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School Game Finder Query Results

Output includes all regular season games from 2000 to 2023 and all bowl games from 2002 to 2023.
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In a single game, from 2000 to 2023, playing for Texas Tech, school won game, requiring Points <= 14, sorted by descending Date

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk School Date G# Opponent TD Pts Diff
1Texas Tech2022-11-1911@Iowa StateW2144
2Texas Tech2001-11-038Texas A&MW11212
3Texas Tech2000-09-093North TexasW1136
4Texas Tech1996-10-268@Texas A&MW133
5Texas Tech1995-10-074Texas A&MW147
6Texas Tech1986-09-203New MexicoW147
7Texas Tech1983-10-155RiceW1411
8Texas Tech1983-10-013Texas A&MW33
9Texas Tech1980-11-159SMUW1414
10Texas Tech1980-10-186@RiceW107
11Texas Tech1977-10-014@North CarolinaW103
12Texas Tech1976-11-067@Texas ChristianW144
13Texas Tech1974-10-054Oklahoma StateW141
14Texas Tech1972-11-1810@BaylorW136
15Texas Tech1972-11-048@RiceW104
16Texas Tech1971-10-166Boston CollegeW148
17Texas Tech1971-10-024@ArizonaW133
18Texas Tech1970-11-1410@BaylorW74
19Texas Tech1970-10-318@RiceW33
20Texas Tech1970-10-247SMUW144
Rk School Date G# Opponent TD Pts Diff
21Texas Tech1969-10-114Texas A&MW134
22Texas Tech1966-11-058Oklahoma StateW103
23Texas Tech1964-10-246SMUW1212
24Texas Tech1963-11-169@UTEPW74
25Texas Tech1963-10-266@SMUW137
26Texas Tech1963-10-053Texas A&MW1010
27Texas Tech1961-11-118Boston CollegeW148
28Texas Tech1961-10-144Texas ChristianW1010
29Texas Tech1959-10-033TulsaW81
30Texas Tech1955-11-199PacificW136
31Texas Tech1949-11-059@UTEPW1313
32Texas Tech1948-11-209New MexicoW147
33Texas Tech1947-11-2910Hardin-SimmonsW148
34Texas Tech1947-10-114TulsaW147
35Texas Tech1946-11-169Oklahoma StateW147
36Texas Tech1946-10-195BaylorW137
37Texas Tech1946-10-053@SMUW77
38Texas Tech1946-09-282NTexas A&MW66
39Texas Tech1945-11-108Texas ChristianW1212
40Texas Tech1945-10-276West Texas StateW126
Rk School Date G# Opponent TD Pts Diff
41Texas Tech1945-09-221Southwestern (TX)W77
42Texas Tech1944-12-0211@South Plains FieldW71
43Texas Tech1944-11-189New MexicoW136
44Texas Tech1944-11-047@RiceW136
45Texas Tech1943-11-2010@SMUW71
46Texas Tech1943-10-165South Plains FieldW142
47Texas Tech1942-11-2610@ArizonaW136
48Texas Tech1942-11-077Texas ChristianW137
49Texas Tech1941-11-219Hardin-SimmonsW77
50Texas Tech1941-11-087CreightonW137
51Texas Tech1941-10-103@Loyola MarymountW1414
52Texas Tech1940-11-219@Saint LouisW71
53Texas Tech1940-11-168Wake ForestW125
54Texas Tech1939-11-3011@Loyola (LA)W1313
55Texas Tech1939-11-2510MontanaW1313
56Texas Tech1938-11-118GonzagaW77
57Texas Tech1938-10-226@UTEPW147
58Texas Tech1938-09-303@DuquesneW71
59Texas Tech1937-11-2010@Centenary (LA)W75
60Texas Tech1937-11-119DuquesneW1313
Rk School Date G# Opponent TD Pts Diff
61Texas Tech1937-10-307@Oklahoma StateW148
62Texas Tech1937-09-181Northern ArizonaW66
63Texas Tech1936-11-066Oklahoma StateW1212
64Texas Tech1936-10-245Centenary (LA)W126
65Texas Tech1936-09-262Texas ChristianW77
66Texas Tech1935-11-026Oklahoma StateW1414
67Texas Tech1935-10-043Wichita StateW136
68Texas Tech1935-09-201@Hardin-SimmonsW99
69Texas Tech1934-11-2910@ArizonaW136
70Texas Tech1934-11-097Hardin-SimmonsW1313
71Texas Tech1934-10-053BaylorW147
72Texas Tech1933-11-309Kansas StateW66
73Texas Tech1933-11-178BaylorW1313
74Texas Tech1933-11-117Hardin-SimmonsW77
75Texas Tech1933-10-285@UTEPW1212
76Texas Tech1933-10-143@ArizonaW77
77Texas Tech1932-11-1110BaylorW1412
78Texas Tech1932-10-013SMUW66
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