2023-10-25: Play Index Update.

We continue to work on moving all of the CBB Play Index content to Stathead.com/Basketball. This process has taken longer than expected, so we are allowing continued use of the these tools on CBB until the new tools are available.

We don't have a firm timeline for the launch of CBB on Stathead, but we fully intend to have it available well before the end of the 2023-24 season for both men's and women's basketball.

Because we will soon be taking down this page, we have not added coverage for women's stats to these tools. We apologize for this omission.

Receive an announcement when CBB on Stathead.com/Basketball has launched.

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Full game logs (all stats) available for the 2010-11 through 2023-24 seasons
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In a single game, in 2016, for Villanova, in the NCAA tournament, sorted by ascending Date

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School Opponent
  Date Schl   Opp Result MP FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 2P% 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% PTS FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 2P% 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% PTS
12016-03-18VillanovaNUNC AshevilleW 86-56 2003357.5792029.6901328.464711.636862157.3681640.400517.294913.69256
22016-03-20VillanovaNIowaW 87-68 2003254.5932235.6291019.5261317.765872760.4502036.556724.292713.53868
32016-03-24VillanovaNMiami (FL)W 92-69 2003251.6272236.6111015.6671819.947922547.5321530.5001017.588913.69269
42016-03-26VillanovaNKansasW 64-59 2002152.4041734.500418.2221819.947642350.4601728.607622.273711.63659
52016-04-02VillanovaNOklahomaW 95-51 2003549.7142431.7741118.6111419.737951960.3171333.394627.222711.63651
62016-04-04VillanovaNUNCW 77-74 2002848.5832034.588814.5711317.765772763.4291646.3481117.647913.69274
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