March Madness Biggest Upsets

*Results are since NCAA Tournament field expansion in 1985. Currently Men's only.

50 Biggest Upsets

50 Biggest Upsets Table
  Winning Team Losing Team
Rk Year Game Round School Seed PTS   School Seed PTS   Location Spread
1.2023Mar 17, 2023Round of 64Fairleigh Dickinson 1663Purdue 158Columbus, OH23.5
2.2012Mar 16, 2012Round of 64Norfolk State 1586Missouri 284Omaha, NE21.0
3.2018Mar 16, 2018Round of 64UMBC 1674Virginia 154Charlotte, NC20.5
4.1993Mar 18, 1993Round of 64Santa Clara 1564Arizona 261Salt Lake City, UT19.5
5.2022Mar 17, 2022Round of 64St. Peter's 1585Kentucky 279Indianapolis, IN18.0
6.1986Mar 14, 1986Round of 64Little Rock 1490Notre Dame 383Minneapolis, MN17.5
7.1997Mar 14, 1997Round of 64Coppin State 1578South Carolina 265Pittsburgh, PA17.0
 2001Mar 15, 2001Round of 64Hampton 1558Iowa State 257Boise, ID17.0
9.2016Mar 18, 2016Round of 64Middle Tennessee 1590Michigan State 281St. Louis, MO16.5
10.2021Mar 19, 2021Round of 64Oral Roberts 1575Ohio State 272West Lafayette, IN15.0
 2023Mar 16, 2023Round of 64Princeton 1559Arizona 255Sacramento, CA15.0
12.2015Mar 19, 2015Round of 64UAB 1460Iowa State 359Louisville, KY14.5
 1987Mar 12, 1987Round of 64Austin Peay 1468Illinois 367Birmingham, AL14.5
14.1999Mar 11, 1999Round of 64Weber State 1476UNC 374Seattle, WA13.5
 2010Mar 18, 2010Round of 64Ohio 1497Georgetown 383Providence, RI13.5
 2013Mar 22, 2013Round of 64Florida Gulf Coast 1578Georgetown 268Philadelphia, PA13.5
 2018Mar 16, 2018Round of 64Marshall 1381Wichita State 475San Diego, CA13.5
18.1990Mar 16, 1990Round of 64Northern Iowa 1474Missouri 371Richmond, VA13.0
 1993Mar 19, 1993Round of 64Southern 1393Georgia Tech 478Tucson, AZ13.0
 2005Mar 18, 2005Round of 64Bucknell 1464Kansas 363Oklahoma City, OK13.0
 2014Mar 21, 2014Round of 64Mercer 1478Duke 371Raleigh, NC13.0
 2022Mar 25, 2022Regional SemifinalSt. Peter's 1567Purdue 364Philadelphia, PA13.0
23.2002Mar 21, 2002Regional SemifinalIndiana 574Duke 173Lexington, KY12.0
 1998Mar 15, 1998Round of 32Rhode Island 880Kansas 175Oklahoma City, OK12.0
 1995Mar 17, 1995Round of 64Old Dominion 1489Villanova 381Albany, NY12.0
 1998Mar 13, 1998Round of 64Valparaiso 1370Ole Miss 469Oklahoma City, OK12.0
27.1992Mar 22, 1992Round of 32UTEP 966Kansas 160Dayton, OH11.5
 2010Mar 20, 2010Round of 32Northern Iowa 969Kansas 167Oklahoma City, OK11.5
 2012Mar 16, 2012Round of 64Lehigh 1575Duke 270Greensboro, NC11.5
30.1992Mar 20, 1992Round of 64ETSU 1487Arizona 380Atlanta, GA11.0
Rk Year Game Round School Seed PTS   School Seed PTS   Location Spread
 1992Mar 20, 1992Round of 64Louisiana 1387Oklahoma 483Tempe, AZ11.0
 1993Mar 20, 1993Round of 32California 682Duke 377Rosemont, IL11.0
 1995Mar 17, 1995Round of 64Weber State 1479Michigan State 372Tallahassee, FL11.0
 2000Mar 19, 2000Round of 32Seton Hall 1067Temple 265Buffalo, NY11.0
 2008Mar 21, 2008Round of 64San Diego 1370UConn 469Tampa, FL11.0
 2011Mar 27, 2011Regional FinalVCU 1171Kansas 161San Antonio, TX11.0
37.1997Mar 16, 1997Round of 32Chattanooga 1475Illinois 663Charlotte, NC10.5
 2013Mar 21, 2013Round of 64Harvard 1468New Mexico 362Salt Lake City, UT10.5
 2002Mar 14, 2002Round of 64UNC Wilmington 1393USC 489Sacramento, CA10.5
 2001Mar 18, 2001Round of 32Penn State 782UNC 274New Orleans, LA10.5
 1998Mar 21, 1998Regional FinalUtah 376Arizona 151Anaheim, CA10.5
 1997Mar 21, 1997Regional SemifinalArizona 485Kansas 182Birmingham, AL10.5
 1988Mar 18, 1988Round of 64Murray State 1478NC State 375Lincoln, NE10.5
44.1988Mar 18, 1988Round of 64Richmond 1372Indiana 469Hartford, CT10.0
 1990Mar 15, 1990Round of 64Dayton 1288Illinois 586Austin, TX10.0
 1996Mar 14, 1996Round of 64Princeton 1343UCLA 441Indianapolis, IN10.0
 1998Mar 12, 1998Round of 64Washington 1169Xavier 668Washington, DC10.0
 2002Mar 15, 2002Round of 64Creighton 1283Florida 582Chicago, IL10.0
 2004Mar 21, 2004Round of 32UAB 976Kentucky 175Columbus, OH10.0
 2018Mar 18, 2018Round of 32Syracuse 1155Michigan State 353Detroit, MI10.0

50 Biggest Differentials

  • Largest differentials between point spread and final margin of victory in games won by the underdog
50 Biggest Differentials Table
  Winning Team Losing Team
Rk Year Game Round School Seed PTS   School Seed PTS   Location Spread Differential
1.2018Mar 16, 2018Round of 64UMBC 1674Virginia 154Charlotte, NC20.540.5
2.1990Mar 18, 1990Round of 32Loyola Marymount 11149Michigan 3115Long Beach, CA5.039.0
 2000Mar 18, 2000Round of 32UCLA 6105Maryland 370Minneapolis, MN4.039.0
4.1998Mar 21, 1998Regional FinalUtah 376Arizona 151Anaheim, CA10.535.5
5.1999Mar 14, 1999Round of 32Missouri State 1281Tennessee 451Charlotte, NC4.534.5
6.2014Mar 23, 2014Round of 32Baylor 685Creighton 355San Antonio, TX3.533.5
7.1998Mar 12, 1998Round of 64West Virginia 1082Temple 752Boise, ID3.033.0
8.2017Mar 18, 2017Round of 32Xavier 1191Florida State 366Orlando, FL7.532.5
 2018Mar 18, 2018Round of 32Clemson 584Auburn 453San Diego, CA1.532.5
10.2011Mar 18, 2011Round of 64Michigan 875Tennessee 945Charlotte, NC2.032.0
11.1997Mar 14, 1997Round of 64Coppin State 1578South Carolina 265Pittsburgh, PA17.030.0
 2018Mar 15, 2018Round of 64Buffalo 1389Arizona 468Boise, ID9.030.0
13.2003Mar 21, 2003Round of 64Purdue 980LSU 856Birmingham, AL5.029.0
14.1990Mar 18, 1990Round of 32Alabama 777Arizona 255Long Beach, CA6.528.5
 2023Mar 17, 2023Round of 64Fairleigh Dickinson 1663Purdue 158Columbus, OH23.528.5
 2022Mar 18, 2022Round of 64TCU 969Seton Hall 842San Diego, CA1.528.5
 2018Mar 18, 2018Round of 32Texas A&M 786UNC 265Charlotte, NC7.528.5
 1985Mar 15, 1985Round of 64Navy 1378LSU 455Dayton, OH5.528.5
19.1987Mar 19, 1987Regional SemifinalProvidence 6103Alabama 282Louisville, KY7.028.0
 1993Mar 19, 1993Round of 64Southern 1393Georgia Tech 478Tucson, AZ13.028.0
21.2008Mar 21, 2008Round of 64Siena 1383Vanderbilt 462Tampa, FL6.527.5
 2010Mar 18, 2010Round of 64Ohio 1497Georgetown 383Providence, RI13.527.5
23.2003Mar 23, 2003Round of 32Michigan State 768Florida 246Tampa, FL5.027.0
 2011Mar 20, 2011Round of 32VCU 1194Purdue 376Chicago, IL9.027.0
25.2004Mar 20, 2004Round of 32Nevada 1091Gonzaga 272Seattle, WA7.526.5
26.2000Mar 17, 2000Round of 64Pepperdine 1177Indiana 657Buffalo, NY5.525.5
 2016Mar 18, 2016Round of 64Middle Tennessee 1590Michigan State 281St. Louis, MO16.525.5
28.1992Mar 20, 1992Round of 64Louisville 881Wake Forest 958Tempe, AZ2.025.0
 2004Mar 21, 2004Round of 32Illinois 592Cincinnati 468Columbus, OH1.025.0
 2009Mar 26, 2009Regional SemifinalVillanova 377Duke 254Boston, MA2.025.0
Rk Year Game Round School Seed PTS   School Seed PTS   Location Spread Differential
 2021Mar 19, 2021Round of 64Wisconsin 985UNC 862West Lafayette, IN2.025.0
 2023Mar 15, 2023First FourFairleigh Dickinson 1684Texas Southern 1661Dayton, OH2.025.0
33.1986Mar 14, 1986Round of 64Little Rock 1490Notre Dame 383Minneapolis, MN17.524.5
 2011Mar 24, 2011Regional SemifinalArizona 593Duke 177Anaheim, CA8.524.5
 2012Mar 15, 2012Round of 64Gonzaga 777West Virginia 1054Pittsburgh, PA1.524.5
 2022Mar 20, 2022Round of 32Miami (FL) 1079Auburn 261Greenville, SC6.524.5
37.2022Mar 17, 2022Round of 64St. Peter's 1585Kentucky 279Indianapolis, IN18.024.0
 2019Mar 22, 2019Round of 64Oklahoma 995Ole Miss 872Columbia, SC1.024.0
 2001Mar 18, 2001Round of 32Temple 1175Florida 354New Orleans, LA3.024.0
40.1987Mar 15, 1987Round of 32Florida 685Purdue 366Syracuse, NY4.523.5
 2011Mar 19, 2011Round of 32BYU 389Gonzaga 1167Denver, CO1.523.5
 2013Mar 22, 2013Round of 64Florida Gulf Coast 1578Georgetown 268Philadelphia, PA13.523.5
 2013Mar 31, 2013Regional FinalMichigan 479Florida 359Arlington, TX3.523.5
44.1987Mar 12, 1987Round of 64Providence 690UAB 1168Birmingham, AL1.023.0
 1989Mar 17, 1989Round of 64Colorado State 1068Florida 746Dallas, TX1.023.0
 1997Mar 14, 1997Round of 64Providence 1081Marquette 759Charlotte, NC1.023.0
 2009Mar 20, 2009Round of 64Cleveland State 1384Wake Forest 469Miami, FL8.023.0
 2011Mar 18, 2011Round of 64VCU 1174Georgetown 656Chicago, IL5.023.0
 2012Mar 16, 2012Round of 64Norfolk State 1586Missouri 284Omaha, NE21.023.0
 2017Mar 24, 2017Regional SemifinalSouth Carolina 770Baylor 350New York, NY3.023.0

50 Close Calls

  • Games where the favorite won but the final score difference was within 3 points
50 Close Calls Table
  Winning Team Losing Team
Rk Year Game Round School Seed PTS   School Seed PTS   Location Spread
1.1997Mar 14, 1997Round of 64Duke 271Murray State 1568Charlotte, NC23.0
2.1989Mar 17, 1989Round of 64Georgetown 150Princeton 1649Providence, RI22.5
3.2008Mar 20, 2008Round of 64Duke 271Belmont 1570Washington, DC20.0
 1996Mar 14, 1996Round of 64Purdue 173Western Carolina 1671Albuquerque, NM20.0
5.1989Mar 16, 1989Round of 64Oklahoma 172ETSU 1671Nashville, TN18.5
 2010Mar 18, 2010Round of 64Villanova 273Robert Morris 1570Providence, RI18.5
7.1995Mar 17, 1995Round of 64Arkansas 279Texas Southern 1578Austin, TX17.0
8.2001Mar 15, 2001Round of 64Maryland 383George Mason 1480Boise, ID16.5
9.2003Mar 20, 2003Round of 64Kansas 264Utah State 1561Oklahoma City, OK15.5
10.1998Mar 12, 1998Round of 64Cincinnati 265Northern Arizona 1562Boise, ID15.0
11.1993Mar 21, 1993Round of 32Indiana 173Xavier 970Indianapolis, IN14.0
 2001Mar 15, 2001Round of 64Boston College 368Southern Utah 1465Uniondale, NY14.0
 2021Apr 3, 2021National SemifinalGonzaga 193UCLA 1190Indianapolis, IN14.0
14.2011Mar 17, 2011Round of 64Kentucky 459Princeton 1357Tampa, FL13.5
 2019Mar 24, 2019Round of 32Duke 177UCF 976Columbia, SC13.5
 2010Mar 19, 2010Round of 64Michigan State 570New Mexico State 1267Spokane, WA13.5
17.2000Mar 16, 2000Round of 64LSU 464Southeast Missouri State 1361Salt Lake City, UT13.0
18.1995Mar 19, 1995Round of 32UCLA 175Missouri 874Boise, ID12.5
 2004Mar 18, 2004Round of 64Wake Forest 479VCU 1378Raleigh, NC12.5
20.1996Mar 15, 1996Round of 64Texas Tech 374Northern Illinois 1473Richmond, VA12.0
 2003Mar 21, 2003Round of 64Wake Forest 276ETSU 1573Tampa, FL12.0
22.1993Mar 21, 1993Round of 32Michigan 186UCLA 984Tucson, AZ11.5
 2011Mar 20, 2011Round of 32Duke 173Michigan 871Charlotte, NC11.5
 2021Mar 27, 2021Regional SemifinalArkansas 372Oral Roberts 1570Indianapolis, IN11.5
 2023Mar 16, 2023Round of 64Tennessee 458Louisiana 1355Orlando, FL11.5
26.1997Mar 16, 1997Round of 32Texas 1082Coppin State 1581Pittsburgh, PA11.0
 2015Mar 28, 2015Regional FinalKentucky 168Notre Dame 366Cleveland, OH11.0
28.1994Mar 17, 1994Round of 64Florida 364James Madison 1462Uniondale, NY10.5
 2009Mar 21, 2009Round of 32Gonzaga 483Western Kentucky 1281Portland, OR10.5
30.1990Mar 23, 1990Regional SemifinalUNLV 169Ball State 1267Oakland, CA10.0
Rk Year Game Round School Seed PTS   School Seed PTS   Location Spread
 1991Mar 24, 1991Regional FinalUNC 175Temple 1072East Rutherford, NJ10.0
 2001Mar 16, 2001Round of 64Ole Miss 372Iona 1470Kansas City, MO10.0
 2003Mar 22, 2003Round of 32Arizona 196Gonzaga 995Salt Lake City, UT10.0
 2005Mar 25, 2005Regional SemifinalUNC 167Villanova 566Syracuse, NY10.0
 2008Mar 22, 2008Round of 32UCLA 151Texas A&M 949Anaheim, CA10.0
 2015Mar 19, 2015Round of 64UNC 467Harvard 1365Jacksonville, FL10.0
37.1999Mar 29, 1999National FinalUConn 177Duke 174St. Petersburg, FL9.5
 2004Mar 19, 2004Round of 64Cincinnati 480ETSU 1377Columbus, OH9.5
39.1990Mar 18, 1990Round of 32Minnesota 681Northern Iowa 1478Richmond, VA9.0
 2008Mar 30, 2008Regional FinalKansas 159Davidson 1057Detroit, MI9.0
 2008Mar 23, 2008Round of 32Memphis 177Mississippi State 874North Little Rock, AR9.0
 2007Mar 22, 2007Regional SemifinalKansas 161Southern Illinois 458San Jose, CA9.0
 1995Mar 17, 1995Round of 64Purdue 349Green Bay 1448Austin, TX9.0
44.1990Mar 17, 1990Round of 32Arkansas 486Dayton 1284Austin, TX8.5
 1998Mar 19, 1998Regional SemifinalUConn 275Washington 1174Greensboro, NC8.5
 1998Mar 28, 1998National SemifinalKentucky 286Stanford 385San Antonio, TX8.5
 2000Mar 17, 2000Round of 64Florida 569Butler 1268Winston-Salem, NC8.5
 2007Mar 16, 2007Round of 64Oregon 358Miami (OH) 1456Spokane, WA8.5
 2012Mar 23, 2012Regional SemifinalKansas 260NC State 1157St. Louis, MO8.5
 2015Mar 20, 2015Round of 64Louisville 457UC-Irvine 1355Seattle, WA8.5
-Historical point spread data courtesy of Bob Vetrone Jr.