Siena vs. Iona Box Score, March 10, 2019

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Scores — Mar 10, 2019

IONA 73  
Conf Tournament
CANI 59  
Conf Tournament
March 10, 2019
Times Union Center , Albany, New York
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Siena PTS   Score   PTS Iona
20:000-0Start of game
20:000-0Jump ball
20:000-0Start of period
19:590-0Tajuan Agee won jump ball
19:59Sloan Seymour lost jump ball0-0
19:460-3+3E.J. Crawford made 3-point field goal
19:12Jalen Pickett missed 3-point field goal0-3
19:090-3E.J. Crawford defensive rebound
19:030-5+2Tajuan Agee made layup
19:030-5Asante Gist assist
18:31Team turnover shotclock0-5
18:20Kadeem Smithen sub in0-7+2
18:2030-second timeout0-7
18:20Sloan Seymour sub out0-7
18:200-7Ben Perez made layup off turnover
18:200-7Tajuan Agee assist
17:55Kadeem Smithen made 3-point field goal+33-7
17:55Jalen Pickett assist3-7
17:273-7Rickey Mcgill missed 3-point field goal
17:24Kevin Degnan defensive rebound3-7
17:14Kadeem Smithen missed 3-point field goal3-7
17:103-7Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
17:033-7Asante Gist missed 3-point field goal
17:00Manny Camper defensive rebound3-7
16:43Kevin Degnan assist+36-7
16:43Kadeem Smithen made 3-point field goal6-7
16:196-7Tajuan Agee turnover
16:19Kadeem Smithen steal6-7
16:19Jump ball held ball6-7
15:55Evan Fisher, foul offensive6-7
15:55Evan Fisher turnover6-7
15:556-7Asante Gist, fouled on the play
15:556-7media timeout
15:406-10+3E.j. Crawford made 3-point field goal in transition
15:406-10Tajuan Agee assist
15:17Jalen Pickett turnover6-10
15:176-10Ben Perez steal
15:136-10E.j. Crawford turnover, travel
15:13Jalen Pickett sub out6-10
15:13Jimmy Ratliff sub in6-10
15:13Kevin Degnan sub out6-10
15:13Sloan Seymour sub in6-10
14:45Evan Fisher missed jump shot in transition6-10
14:426-10Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
14:336-12+2Asante Gist made layup
14:14Manny Camper made layup+28-12
14:14Kadeem Smithen assist8-12
13:498-12Asante Gist missed layup
13:47Manny Camper defensive rebound8-12
13:478-12Asante Gist sub out
13:478-12Andrija Ristanovic sub in
13:47Jimmy Ratliff sub out8-12
13:47Jalen Pickett sub in8-12
13:478-12Tajuan Agee personal foul
13:47Manny Camper, fouled on the play8-12
13:478-12Tajuan Agee missed putback layup
13:478-12Tajuan Agee offensive rebound
13:38Evan Fisher missed jump shot8-12
13:298-12Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
13:19Evan Fisher sub out8-12
13:19Thomas Huerter, Jr. sub in8-12
13:198-12E.J. Crawford, fouled on the play
13:19Manny Camper personal foul8-12
13:028-14+2Tajuan Agee made close-range jump shot
12:44Sloan Seymour missed 3-point shot (blocked)8-14
12:448-14Andrija Ristanovic block
12:37Thomas Huerter, Jr. offensive rebound8-14
12:37Kadeem Smithen missed putback layup8-14
12:338-14Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
12:278-16+2Rickey McGill made layup
12:01Manny Camper missed layup8-16
11:588-16Ben Perez defensive rebound
11:378-16media timeout
11:378-16Tajuan Agee sub out
11:378-16Asante Gist sub in
11:37Manny Camper sub out8-16
11:378-16Ben Perez turnover
11:37Evan Fisher sub in8-16
11:37Kevin Degnan sub in8-16
11:37Thomas Huerter, Jr. sub out8-16
11:27Jalen Pickett missed 3-point jump shot8-16
11:248-16Andrija Ristanovic defensive rebound
11:108-19+3Asante Gist made 3-point field goal
11:108-19Andrija Ristanovic assist
10:52Jalen Pickett turnover8-19
10:528-19Rickey McGill steal
10:288-19E.j. Crawford missed jump shot in transition
10:24Kadeem Smithen defensive rebound8-19
10:06Evan Fisher made layup+210-19
10:06Jalen Pickett assist10-19
09:4710-19Andrija Ristanovic missed jump shot
09:44Jalen Pickett defensive rebound10-19
09:2310-19Andrija Ristanovic sub out
09:23Evan Fisher, fouled on the play10-19
09:2310-19Ben Perez personal foul
09:2310-19Tajuan Agee sub in
09:2310-19Andrija Ristanovic sub in
09:2310-19Ben Perez sub out
09:22Evan Fisher missed 3-point field goal10-19
09:1710-19E.J. Crawford defensive rebound
09:0610-21+2Asante Gist made jump shot
08:35Sloan Seymour missed 3-point field goal10-21
08:3210-21Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
08:2410-21Andrija Ristanovic missed 3-point field goal
08:20Kevin Degnan defensive rebound10-21
07:53Evan Fisher missed layup10-21
07:49Evan Fisher offensive rebound10-21
07:48Evan Fisher missed putback layup10-21
07:4510-21E.J. Crawford defensive rebound
07:3810-24+3E.J. Crawford assist
07:3810-24Asante Gist made 3-point field goal
07:3530-second timeout10-24
07:3510-24media timeout
07:3510-24Andrija Ristanovic sub out
07:3510-24Ben Perez sub in
07:35Evan Fisher sub out10-24
07:35Manny Camper sub in10-24
07:19Manny Camper turnover10-24
07:19Manny Camper, foul offensive10-24
07:1910-24Tajuan Agee, fouled on the play
07:19Evan Fisher sub in10-24
07:19Manny Camper sub out10-24
07:0110-24E.j. Crawford missed 3-point jump shot
06:58Jalen Pickett defensive rebound10-24
06:48Evan Fisher missed layup10-24
06:48Team offensive rebound10-24
06:41Evan Fisher missed 3-point jump shot10-24
06:3810-24E.J. Crawford defensive rebound
06:2810-24Asante Gist turnover
06:28Kadeem Smithen steal10-24
06:23Jalen Pickett assist+212-24
06:23Evan Fisher made fast break layup12-24
05:5212-24Tajuan Agee missed jump shot
05:5212-24Rickey McGill offensive rebound
05:5212-24Rickey McGill turnover
05:37Evan Fisher missed layup off turnover12-24
05:3412-24Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
05:2912-26+2Asante Gist made layup
05:03Evan Fisher missed layup12-26
05:0012-26Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
04:4312-26Asante Gist missed 3-point field goal
04:40Jalen Pickett defensive rebound12-26
04:14Jalen Pickett missed jump shot12-26
04:1112-26Ben Perez defensive rebound
04:0012-26Tajuan Agee turnover
04:00Kadeem Smithen steal12-26
03:55Kevin Degnan turnover12-26
03:5512-26Rickey McGill steal
03:4912-28+2E.j. Crawford made fast break layup
03:4112-2830-second timeout
03:4112-28media timeout
03:4112-28Tajuan Agee sub out
03:4112-28Andrija Ristanovic sub in
03:20Kadeem Smithen made layup+214-28
03:0614-30+2Ben Perez made layup
02:45Sloan Seymour missed 3-point field goal14-30
02:4114-30Rickey McGill defensive rebound
02:3114-30Asante Gist missed layup
02:28Jalen Pickett defensive rebound14-30
02:2414-30Andrija Ristanovic personal foul
02:24Kadeem Smithen, fouled on the play14-30
02:19+216-30Asante Gist personal foul, 1 free throw
02:19Jalen Pickett assist16-30
02:19Evan Fisher made dunk16-30
02:19Evan Fisher, fouled on the play16-30
02:19Evan Fisher missed free throw 1 of 116-30
02:1916-30Tajuan Agee sub in
02:1916-30E.J. Crawford sub out
02:1816-30Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
01:53Sloan Seymour personal foul16-30
01:5316-30Tajuan Agee, fouled on the play
01:3116-30Tajuan Agee missed 3-point field goal
01:2716-30Andrija Ristanovic offensive rebound
01:06Evan Fisher block16-30
01:0616-30Asante Gist missed layup (blocked)
01:00Evan Fisher defensive rebound16-30
00:58Sloan Seymour made 3-point field goal+319-30
00:58Jalen Pickett assist19-30
00:46Jalen Pickett personal foul two shots19-30
00:4619-30Rickey McGill, fouled on the play
00:4619-31+1Rickey Mcgill made free throw 1 of 2
00:4619-31Tajuan Agee sub out
00:4619-31Jahnathan Maxwell sub in
00:4619-32+1Rickey Mcgill made free throw 2 of 2
00:20Evan Fisher made close-range jump shot+221-32
00:2021-32Andrija Ristanovic sub out
00:2021-32E.J. Crawford sub in
00:20Sloan Seymour sub out21-32
00:20Thomas Huerter, Jr. sub in21-32
00:20Evan Fisher, fouled on the play21-32
00:2021-32Jahnathan Maxwell personal foul, 1 free throw
00:20Evan Fisher made free throw 1 of 1+122-32
00:0122-35+3Rickey Mcgill made 3-point field goal
00:0022-35End of period
Time   Siena PTS   Score   PTS Iona
20:0022-35Jahnathan Maxwell sub out
20:0022-35Tajuan Agee sub in
20:00Kadeem Smithen sub out22-35
20:0022-35Start of period
20:00Thomas Huerter, Jr. sub out22-35
20:00Sloan Seymour sub in22-35
20:00Manny Camper sub in22-35
19:4522-35Rickey Mcgill missed 3-point field goal
19:42Manny Camper defensive rebound22-35
19:29Jalen Pickett missed 3-point field goal22-35
19:25Kevin Degnan offensive rebound22-35
19:08Jalen Pickett made jumpshot+224-35
18:5224-35Ben Perez missed layup
18:47Kevin Degnan defensive rebound24-35
18:30Evan Fisher missed jump shot24-35
18:2624-35Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
18:0924-35E.J. Crawford missed jump shot
18:04Jalen Pickett defensive rebound24-35
18:02Jalen Pickett missed jump shot24-35
17:5924-35E.J. Crawford defensive rebound
17:3324-37+2E.J. Crawford made jump shot
17:03Sloan Seymour sub out24-37
17:03Team deadball rebound24-37
17:03Kadeem Smithen sub in24-37
17:03Manny Camper missed free throw 1 of 224-37
17:03Manny Camper fouled on the play24-37
17:0324-37E.J. Crawford personal foul two shots
17:03Manny Camper made free throw 2 of 2+125-37
16:54Jalen Pickett personal foul two shots25-37
16:5425-37Rickey McGill, fouled on the play
16:5425-37Rickey Mcgill missed free throw 1 of 2
16:5425-37Team deadball rebound
16:5425-38+1Rickey Mcgill made free throw 2 of 2
16:26Evan Fisher made layup+227-38
16:1227-38E.J. Crawford missed layup
16:1027-38E.J. Crawford offensive rebound
16:0927-40+2E.j. Crawford made putback layup
15:49Manny Camper missed layup27-40
15:48Team offensive rebound27-40
15:4827-40media timeout
15:47Manny Camper missed putback layup27-40
15:4327-40Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
15:2027-40Asante Gist missed jump shot
15:17Evan Fisher defensive rebound27-40
14:50Jalen Pickett missed 3-point field goal27-40
14:4627-40Ben Perez defensive rebound
14:2227-40Tajuan Agee missed layup
14:17Evan Fisher defensive rebound27-40
14:14Evan Fisher missed 3-point field goal27-40
14:1027-40Rickey McGill defensive rebound
14:0327-40Ben Perez missed 3-point field goal
14:00Kevin Degnan defensive rebound27-40
13:45Kevin Degnan missed 3-point field goal27-40
13:41Kadeem Smithen offensive rebound27-40
13:31Kadeem Smithen missed 3-point jump shot27-40
13:2727-40Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
13:2227-40Asante Gist missed free throw 1 of 2
13:2227-40Asante Gist fouled on the play
13:22Jalen Pickett personal foul two shots27-40
13:2227-40Team deadball rebound
13:2227-40Tajuan Agee sub out
13:2227-40Andrija Ristanovic sub in
13:22Manny Camper sub out27-40
13:22Sloan Seymour sub in27-40
13:2227-40E.J. Crawford sub out
13:2227-40Jahnathan Maxwell sub in
13:2227-41+1Asante Gist made free throw 2 of 2
13:07Sloan Seymour missed 3-point field goal27-41
13:0227-41Rickey McGill defensive rebound
13:0227-41Rickey McGill turnover
12:38Jalen Pickett made layup+229-41
12:3829-41Rickey Mcgill personal foul, 1 free throw
12:38Jalen Pickett, fouled on the play29-41
12:38Jalen Pickett made free throw 1 of 1+130-41
12:3830-41E.J. Crawford sub in
12:3830-41Jahnathan Maxwell sub out
12:1330-44+3Rickey Mcgill made 3-point field goal
12:1330-44E.J. Crawford assist
11:51Jalen Pickett assist+333-44
11:51Sloan Seymour made 3-point field goal33-44
11:3233-44Rickey Mcgill missed 3-point field goal
11:28Kevin Degnan defensive rebound33-44
11:08Evan Fisher missed layup (blocked)33-44
11:0833-44E.J. Crawford block
11:0833-44Team defensive rebound
11:0733-44media timeout
11:0733-44Ben Perez sub out
11:0733-44Tajuan Agee sub in
10:5333-47+3Asante Gist made 3-point field goal
10:5333-47Rickey McGill assist
10:24Jalen Pickett made jump shot+235-47
10:0235-49+2Tajuan Agee made jump shot
09:44Kevin Degnan missed 3-point field goal35-49
09:3935-49E.J. Crawford defensive rebound
09:2535-51+2Rickey McGill made layup
09:06Evan Fisher fouled on the play35-51
09:0635-51E.J. Crawford personal foul two shots
09:06Kevin Degnan sub out+136-51
09:06Manny Camper sub in36-51
09:06Evan Fisher made free throw 1 of 236-51
09:06Evan Fisher made free throw 2 of 2+137-51
08:4137-51Tajuan Agee missed jump shot (blocked)
08:41Evan Fisher block37-51
08:3337-51E.J. Crawford offensive rebound
08:3237-51E.j. Crawford missed putback layup
08:27Evan Fisher defensive rebound37-51
08:15Jalen Pickett made 3-point field goal+340-51
08:15Kadeem Smithen assist40-51
07:5140-54+3Andrija Ristanovic made 3-point field goal
07:5140-54Rickey McGill assist
07:29Jalen Pickett missed layup40-54
07:2640-54Asante Gist defensive rebound
07:1140-57+3Rickey Mcgill made 3-point field goal
07:1140-57Asante Gist assist
06:54Evan Fisher made layup+242-57
06:54Jalen Pickett assist42-57
06:38Manny Camper sub out42-57
06:3842-57media timeout
06:3842-57Andrija Ristanovic turnover, travel
06:38Kevin Degnan sub in42-57
06:28Kevin Degnan made layup off turnover+244-57
06:28Jalen Pickett assist44-57
06:1144-57Tajuan Agee missed layup
06:07Jalen Pickett defensive rebound44-57
06:05Sloan Seymour missed 3-point field goal44-57
06:0344-57Team defensive rebound
05:4044-59+2Asante Gist made jump shot
05:23Sloan Seymour made 3-point field goal+347-59
05:23Kevin Degnan assist47-59
05:1047-5930-second timeout
05:1047-59media timeout
05:1047-59Ben Perez sub in
05:1047-59Andrija Ristanovic sub out
05:0747-59Rickey Mcgill missed 3-point field goal
05:0347-59Ben Perez offensive rebound
04:4647-61+2Ben Perez made jump shot
04:23Jalen Pickett made 3-point field goal+350-61
04:0750-63+2E.j. Crawford made layup
04:0750-63Asante Gist assist
03:51Kadeem Smithen missed 3-point field goal50-63
03:4950-63Team deadball rebound
03:49Evan Fisher personal foul50-63
03:4950-63Tajuan Agee, fouled on the play
03:4750-63media timeout
03:47Sloan Seymour sub out50-63
03:47Manny Camper sub in50-63
03:2050-63Rickey Mcgill missed 3-point field goal
03:19Team defensive rebound50-63
03:19Manny Camper sub out50-63
03:19Sloan Seymour sub in50-63
03:03Kadeem Smithen missed jump shot50-63
02:5950-63Tajuan Agee defensive rebound
02:5250-63Rickey McGill, fouled on the play
02:52Jalen Pickett personal foul50-63
02:4850-63Asante Gist fouled on the play
02:48Evan Fisher personal foul, flagrant 150-63
02:48Manny Camper sub in50-65+2
02:48Evan Fisher sub out50-65
02:4850-65Andrija Ristanovic sub in
02:4850-65Tajuan Agee sub out
02:48Evan Fisher technical foul50-65
02:4850-66+1Asante Gist made free throw 1 of 2
02:4850-64+-2Asante Gist made free throw 1 of 2
02:4850-67+3Asante Gist made free throw 2 of 2
02:4850-65+-2Asante Gist made free throw 2 of 2
02:32Kadeem Smithen personal foul two shots50-67+2
02:3250-67E.J. Crawford, fouled on the play
02:3250-68+1E.J. Crawford made free throw 1 of 2
02:3250-68E.J. Crawford missed free throw 2 of 2
02:31Kevin Degnan defensive rebound50-68
02:23Jalen Pickett missed 3-point field goal50-68
02:1950-68Ben Perez defensive rebound
02:1350-68E.J. Crawford missed layup
02:1050-68Rickey McGill offensive rebound
01:5850-70+2Ben Perez made putback layup
01:5850-70Rickey McGill assist
01:38Kevin Degnan made close-range jump shot+252-70
01:18Kevin Degnan personal foul, one and one52-70
01:1852-70E.J. Crawford, fouled on the play
01:1852-71+1E.J. Crawford missed free throw 2 of 2
01:1852-71E.J. Crawford made free throw 1 of 2
01:17Manny Camper defensive rebound52-71
01:09Manny Camper missed 3-point field goal52-71
01:05Jalen Pickett offensive rebound52-71
01:04Sloan Seymour missed 3-point jump shot52-71
01:0052-71Jahnathan Maxwell sub in
01:0052-71Rickey Mcgill defensive rebound
01:0052-71E.J. Crawford sub out
01:0052-71Rickey McGill, fouled on the play
01:00Kevin Degnan personal foul, one and one52-71
01:0052-72+1Rickey Mcgill made free throw 1 of 2
01:0052-73+1Payton Hudson sub in
01:0052-73Rickey Mcgill sub out
01:0052-73Rickey Mcgill made free throw 2 of 2
00:53Jalen Pickett made jump shot+254-73
00:5354-7330-second timeout
00:5354-73Asante Gist sub out
00:5354-73Malik Rhem sub in
00:53Jalen Pickett sub out54-73
00:53Braedon Bayer sub in54-73
00:53Sloan Seymour sub out54-73
00:53Paulo Morastoni sub in54-73
00:35Manny Camper personal foul two shots54-73
00:3554-73Malik Rhem missed free throw 2 of 2
00:3554-73Team deadball rebound
00:3554-73Malik Rhem missed free throw 1 of 2
00:3554-73Malik Rhem fouled on the play
00:34Kevin Degnan defensive rebound54-73
00:24Kadeem Smithen assist+357-73
00:24Kevin Degnan made 3-point field goal57-73
00:0057-73End of period
00:0057-73End of game
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