Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech Box Score, February 13, 2019

Atlantic Coast Conference Scores — Feb 13, 2019

FSU (17)  88  
MIA 65  
SYR 58
NCST 73  
GT 68
VT (22)  76  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Georgia Tech PTS   Score   PTS Virginia Tech
20:00Start of game0-0
20:00Jump ball0-0
20:00Start of period0-0
19:58James Banks lost jump ball0-0
19:580-0Kerry Blackshear won jump ball
19:360-0Ahmed Hill turnover
19:36Curtis Haywood steal0-0
19:29Michael Devoe missed 3-point jump shot0-0
19:260-0Wabissa Bede defensive rebound
19:250-2+2Wabissa Bede assist
19:250-2Ahmed Hill made layup
18:57Brandon Alston missed layup0-2
18:55James Banks offensive rebound0-2
18:55James Banks, fouled on the play0-2
18:550-2Nickeil Alexander-Walker personal foul foul, 2 free throws
18:55James Banks made free throw 1 of 2+11-2
18:55James Banks made free throw 2 of 2+12-2
18:262-2Ty Outlaw missed 3-point field goal
18:22Brandon Alston defensive rebound2-2
18:07Curtis Haywood made 3-point field goal+35-2
18:07Michael Devoe assist5-2
17:355-2Ahmed Hill missed 3-point field goal
17:32James Banks defensive rebound5-2
17:26Brandon Alston turnover5-2
17:245-2Isaiah Wilkins sub in
17:245-2Ahmed Hill fouled on the play
17:24Jose Alvarado personal foul foul, 2 free throws5-2
17:245-2Ahmed Hill missed free throw 1 of 2
17:245-2Wabissa Bede sub out
17:245-2Team deadball rebound
17:215-2Ahmed Hill, free throw 2 of 2 missed
17:20James Banks defensive rebound5-2
17:09Curtis Haywood missed 3-point field goal5-2
17:055-2Ahmed Hill defensive rebound
16:565-4+2Kerry Blackshear made layup
16:33Jose Alvarado missed 3-point field goal5-4
16:305-4Ty Outlaw defensive rebound
16:165-4Kerry Blackshear, fouled on the play
16:16James Banks personal foul foul, 2 free throws5-4
16:165-5+1Kerry Blackshear made free throw 1 of 2
16:165-6+1Kerry Blackshear made free throw 2 of 2
15:56Jose Alvarado missed 3-point field goal5-6
15:53media timeout5-6
15:535-6Team defensive rebound
15:34Team defensive rebound5-6
15:345-6Ty Outlaw missed 3-point field goal
15:345-6Wabissa Bede sub in
15:345-6Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub out
15:035-6Wabissa Bede sub out
15:03Team turnover shotclock5-6
15:035-6Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub in
14:405-9+3Ty Outlaw made 3-point jump shot
14:405-9Kerry Blackshear assist
14:08Michael Devoe missed 3-point field goal5-9
14:045-9Ahmed Hill defensive rebound
13:575-12+3Ahmed Hill assist
13:575-12Ty Outlaw made 3-point field goal
13:265-12Ty Outlaw block
13:26James Banks missed dunk5-12
13:20James Banks offensive rebound5-12
13:20James Banks made layup+27-12
13:057-15+3Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
13:057-15Ty Outlaw made 3-point field goal
12:51Curtis Haywood turnover7-15
12:517-15Kerry Blackshear steal
12:417-15Kerry Blackshear sub out
12:41Moses Wright sub in7-15
12:41Kristian Sjolund sub in7-15
12:41Brandon Alston sub out7-15
12:417-15Wabissa Bede sub in
12:41Curtis Haywood sub out7-15
12:417-15Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub out
12:417-15P.J. Horne sub in
12:417-15Ahmed Hill missed 3-point jump shot
12:41Team defensive rebound7-15
12:16James Banks sub out7-15
12:167-15Wabissa Bede personal foul
12:16offensive deadball rebound7-15
12:16Jose Alvarado missed layup7-15
12:16Kristian Sjolund, fouled on the play7-15
12:16Abdoulaye Gueye sub in7-15
12:10Jose Alvarado missed 3-point jump shot7-15
12:067-15Wabissa Bede defensive rebound
11:547-15Ty Outlaw missed 3-point field goal
11:497-15Isaiah Wilkins offensive rebound
11:487-15Isaiah Wilkins, 2pt layup blocked;2ndchance missed
11:48Michael Devoe block7-15
11:447-15P.J. Horne offensive rebound
11:207-15Isaiah Wilkins missed 3-point jump shot
11:15Moses Wright defensive rebound7-15
10:54Moses Wright made 3-point field goal+310-15
10:3810-15Ty Outlaw sub out
10:3810-15Kerry Blackshear sub in
10:38media timeout10-15
10:3810-15Wabissa Bede sub out
10:3810-15Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub in
10:2810-17+2Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
10:2810-17P.J. Horne made dunk
10:08Michael Devoe missed jump shot10-17
10:0310-17Isaiah Wilkins defensive rebound
09:4310-19+2Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
09:4310-19Kerry Blackshear made close-range jump shot
09:23Abdoulaye Gueye assist+212-19
09:23Kristian Sjolund made dunk12-19
09:0912-19Ty Outlaw sub in
09:0912-19Ahmed Hill sub out
09:0912-19P.J. Horne turnover, travel
09:0912-19Wabissa Bede sub in
09:0912-19P.J. Horne sub out
08:56Kristian Sjolund missed 3-point jump shot12-19
08:54James Banks sub in12-19
08:5412-19Team defensive rebound
08:54Abdoulaye Gueye sub out12-19
08:3812-19Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed jump shot
08:37Michael Devoe defensive rebound12-19
08:29Michael Devoe turnover12-19
08:2912-19Nickeil Alexander-Walker steal
08:2512-19Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed layup (blocked)
08:25Kristian Sjolund block12-19
08:2012-19Isaiah Wilkins offensive rebound
08:0612-19Ty Outlaw, fouled on the play
08:06Kristian Sjolund personal foul, 3 free throws12-19
08:0612-20+1Ahmed Hill sub in
08:0612-20Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub out
08:0612-20Ty Outlaw, freethrow 2of3 2ndchance;fromturnover missed
08:0612-20Ty OutlawMade free throw 1 of 3
08:0612-21+1Ty Outlaw, freethrow 3of3 2ndchance;fromturnover made
08:0512-21Team deadball rebound
07:49media timeout12-21
07:4912-21Wabissa Bede personal foul
07:49Moses Wright, fouled on the play12-21
07:4912-21Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub in
07:4912-21Isaiah Wilkins sub out
07:4912-21P.J. Horne sub in
07:4912-21Wabissa Bede sub out
07:43James Banks missed hook shot12-21
07:40Kristian Sjolund offensive rebound12-21
07:37Moses Wright made layup+214-21
07:1514-21P.J. Horne missed layup
07:14Kristian Sjolund defensive rebound14-21
07:1314-21Ty Outlaw personal foul
07:13Kristian Sjolund, fouled on the play14-21
07:1314-21Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub out
07:1314-21Wabissa Bede sub in
06:49Jose Alvarado missed jump shot14-21
06:4514-21Ahmed Hill defensive rebound
06:3514-21Ty Outlaw missed 3-point field goal
06:32Michael Devoe defensive rebound14-21
06:2714-21P.J. Horne sub out
06:2714-21P.J. Horne personal foul
06:27James Banks, fouled on the play14-21
06:2714-21Isaiah Wilkins sub in
06:12Moses Wright missed jump shot14-21
06:07James Banks offensive rebound14-21
06:06James Banks missed hook shot14-21
06:0314-21Kerry Blackshear defensive rebound
06:0014-21Ahmed Hill missed 3-point field goal
05:5714-21Kerry Blackshear offensive rebound
05:5114-21Kerry Blackshear missed jump shot
05:48Kristian Sjolund defensive rebound14-21
05:29Jose Alvarado missed 3-point field goal14-21
05:2514-21Ty Outlaw defensive rebound
05:2014-21Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub in
05:20Jose Alvarado sub out14-21
05:20Khalid Moore sub in14-21
05:2014-21Wabissa Bede sub out
05:1214-24+3Ty Outlaw assist
05:1214-24Nickeil Alexander-Walker made 3-point field goal
04:56Michael Devoe fouled on the play14-24
04:5614-24Isaiah Wilkins personal foul foul, 2 free throws
04:56Michael Devoe made free throw 1 of 2+115-24
04:56Michael Devoe made free throw 2 of 2+116-24
04:4416-27+3Ahmed Hill made 3-point field goal
04:4416-27Kerry Blackshear assist
04:26Michael Devoe made layup+218-27
04:26James Banks assist18-27
04:1118-27Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed 3-point field goal
04:08Kristian Sjolund defensive rebound18-27
04:01Michael Devoe assist+321-27
04:01Khalid Moore made 3-point field goal21-27
03:4121-27Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed layup (blocked)
03:41James Banks block21-27
03:37Kristian Sjolund defensive rebound21-27
03:32Khalid Moore assist+324-27
03:32Kristian Sjolund made 3-point field goal24-27
03:3024-27P.J. Horne sub in
03:3024-27Isaiah Wilkins sub out
03:3024-27Wabissa Bede sub in
03:3024-27Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub out
03:3024-2730-second timeout
03:30media timeout24-27
03:1624-27Wabissa Bede turnover, travel
03:04James Banks assist+226-27
03:04Moses Wright made layup26-27
02:3726-27Nickeil Alexander-Walker sub in
02:3726-27P.J. Horne sub out
02:3726-27Wabissa Bede sub out
02:3726-27Isaiah Wilkins sub in
02:37Kristian Sjolund personal foul26-27
02:3726-27Kerry Blackshear, fouled on the play
02:2726-27Nickeil Alexander-Walker turnover, travel
02:05James Banks made jump shot off turnover+228-27
01:37James Banks block28-27
01:3728-27Kerry Blackshear missed jump shot (blocked)
01:33Kristian Sjolund defensive rebound28-27
01:29Moses Wright missed jump shot28-27
01:29Team offensive rebound28-27
01:07Khalid Moore assist+230-27
01:07James Banks made layup30-27
00:5030-27Ahmed Hill missed layup
00:48Michael Devoe defensive rebound30-27
00:4530-27P.J. Horne sub in
00:45James Banks sub out30-27
00:4530-27Isaiah Wilkins sub out
00:45James Banks, foul offensive30-27
00:45Abdoulaye Gueye sub in30-27
00:45James Banks turnover30-27
00:4530-27Ahmed Hill fouled on the play
00:3130-27P.J. Horne turnover other
00:02Team turnover shotclock30-27
00:00End of period30-27
Time   Georgia Tech PTS   Score   PTS Virginia Tech
20:00James Banks sub in30-27
20:0030-27P.J. Horne sub out
20:00Start of period30-27
20:00Abdoulaye Gueye sub out30-27
20:0030-27Wabissa Bede sub in
19:3130-27Nickeil Alexander-Walker steal
19:31Moses Wright turnover30-27
19:2730-29+2Wabissa Bede made layup
19:04Khalid Moore assist+333-29
19:04Michael Devoe made 3-point field goal33-29
18:44Moses Wright personal foul foul, 2 free throws33-29
18:4433-29Kerry Blackshear, fouled on the play
18:4433-30+1Kerry Blackshear made free throw 1 of 2
18:4333-30Kerry Blackshear missed free throw 2 of 2
18:41Moses Wright defensive rebound33-30
18:22James Banks made layup+235-30
18:22Michael Devoe assist35-30
18:0435-33+3Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
18:0435-33Ty Outlaw made 3-point field goal
17:38Kristian Sjolund missed 3-point field goal35-33
17:3435-33Ahmed Hill defensive rebound
17:2235-33Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed 3-point field goal
17:1935-33P.J. Horne sub in
17:19James Banks defensive rebound35-33
17:19James Banks, fouled on the play35-33
17:1935-33Kerry Blackshear sub out
17:1935-33Kerry Blackshear personal foul
16:4835-33Kerry Blackshear sub in
16:4835-33Isaiah Wilkins sub in
16:4835-33P.J. Horne sub out
16:4835-33Wabissa Bede sub out
16:48Team turnover shotclock35-33
16:2235-33Kerry Blackshear missed 3-point jump shot
16:1835-33Isaiah Wilkins offensive rebound
16:0635-36+3Isaiah Wilkins made 3-point jump shot
16:0635-36Kerry Blackshear assist
15:42Moses Wright missed 3-point field goal35-36
15:3835-36Ty Outlaw defensive rebound
15:31media timeout35-36
15:3135-36Isaiah Wilkins sub out
15:31Khalid Moore sub out35-36
15:31Michael Devoe personal foul35-36
15:3135-36Kerry Blackshear, fouled on the play
15:3135-36Wabissa Bede sub in
15:31Jose Alvarado sub in35-36
15:3135-36Ty Outlaw sub out
15:3135-36P.J. Horne sub in
15:31Brandon Alston sub in35-36
15:31Kristian Sjolund sub out35-36
15:1435-39+3Kerry Blackshear assist
15:1435-39Nickeil Alexander-Walker made 3-point field goal
14:5835-39Wabissa Bede sub out
14:5835-39Ty Outlaw sub in
14:5835-39P.J. Horne sub out
14:5835-39Isaiah Wilkins sub in
14:58Team deadball rebound35-39
14:58Michael Devoe missed free throw 1 of 235-39
14:58Michael Devoe fouled on the play35-39
14:5835-39Wabissa Bede personal foul foul, 2 free throws
14:58Michael Devoe made free throw 2 of 2+136-39
14:4436-39Isaiah Wilkins offensive rebound
14:4436-39Ty Outlaw missed 3-point field goal
14:4436-41+2Isaiah Wilkins made layup
14:4436-41Isaiah Wilkins, fouled on the play
14:44Michael Devoe personal foul36-41
14:4436-42+1Isaiah Wilkins made free throw 1 of 1
14:2336-42Kerry Blackshear steal
14:23Michael Devoe turnover36-42
14:2036-44+2Ahmed Hill made layup
13:53Moses Wright missed jump shot36-44
13:51James Banks offensive rebound36-44
13:51Curtis Haywood sub in36-44
13:51Michael Devoe sub out36-44
13:51Khalid Moore sub in36-44
13:51Moses Wright sub out36-44
13:51Team deadball rebound36-44
13:51James Banks missed free throw 1 of 236-44
13:51James Banks, fouled on the play36-44
13:5136-44Kerry Blackshear personal foul foul, 2 free throws
13:51James Banks made free throw 2 of 2+137-44
13:3637-47+3Isaiah Wilkins made 3-point field goal
13:3637-47Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
13:12Brandon Alston, fouled on the play37-47
13:12Khalid Moore sub out37-47
13:1237-47Isaiah Wilkins personal foul
13:12Kristian Sjolund sub in37-47
12:58Kristian Sjolund made 3-point jump shot+340-47
12:2740-47Ahmed Hill missed 3-point field goal
12:2340-47Team offensive rebound
12:0540-47Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed 3-point jump shot
12:02Brandon Alston defensive rebound40-47
11:59Kristian Sjolund missed 3-point field goal40-47
11:55James Banks offensive rebound40-47
11:46Michael Devoe sub in40-47
11:46Brandon Alston sub out40-47
11:46media timeout40-47
11:46Brandon Alston turnover, travel40-47
11:3640-47Nickeil Alexander-Walker missed 3-point jump shot
11:29Jose Alvarado defensive rebound40-47
11:25Michael Devoe missed layup40-47
11:2240-47Ahmed Hill defensive rebound
11:2140-47Ahmed Hill, fouled on the play
11:21Curtis Haywood personal foul foul, 2 free throws40-47
11:2140-48+1Kerry Blackshear sub out
11:2140-48P.J. Horne sub in
11:2140-48Ahmed Hill made free throw 1 of 2
11:2140-49+1Ahmed Hill made free throw 2 of 2
10:51Kristian Sjolund made 3-point jump shot+343-49
10:2743-49Ty Outlaw missed 3-point field goal
10:23Curtis Haywood defensive rebound43-49
10:16James Banks, fouled on the play43-49
10:1643-49P.J. Horne personal foul foul, 2 free throws
10:16+144-49P.J. Horne sub out
10:1644-49Kerry Blackshear sub in
10:16James Banks made free throw 1 of 244-49
10:16James Banks made free throw 2 of 2+145-49
10:09Curtis Haywood personal foul45-49
10:0945-49Ahmed Hill, fouled on the play
09:4745-49Kerry Blackshear missed jump shot
09:44Michael Devoe defensive rebound45-49
09:37Jose Alvarado missed 3-point field goal45-49
09:3545-49Ahmed Hill defensive rebound
09:17James Banks, fouled on the play45-49
09:1745-49Isaiah Wilkins sub out
09:1745-49Wabissa Bede sub in
09:1730-second timeout45-49
09:1745-49Kerry Blackshear personal foul
09:17media timeout45-49
09:17Team deadball rebound45-49
09:1745-49Ahmed Hill missed 3-point field goal
08:56Michael Devoe made 3-point field goal+348-49
08:56James Banks assist48-49
08:3148-51+2Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
08:3148-51Kerry Blackshear made layup
08:3148-51Ahmed Hill sub out
08:3148-51Isaiah Wilkins sub in
08:3148-51Kerry Blackshear, fouled on the play
08:31Kristian Sjolund personal foul48-51
08:3148-52+1Kerry Blackshear made free throw 1 of 1
08:15Curtis Haywood missed 3-point field goal48-52
08:1348-52Kerry Blackshear defensive rebound
08:13Michael Devoe sub out48-52
08:13Brandon Alston sub in48-52
08:0248-52Isaiah Wilkins missed jump shot
07:59media timeout48-52
07:5948-52Kerry Blackshear offensive rebound
07:5948-52Team deadball rebound
07:5948-52Kerry Blackshear missed free throw 1 of 2
07:5948-52Kerry Blackshear, fouled on the play
07:59James Banks personal foul foul, 2 free throws48-52
07:5948-53+1Kerry Blackshear made free throw 2 of 2
07:47Curtis Haywood turnover48-53
07:4748-53Kerry Blackshear steal
07:43Curtis Haywood sub out48-53
07:4348-53Isaiah Wilkins turnover
07:43Michael Devoe sub in48-53
07:19Kristian Sjolund missed 3-point jump shot48-53
07:1648-53Isaiah Wilkins defensive rebound
07:1148-56+3Ty Outlaw made 3-point field goal
07:1148-56Isaiah Wilkins assist
06:41Brandon Alston made 3-point field goal+351-56
06:41Jose Alvarado assist51-56
06:1551-58+2Kerry Blackshear made close-range jump shot
05:55Kristian Sjolund turnover51-58
05:5551-58Ty Outlaw steal
05:53Moses Wright sub in51-60+2
05:53James Banks personal foul51-60
05:5351-60Nickeil Alexander-Walker, fouled on the play
05:53Kristian Sjolund sub out51-60
05:5351-60Kerry Blackshear assist
05:5351-60Nickeil Alexander-Walker made layup
05:5351-61+1Nickeil Alexander-Walker made free throw 1 of 1
05:41Michael Devoe made layup+253-61
05:41Michael Devoe, fouled on the play53-61
05:4153-61Isaiah Wilkins personal foul
05:41+154-61Isaiah Wilkins sub out
05:4154-61Ahmed Hill sub in
05:41Michael Devoe made free throw 1 of 154-61
05:1354-61Kerry Blackshear missed jump shot
05:09Michael Devoe defensive rebound54-61
04:5354-61Ty Outlaw block
04:53Brandon Alston missed layup (blocked)54-61
04:52Team offensive rebound54-61
04:5230-second timeout54-61
04:43Michael Devoe3-point field goal missed54-61
04:4254-61Team deadball rebound
04:4254-61Wabissa Bede sub out
04:4254-61Isaiah Wilkins sub in
04:2554-64+3Kerry Blackshear assist
04:2554-64Nickeil Alexander-Walker made 3-point field goal
03:59Jose Alvarado missed 3-point field goal54-64
03:5654-64Nickeil Alexander-Walker defensive rebound
03:39Moses Wright sub out54-64
03:39Kristian Sjolund sub in54-64
03:39media timeout54-64
03:39Jose Alvarado fouled on the play54-64
03:3954-64Ahmed Hill turnover
03:3954-64Ahmed Hill, foul offensive
03:25Michael Devoe, fouled on the play54-64
03:2554-64Nickeil Alexander-Walker personal foul, one and one
03:25Michael Devoe made free throw 1 of 2+155-64
03:25Michael Devoe made free throw 2 of 2+156-64
03:0756-66+2Nickeil Alexander-Walker made dunk
03:0756-66Kerry Blackshear assist
02:49Jose Alvarado made layup+258-66
02:48Moses Wright sub in58-66
02:48full timeout58-66
02:48Kristian Sjolund sub out58-66
02:3158-69+3Ty Outlaw made 3-point field goal
02:3158-69Kerry Blackshear assist
02:11Jose Alvarado made layup+260-69
02:11Michael Devoe assist60-69
01:4660-72+3Kerry Blackshear made 3-point field goal
01:4660-72Isaiah Wilkins assist
01:2960-72Ahmed Hill sub out
01:29Team offensive rebound60-72
01:2960-72Ty Outlaw block
01:2960-72Wabissa Bede sub in
01:29Moses Wright missed layup (blocked)60-72
01:23James Banks made putback dunk+262-72
01:23Michael Devoe assist62-72
01:13Moses Wright steal62-72
01:1362-72Nickeil Alexander-Walker turnover
01:04Michael Devoe made 3-point jump shot+365-72
01:04Moses Wright assist65-72
00:4765-72Isaiah Wilkins sub out
00:47Jose Alvarado, fouled on the play65-72
00:4765-72Ahmed Hill sub in
00:4765-72Wabissa Bede turnover
00:4765-72Wabissa Bede, foul offensive
00:3665-72Kerry Blackshear steal
00:36James Banks turnover65-72
00:3365-74+2Ahmed Hill made dunk
00:3365-74Nickeil Alexander-Walker assist
00:21Moses Wright missed jump shot65-74
00:17Brandon Alston offensive rebound65-74
00:17Kristian Sjolund sub in65-74
00:17Moses Wright sub out65-74
00:1765-74Nickeil Alexander-Walker, fouled on the play
00:17Jose Alvarado personal foul, one and one65-74
00:1765-75+1Nickeil Alexander-Walker made free throw 1 of 2
00:1765-76+1Nickeil Alexander-Walker made free throw 2 of 2
00:07Michael Devoe made 3-point field goal+368-76
00:07Brandon Alston assist68-76
00:00End of period68-76
00:00End of game68-76
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