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For single games, from 1939 to 2022, in the All Rounds, school is 16 seed, opponent is 1 seed, sorted by ascending Date

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
11985March 14, 1985EastFirst Round16 Lehigh43Georgetown68-25Hartford, CT
21985March 14, 1985MidwestFirst Round16 North Carolina A&T83Oklahoma96-13Tulsa, OK
31985March 14, 1985WestFirst Round16 Southern59St. John's (NY)83-24Salt Lake City, UT
41985March 15, 1985SoutheastFirst Round16 Fairleigh Dickinson55Michigan59-4Dayton, OH
51986March 13, 1986EastFirst Round16 Mississippi Valley State78Duke85-7Greensboro, NC
61986March 13, 1986MidwestFirst Round16 North Carolina A&T46Kansas71-25Dayton, OH
71986March 14, 1986SoutheastFirst Round16 Davidson55Kentucky75-20Charlotte, NC
81986March 14, 1986WestFirst Round16 Montana State74St. John's (NY)83-9Long Beach, CA
91987March 12, 1987MidwestFirst Round16 Fairfield58Indiana92-34Indianapolis, IN
101987March 12, 1987WestFirst Round16 Idaho State70UNLV95-25Salt Lake City, UT
111987March 12, 1987EastFirst Round16 Penn82UNC113-31Charlotte, NC
121987March 13, 1987SoutheastFirst Round16 Bucknell53Georgetown75-22Atlanta, GA
131988March 17, 1988SoutheastFirst Round16 Chattanooga66Oklahoma94-28Atlanta, GA
141988March 17, 1988MidwestFirst Round16 Fairleigh Dickinson79Purdue94-15South Bend, IN
151988March 18, 1988WestFirst Round16 Cornell50Arizona90-40Los Angeles, CA
161988March 18, 1988EastFirst Round16 Lehigh73Temple87-14Hartford, CT
171989March 16, 1989SoutheastFirst Round16 ETSU71Oklahoma72-1Nashville, TN
181989March 16, 1989MidwestFirst Round16 McNeese State71Illinois77-6Indianapolis, IN
191989March 16, 1989WestFirst Round16 Robert Morris60Arizona94-34Boise, ID
201989March 17, 1989EastFirst Round16 Princeton49Georgetown50-1Providence, RI
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
211990March 15, 1990WestFirst Round16 Little Rock72UNLV102-30Salt Lake City, UT
221990March 15, 1990EastFirst Round16 Boston University52UConn76-24Hartford, CT
231990March 15, 1990SoutheastFirst Round16 Murray State71Michigan State75OT-4Knoxville, TN
241990March 15, 1990MidwestFirst Round16 Towson68Oklahoma77-9Austin, TX
251991March 15, 1991SoutheastFirst Round16 Georgia State76Arkansas117-41Atlanta, GA
261991March 15, 1991WestFirst Round16 Montana65UNLV99-34Tucson, AZ
271991March 15, 1991EastFirst Round16 Northeastern66UNC101-35Syracuse, NY
281991March 15, 1991MidwestFirst Round16 Towson86Ohio State97-11Dayton, OH
291992March 19, 1992EastFirst Round16 Campbell56Duke82-26Greensboro, NC
301992March 19, 1992SoutheastFirst Round16 Mississippi Valley State56Ohio State83-27Cincinnati, OH
311992March 20, 1992MidwestFirst Round16 Howard67Kansas100-33Dayton, OH
321992March 20, 1992WestFirst Round16 Robert Morris53UCLA73-20Tempe, AZ
331993March 18, 1993EastFirst Round16 East Carolina65UNC85-20Winston-Salem, NC
341993March 19, 1993WestFirst Round16 Coastal Carolina53Michigan84-31Tucson, AZ
351993March 19, 1993SoutheastFirst Round16 Rider52Kentucky96-44Nashville, TN
361993March 19, 1993MidwestFirst Round16 Wright State54Indiana97-43Indianapolis, IN
371994March 17, 1994SoutheastFirst Round16 UCF67Purdue98-31Lexington, KY
381994March 17, 1994WestFirst Round16 Navy53Missouri76-23Ogden, UT
391994March 18, 1994EastFirst Round16 Liberty51UNC71-20Landover, MD
401994March 18, 1994MidwestFirst Round16 North Carolina A&T79Arkansas94-15Oklahoma City, OK
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
411995March 16, 1995MidwestFirst Round16 Colgate68Kansas82-14Dayton, OH
421995March 16, 1995SoutheastFirst Round16 Mount St. Mary's67Kentucky113-46Memphis, TN
431995March 16, 1995EastFirst Round16 North Carolina A&T47Wake Forest79-32Baltimore, MD
441995March 17, 1995WestFirst Round16 Florida International56UCLA92-36Boise, ID
451996March 14, 1996EastFirst Round16 UCF70UMass92-22Providence, RI
461996March 14, 1996SoutheastFirst Round16 Colgate59UConn68-9Indianapolis, IN
471996March 14, 1996MidwestFirst Round16 San Jose State72Kentucky110-38Dallas, TX
481996March 14, 1996WestFirst Round16 Western Carolina71Purdue73-2Albuquerque, NM
491997March 13, 1997EastFirst Round16 Fairfield74UNC82-8Winston-Salem, NC
501997March 13, 1997SoutheastFirst Round16 Jackson State64Kansas78-14Memphis, TN
511997March 13, 1997WestFirst Round16 Montana54Kentucky92-38Salt Lake City, UT
521997March 14, 1997MidwestFirst Round16 Texas State46Minnesota78-32Kansas City, MO
531998March 12, 1998EastFirst Round16 Navy52UNC88-36Hartford, CT
541998March 12, 1998WestFirst Round16 Nicholls State60Arizona99-39Sacramento, CA
551998March 13, 1998MidwestFirst Round16 Prairie View52Kansas110-58Oklahoma City, OK
561998March 13, 1998SouthFirst Round16 Radford63Duke99-36Lexington, KY
571999March 11, 1999WestFirst Round16 UTSA66UConn91-25Denver, CO
581999March 11, 1999SouthFirst Round16 Winthrop41Auburn80-39Indianapolis, IN
591999March 12, 1999EastFirst Round16 Florida A&M58Duke99-41Charlotte, NC
601999March 12, 1999MidwestFirst Round16 Mount St. Mary's53Michigan State76-23New Orleans, LA
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
612000March 16, 2000WestFirst Round16 Jackson State47Arizona71-24Tucson, AZ
622000March 16, 2000MidwestFirst Round16 Valparaiso38Michigan State65-27Cleveland, OH
632000March 17, 2000EastFirst Round16 Lamar55Duke82-27Winston-Salem, NC
642000March 17, 2000SouthFirst Round16 South Carolina State65Stanford84-19Birmingham, AL
652001March 15, 2001EastFirst Round16 Monmouth52Duke95-43Greensboro, NC
662001March 15, 2001WestFirst Round16 UNC Greensboro60Stanford89-29San Diego, CA
672001March 16, 2001SouthFirst Round16 Alabama State35Michigan State69-34Memphis, TN
682001March 16, 2001MidwestFirst Round16 Northwestern State54Illinois96-42Dayton, OH
692002March 14, 2002MidwestFirst Round16 Holy Cross59Kansas70-11St. Louis, MO
702002March 14, 2002SouthFirst Round16 Winthrop37Duke84-47Greenville, SC
712002March 15, 2002WestFirst Round16 Boston University52Cincinnati90-38Pittsburgh, PA
722002March 15, 2002EastFirst Round16 Siena70Maryland85-15Washington, DC
732003March 20, 2003EastFirst Round16 South Carolina State54Oklahoma71-17Oklahoma City, OK
742003March 20, 2003WestFirst Round16 Vermont51Arizona80-29Salt Lake City, UT
752003March 21, 2003MidwestFirst Round16 IUPUI64Kentucky95-31Nashville, TN
762003March 21, 2003SouthFirst Round16 UNC Asheville61Texas82-21Birmingham, AL
772004March 18, 2004AtlantaFirst Round16 Alabama State61Duke96-35Raleigh, NC
782004March 18, 2004East RutherfordFirst Round16 Liberty63St. Joseph's82-19Buffalo, NY
792004March 18, 2004PhoenixFirst Round16 UTSA45Stanford71-26Seattle, WA
802004March 19, 2004St. LouisFirst Round16 Florida A&M76Kentucky96-20Columbus, OH
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
812005March 17, 2005ChicagoFirst Round16 Fairleigh Dickinson55Illinois67-12Indianapolis, IN
822005March 17, 2005AlbuquerqueFirst Round16 Montana77Washington88-11Boise, ID
832005March 18, 2005AustinFirst Round16 Delaware State46Duke57-11Charlotte, NC
842005March 18, 2005SyracuseFirst Round16 Oakland68UNC96-28Charlotte, NC
852006March 16, 2006AtlantaFirst Round16 Southern54Duke70-16Greensboro, NC
862006March 17, 2006WashingtonFirst Round16 Albany (NY)59UConn72-13Philadelphia, PA
872006March 17, 2006MinneapolisFirst Round16 Monmouth45Villanova58-13Philadelphia, PA
882006March 17, 2006OaklandFirst Round16 Oral Roberts78Memphis94-16Dallas, TX
892007March 15, 2007SouthFirst Round16 Central Connecticut57Ohio State78-21Lexington, KY
902007March 15, 2007EastFirst Round16 Eastern Kentucky65UNC86-21Winston-Salem, NC
912007March 16, 2007MidwestFirst Round16 Jackson State69Florida112-43New Orleans, LA
922007March 16, 2007WestFirst Round16 Niagara67Kansas107-40Chicago, IL
932008March 20, 2008WestFirst Round16 Mississippi Valley State29UCLA70-41Anaheim, CA
942008March 20, 2008MidwestFirst Round16 Portland State61Kansas85-24Omaha, NE
952008March 21, 2008EastFirst Round16 Mount St. Mary's74UNC113-39Raleigh, NC
962008March 21, 2008SouthFirst Round16 UT Arlington63Memphis87-24Little Rock, AR
972009March 19, 2009WestFirst Round16 Chattanooga47UConn103-56Philadelphia, PA
982009March 19, 2009SouthFirst Round16 Radford58UNC101-43Greensboro, NC
992009March 20, 2009EastFirst Round16 ETSU62Pitt72-10Dayton, OH
1002009March 20, 2009MidwestFirst Round16 Morehead State54Louisville74-20Dayton, OH

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