
04:08Glen Burns makes free throw+160-79
04:0360-81+2Josh Davis makes dunk
04:0360-81Jason Whitens assist
03:5160-81Drake Lamont foul
03:51Media timeout60-81
03:51Glen Burns makes free throw+161-81
03:51Glen Burns makes free throw+162-81
03:51Anthony Harris substitution in62-81
03:51Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution out62-81
03:3362-84+3Michael Flowers makes 3-point jump shot
03:16Rob Shaw turnover62-84
03:16Travon Bell substitution in62-84
03:16Alex Dubovitskiy substitution in62-84
03:16Patrick Szpir substitution out62-84
03:16Montana Byrd substitution out62-84
03:1662-84TJ Clifford substitution in
03:1662-84Adida Ikongshul substitution in
03:1662-84Kyle Mcdermed substitution in
03:1662-84Jared Printy substitution out
03:1662-84Josh Davis substitution out
03:1662-84Drake Lamont substitution out
02:53Anthony Harris foul62-84
02:5362-84Jason Whitens misses free throw
02:5362-84Western Michigan Broncos deadball rebound
02:5362-85+1Jason Whitens makes free throw
02:35Rob Shaw misses 2-point jump shot62-85
02:3562-85Adida Ikongshul defensive rebound
02:3062-85Kyle Mcdermed misses layup
02:3062-85Jason Whitens offensive rebound
02:2762-87+2Jason Whitens makes tip-in shot
02:27Anthony Harris foul62-87
02:2762-88+1Jason Whitens makes free throw
02:27Ken Odiase substitution in62-88
02:27Rob Shaw substitution out62-88
02:11Travon Bell makes 3-point jump shot+365-88
02:11Glen Burns assist65-88
01:53Ken Odiase foul65-88
01:5365-88TJ Clifford misses free throw
01:5365-88Western Michigan Broncos deadball rebound
01:5365-88TJ Clifford misses free throw
01:53Anthony Harris defensive rebound65-88
01:38Patrick Szpir substitution in65-88
01:38Ken Odiase substitution out65-88
01:37Travon Bell makes 3-point jump shot+368-88
01:37Glen Burns assist68-88
01:1968-91+3Michael Flowers makes 3-point jump shot
01:1968-91Kyle Mcdermed assist
01:03Alex Dubovitskiy misses 3-point jump shot68-91
01:0368-91Michael Flowers defensive rebound
00:3868-92+1Michael Flowers makes free throw
00:3868-92Michael Flowers misses free throw
00:38Alex Dubovitskiy defensive rebound68-92
00:28Glen Burns misses 2-point jump shot68-92
00:2868-92Michael Flowers defensive rebound
00:2468-92Adida Ikongshul foul
00:2468-92Adida Ikongshul foul
00:24Glen Burns makes free throw+169-92
00:24Glen Burns makes free throw+170-92
00:2170-92TJ Clifford foul
00:21Patrick Szpir makes free throw+171-92
00:21Patrick Szpir misses free throw71-92
00:2171-92TJ Clifford defensive rebound
00:00Anthony Harris foul71-92

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