Sports-Reference Billing

Refunds and Cancellations

Subscribers can cancel their renewals at any time via their user profile and their account will be valid until the end of the current period. If you are unhappy with the service and would like a refund, please contact us at [email protected] or through our feedback form.


Sports-Reference utilizes Chargify for our billing platform - what does this mean for you?

Chargify is Level 1 PCI Compliant, which is the highest level of security compliance attainable in the payment card industry. Chargify does not store credit card information of any kind. It works in conjunction with your payment gateway's secure "vault" to store your credit card information in a secure, PCI-compliant location.


All payment management goes through Chargify's site. You can store payment methods and manage them yourself via your user profile. If you have an existing subscription to Stathead, you will see options to manage your payment methods there. Clicking those will allow you to add or modify a credit card account on Chargify that can then be used for future subscriptions.

Presently, we are offering both monthly and annual Stathead subscriptions. These subscriptions will auto-renew if we have a payment method on file. We feel that this will provide our users with a much smoother experience as you will no longer be bombarded with emails from us asking you to renew your subscription and you will no longer have to re-enter your payment details every month when you log in and realize your Stathead subscription expired a week ago. We will email you 3 days before any automatic renewal.

You can cancel this auto-renewal any time by visiting your user profile page and clicking the "Stop Renewal" link next to the subscription you'd like to stop. You will still be able to use the subscription for the rest of the allotted time but will not be automatically billed when it expires.

We collect sales tax on certain sales where required by law.


Our subscribers are our top priority so we will make every effort to get back to users as soon as we are able. Sports Reference is a small company, but we have someone staffed to help users with billing questions, usage questions and other Stathead queries. Our regular hours are generally weekday business hours in Eastern Time, so we may be a little bit slower to get back to you on nights and weekends.

Group Subscriptions

Many of our subscribers are large media organizations, sports franchises or agencies that wish for many employees to be able to sign in using the same account. We can accommodate this by adding extra user licenses to your account. These extra user licenses cost the same amount as an individual subscription (so a group account with 5 user licenses costs 5x as much as an individual subscription). The number of simultaneous sessions your organization may use at one time is equal to the number of user licenses purchased. You can set up a group subscription by contacting us via our feedback form.

Questions or comments? Please contact us and we'll get back to you!


Stathead offers discounted annual rates to students (50% off) and military (25% off). Eligibility is determined by For more information on their verification methods, please click here.

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